Are You Not Entertained? Indiana

Written November 25th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

The Buckeyes took care of business Saturday against Indiana.  Let’s see if our staff took care of their business:

Early And Often


  1. An improved pass defense - Indiana leads B1G in passing offense (327 YPG). We need to keep this in the mid 200′s.  320 yards, but they did throw it 53 times!
  2. Roll Hyde – Indiana allows well over 200 TPG rushing (Wisky got over 550!). Carlos should be in 150 – 200 range.  Almost……117 yards still is pretty darn good.
  3. No injuries – Like Mali with his No False Starts, I keep asking for this. Maybe some day…  Mali can’t get his to come true but I think you did this week.
  4. A Win – No top team distinguished themselves last week. We need to leave a maker’s mark on Indiana.  Check!
  1. CARLOS CARLOS CARLOS II – With some late BIG runs, Hyde almost broke Eddies 315 last week. IU should be fair game for it if Braxton doesn’t run early. He’ll get his 1000 on his FIRST run for sure It wasn’t on his first run, but he did get his 1000! Congrats Carlos!
  2. DEFENSE MATURITY – I think this past week taught them a lesson they won’t soon forget. They aren’t a special team when they’re worried about everybody else. I think they’ll have a lesson learning week in practice thanks to Coach Meyer and will destroy IUs offense.  Pretty good effort here.  14 points and they were all late in the game!
  3. DONT look ahead - With all if what I just said. Make sure there’s NO talk of TTUN they’re just another game in the schedule until next Sunday. THEN it’s Rivalry week  Look ahead….pfft!
  1. Better pass defense - Indiana is a great passing team and OSU needs to keep that in check in order to avoid a repeat of last year’s game or worse. It wasn’t entirely bad…..53 attempts……they are bound to complete some of those.
  2. Consistent play for the entire game - Against Illinois there were moments of brilliance and dominance and other moments that looked very average.  The consistency was definitely better than the Illinois game.
  3. Don’t look ahead - Yes, Michigan is coming up as is the Big Ten title game but those don’t matter this week.  One week of not looking ahead accomplished… for another week of not looking ahead.
  4. Something tricky - While the players can’t look ahead, it would be nice to see the coaching staff throw something in the gameplan that gives Michigan and probably Michigan State something else to worry about.  About the only trick was Guiton’s handoff to Miller for a TD!
  5. TBDBITL - Going out with a bang – its senior day at OSU for the band too, lets see them end this amazing season properly  Pyro made this come true!

Senior Day


  1. Dominance - Plain and simple. This shouldn’t be close after the coin is flipped.  Was Indiana even there?
  2. El Guapo – It’s his last game in The Shoe, set the beast free and feed him!  Consider him fed!
  3. Healthy – Let’s keep everyone in good health for The Game.  All hands on deck for THE GAME!
  4. Leaders Champions – The Buckeyes can officially clinch the Leaders division on Saturday. It’s official!
  5. Defense – We all know the potential is there. Cause some turnovers, pressure the quarterback, that whole “dominance” thing.  Turnovers were mor an Ohio State thing this weekend.
  1. Defense – Tackle. Defend passes. 10 points or less  Sorry….14!
  2. Offense - Need at least 60.  Try again Scott!
  3. Win Hey….you got one!




  1. Kenny G- I mentioned this in SBP on Thursday; I’d love to see our senior quarterback honored in a way that’s befitting of his impact on this season and this team  I would have loved to have seen him come in earlier for a better chance to do some things!
  2. Senior Moments- But let’s not stop there: All of this year’s senior class have been through quite a bi and have risen to each challenge. It would be great for them to add one more amazing memory to that list by earning a B1GCG berth.  The seniors (and the team) are going to Indy!
  3. Grand Guapo- Against one of the worst rushing defenses in the conference, can Carlos finally become Urban’s first 1000 yard rusher?  Mission accomplished.
  4. No False Starts- At home. Wheee!  Someday….maybe someday!
  5. Who’s Your Man? In Bloomington last year, the Buckeye defense was often caught sleepwalking. Their ability to play four quarters of focused football against one of the better offenses in the country will be important if this team hopes to be championship caliber.  They weren’t caught sleeping….but definitely some room for improvement.
And with that it’s rivalry week!  Be sure to check us out all week as we all prepare for THE GAME!

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    November 25th, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Ah, more hits & misses. At least we’re having fun doing this ;)


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