What Do you Want to See on Saturday? The Game

Written November 29th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

This week is THE GAME and and the game we have all been waiting for.  I’m sure this article also has the wishes you have all been waiting for.  Let’s see ‘em guys and gal:


  1. Carlos Hyde - Needs 134 yards to reach the 1,200 yard mark. Do it.
  2. Defense - TTUN has been held to < 200 yards total offense 2 of last 3 games. Make it 3 of 4.
  3. Takeaways - 2; Any combination of interception/fumble.
  4. No Injuries
  5. A Win
  1. Silver Bullets - Crush their run game, make Gardner scared to take a snap, break their spirit.
  2. El Guapo - Monster truck
  3. Points – And lots of them. Mercy is for the week. Time to put these people firmly in their place.
  4. No Punts - Simple enough.
  5. Take it to the House – Special teams or a defensive touchdown. I’d prefer one of each.
  1. A Fast Start - Take the crowd out of it early.
  2. Hit Gardner - He has taken lots of hits this season, continue that and make him worry about protecting himself.
  3. No Rushing Allowed - In losses to MSU and Nebraska M*ch*g*n was held to negative yards on the ground, let’s do that.
  4. No Turnovers
  5. No Injuries
  6. TBDBITL Being Amazing – Force the crowd to acknowledge that they got beat at halftime too.
  1. Remind Ann Arbor She Is Who We Thought She Was
  2. Defensive Score
  3. Stay Healthy
  4. Win
  5. Keep TTUN Rushing to 0 or Less
  1. Wrinkles- You just know that Ohio State has been preparing something (or things) special for The Game… let’s see ‘em!
  2. But Basics- Don’t get too cute, though… there’s no need for delicacy when a sledgehammer is available.
  3. Sound Defense- I imagine that TTUN has some twists in their quiver as well; screens to take advantage of the fact that they can’t block anyone, trick plays of desperation… Silver Bullets, rise up!
  4. No That One Thing- You know the snap count (clap count?). Don’t give them any yardage…
  5. Reminders- TTUN has some traitors and some “wannabe” Buckeyes. Help them know who’s the top program in the conference.
  6. Poise-It’s a big game, and Mich1gAAn has nothing to lose. Don’t get chippy and have a cheap call impact your play. To the whistle, through the whistle, and then celebrate when the gun sounds.
  1. A Win
  2. A Win
  3. A Win
  4. The O-H-I-O Cheer Take Over that Stadium Up North
  5. A Win
  6. Hyde Rushing for a Buck 50
  7. Guiton Taking a Knee on the Final Play
  8. A Win

  1. Death, injury, blood and pain. Buckeyes, Buckeyes, win again!
  1. Dominant Defense - Too many times this year, this defense has failed to close out games strong. (See this past Saturday)
  2. No Injuries - Yes, this game is a mist win, but they’re bigger fish to fry still.
  3. More and More El Guapo - Let the man go out with one of the more dominant performances against that team up north.
  4. Dontre Wilson - FINALLY have an impressive game. I’m not on the Wilson bandwagon. I’m tired of seeing him run for 3-4 yards, sideways albeit, and get tackled. Have a coming out party young man.
  5. Finally, a Win - Ruin senior day for them, make Fat’s seat even hotter, and put a few of those assistants in the unemployment line. OH, and really give Gardner something to cry about.
Check back next week to see how our Buckeyes and staff took it to TTUN!

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  1. EdNo Gravatar
    November 30th, 2013 at 4:40 am

    Start fast on offense …….pedal to the metal

    Blitz the shizzzz out if Gardner and that weak a** O/line……and pic 6′s will follow.

    I saw a stat last week of theirs…….11 for like thier last 58 on 3rd down conversions……wow if that doesn’t speak volumes about where thier offense is …..lol
    S hazier always seems to elevate to another level in this game, didn’t he play on a broken leg in this very game a couple yrs ago? I know it was a significant injury if some kind but he balled out…….

    Mercy is for the weak……we do not teach to be merciful here ” aye aye Sin Say “……..score fast , score often, I want 40 plus by halftime……


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