The Week That Were: 11.23.13

Written November 25th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Happy Thanksgiving week! Here’s a little music to get you ready for Thursday… and another ditty to prep you for Saturday.


One Of Those Days

You know what’s interesting about college sports? Call it “the circle of life”, call it “karma” (j/k, don’t do that) call it “Brent Musberger’s Vegas Connections”, but the fact is that things just seem to work themselves out.

In spite of efforts to create story lines and “narrative”, teams win and teams lose and everyone gets to play in a bowl. Well, almost everyone.

It’s like I’ve been saying all season- “If you do well, will you not be accepted?” Play well, win the game you’re in, and let the chips fall where they may.

Sure, it’s great that you’re averaging a metric bucketload of points every week, but when you don’t hit that target what will you do? Case in point: Texas A&M, Oregon, and Baylor combined for 41 points in their three losses. yesterday. That’s less than Oregon and Baylor were each averaging per game.

As the prophet said, “Everyone’s got a plan until they get hit in the mouth”.

The Ducks went down in spectacular fashion, giving Rich Rodriguez a home upset of a nationally ranked team that will surely a) earn him an extension and b) give Michi1gAAn fans eternal heartburn. Not only did Mariotti throw his first interception of the year in the game as a result of that great play you see above, but he then tossed his second on the way to a 42-16 loss in Tuscon. It’s not that the Ducks were without flash and sizzle… it’s just that they never found a rhythm and were unable to play Stanford football.

That Kind Of Night

One Of Those Nights

Baylor came into Stillwater not having won there in forever… and left the same way. The nation’s top offensive team was unable to deal with the different looks that TBPU gave them, and struggled to get their high octane offense going.

In addition, their vaunted defensive front didn’t create any consistent pressure or stop Oklahoma State’s bigger specialists from making play after play.  I guess the Lord helps those who help their Chelf.

Helmet sticker goes to the “turf monster”, though, who seemed to be the leading tackler for both teams.  He also made a big play by interfering with a Baylor snap late in the game to solidify the win for the up and coming Cowboy team.

As for Johnny Freaking Football, he and the Aggies continued their trend of underperforming against top competition. As our friend @FightOnTwist pointed out earlier in November, Manziel is an amazing quarterback, but his interceptions often lead to opposing teams’ scores; and other than the win in Tuscaloosa, he’s been pretty pedestrian versus teams that are nationally ranked.

Against LSU on Saturday, his one TD pass was coupled with only 1g completions and two interceptions as the Aggies fell again to LSU by a 34-10 score. I guess you could say he got beaten like a… well… yeah.

Imagine How Muschamp Feels

Imagine How Muschamp Feels

I’d highlight that as the “passing lowlight” of the week, but that honor goes to the quarterback at FCS Georgia Southern. In a “Braxton Miller against Illinois in 2011” performance, Ellison only attempted three passes and completed none of them. Yet, like Miller, his team won behind 429 yards rushing. Oh, and did I mention that this happened in The Swamp, and that the Gators paid for the privilege?

Unlike Florida, other schools were able to butcher their sacrificial lambs in relative peace and quiet. Alabama made short work of Chattanooga after only leading 7-0 after the first quarter. Florida State put a 80-14 whuppin on Idaho, and North Carolina went from winning 14-13 after one to playing with a running clock in the final quater of an 80-20 victory.

Clemson clownstomped The Citadel, South Carolina “survived” Coastal Carolina 70-10, and Georgia beat something called a “Kentucky” 59-17. Sad news out of that game, though, as Bulldog QB Aaron Murray will be out for the season with a knee injury.

Let’s check in on the Miami Hurricanes as they get ready to celebrate Senior Day in Coral Gables:

Parking? Still A Nightmare

In the B1G, we find ourselves in awe of the Minnesota/Wisconsin game. Not only have both teams had amazing seasons under new(ish) head coaches, but the rivalry for Paul Bunion’s Axe is always incredible. This year, the Badgers karmic run continued, and they continue to possess the large woodcraft implement. I’ve also been informed that this photo is indeed a thing for the Golden Gophers this season, and I pray that it’s not a photoshop (if it is, let us know in the comments)

Flair For The Dramatic

The Spartans continued Northwestern’s “year from hell”, and punched their ticket to Indianapolis with a win in Evanston. Remember what we said earlier about sometimes things just not going your way? Since the second half of the Ohio State game, that’s been the status quo for the Wildcats, and it was plenty evident on Saturday.

Penn State lost in overtime to Nebraska in Happy Valley as the Lions’ Fricken Kicker shanked a field goal attempt at the end. You may remember that he had some issues in the four overtime win over TTUN… at least he has one more year to get things squared away.

ThuJone Speaks Truth

Congratulations to Coach Beckman on Illinois first B1G win, on the road at Purdue.  Gotta start somewhere, right?

Which brings us to That Team Up North. In what’s come to be a too familiar situation for fans from Ann Arbor, Brady Hoke’s team started fast and took a 21-7 lead into the locker room at the half. However, they wouldn’t score again and dropped to 3-4 in the B1G with the loss to Iowa.

TTUN only managed around 150 total yards for the game, and gave up 400 to a Hawkeye team that has never been confused with an offensive juggernaut. It’s been a long season, and on Saturday it will get infinitely worse /foreshadowing.

Let’s end where we started, on the Left Coast. First, SDSU upset Boise State, which certainly screws with the “OSU Weak Strength Of Schedule” narrative.

Sad Panda

Washington managed to jump on the Beavers of Oregon State early and continued to roll in a “Northwest Championship Tournament” match.  The Pirate Cap’n led Washington State to an “upset” victory over Utah, who probably didn’t play the same kind of Stanford football that they did when they beat Stanford.

Speaking of the Cardinal, they won their big rivalry game against Cal pretty handily… horrible year for Coach Dykes and his players. And if that weren’t bad enough, the local media has started to challenge the perception that Cal’s athletes are also top notch scholars.

Los Angeles’ teams split on the day; the Ed Orgeron Experience rolled on against CoLOLorado, while the Bruins dropped a home game to the Arizona State team that will face Stanford in the conference title game if they manage to beat Arizona on Saturday.

Hawkeyes! Huskers! Hardware!

That’s right- in addition to being thankful for all the blessings that we have, this week is a great one for college football fans, as rivalries are settled for yet another year.  UCLA will meet USC, Washington and WSU face off in the Apple Cup, and Mississippi State meets Old Miss for the Egg Bowl. Nebraska and Iowa square off in the “Tractor Challenge”, Oregon and toOSU will renew The Civil War, and the Seminoles look to put the Gators out of their misery.

Carolina/Duke will be more than just a hoops rivalry this year, Purdue and Indiana fight for the Old Oaken Bucket, Clemson and South Carolina match up for pride and as two top ten teams. Finally, Arizona and Arizona State, Kansas and Kansas State, and Tennessee at Kentucky, and Northwestern/Illinois round out our huge slate of games.

That is, except for the two that Buckeye fans will be paying the most attention to.  #4 Auburn and #1 Alabama’s 2013 edition of the Iron Bowl may impact if Ohio State is playing for the crystal football in January, so… War Eagle.

But this is THE week, and is the time when we remember that there’s only one thing that matters. Go Bucks-


  1. EdNo Gravatar
    November 25th, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Nice read as always Mali……
    I would like to add, the seemingly weekly trend by the 4 letter network that has the ” next team up to jump OHioState ” slogan is getting quite ridiculous and sad. Lets see it started with Standford…..then Oregon ( who once again failed miserably against another physical team)……then Baylor, and now it seems well Auburn and Mizzu are on deck for the so called experts to tout the company line . But is it not obvious that these tools reshuffle the deck , I mean last night ‘s BCS ranking update show was really painful for the guys to admit we may be in the Big Game if one of or both top 2 stumble . I give it to Herbie though , he did kinda call Palmer and Pollack out though and others to stop moving the line as to what is a requirement to the dance .
    Sad thing is , starting next year……the 4letter is going to be an actual buiesness partner with the S-E-C……with thier new network. Talk about conflict of intrest of what you job is…….wow


    KenNo Gravatar
    November 25th, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    Ed, yes, the Oregon/Baylor/Stanford failures to reinforce ESPN’s narrative must be galling to the folks in Bristol, CT. I think that over the past few years, the ‘E’ component in ESPN (Entertainment) has overshadowed any serious/legitimate sports journalism. The ‘E’ is filling the trough; the folks in Bristol are just looking for some lipstick for the diners at this point.


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