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Written December 23rd, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Festivus-PoleIt’s pretty great to be a Buckeye fan… we’re in the midst of a great two year run in football and multiple years of success in men’s basketball- our teams are major news story, and people even pay attention to what the former University president says and does.

That being said… there’s still some grievances that need aired, so before we see if someone can pin Ken in the feats of strength, here we go:

What’s the thing about Ohio State sports that enraged you the most this year?

Jason: Wichita State and Michigan State ending dream seasons that were set up with what appeared to be cake-walk runs to a championship opportunity.

Joe Dexter: The one thing that bugged me most this year about Ohio State athletics was how the athletic administration handled some of it’s coaching changes during 2013. Many will argue about former girls basketball head coach Jim Foster, but the way it was handled was way off kilter in my opinion.

The one firing that made no sense to me was former head hockey coach Mark Osiecki. Athletic Director Gene Smith noted it was a “difference of opinion” that couldn’t be resolved. The program was on the upswing, was in the CCHA Semis despite being very very young, and had a ton of talent coming to Columbus despite always battling not having their own arena to call home.

I’m not saying that Steve Rohlik doesn’t deserve to be the head coach, but the whole situation was handled horribly.

Ken: This would be football related. The inability to show any meaningful improvement in the defense. “Defense wins Championships”, as MSU aptly demonstrated.

Eric: Like just about everyone else, losing out on potential National Title runs to Wichita State and Michigan State.  Both losses were incredibly painful to watch.

Patrick:  Charging more for “Premium Games”. As a season ticket holder, I pa them enough and then they pull this BS!?!?

Scott: Both teams were set up nicely to make it to the championship game and defense let us down.

Mali: Ok, this may only tangentially “Buckeye-centric”, but I’ve got a lot of problems with you people. Not all of you, but there’s a few that just need to get a grip on reality. OSU has the biggest and best fanbase in the country, and a program that most fans would love to have… and yet, if you read message boards and so forth, you’d think that the Buckeyes were below .500 and had the most terrible coaches and players on the planet according to a small but vocal group of followers.

Some of this “selective listening”- we minimize positive media (since we agree), but every negative thing gets amplified and some fans either overreact to it or subtly internalize it in their critiques of the program.

But, at the end of the day, the chance to play/watch/enjoy collegiate sports is supposed to be a fun distraction. Let’s get back to making it so, shall we?

WVa: I would have to say that the play calling down the stretch becoming a lot like JT against Meyer in ’06 really got under my skin. Very predictable.

Charles: The disappointing performance of the OSU defense in football and the lack of improvement over the course of the season.  This is tied with Gene Smith continuing to make decisions that are at best questionable; the top ones this year were the firing of a men’s hockey coach who had the program on the upswing and the refusal of an NIT bid for the women’s basketball team.

What’s the thing about college sports that was the most frustrating for you this year?

Feel free to take the day off work

Eric: Um. Did you fail to read the above?  Fine, I’ll chose something else.  The NCAA choking on its ability to act as a reliable source of “management” for College Football teams.  Penn State, Oregon, Miami.  The list goes on folks.

WVa: Almost every day we had a national media member on his pathetic soap box trying to chop down the football team. Then once they lost ohhhh now we respect you.

Scott: Connecticut women winning another basketball title.

Patrick: That players can leave whenever they want, but players are forced to sit a year if they transfer.

Mali: The continued facade that the NCAA throws up regarding their role in administrating semi-professional basketball and football. From the ineptitude in handling the “player likeness” lawsuits, to the forthcoming issues with concussion litigation, plus their bungling inconsistency of every single violation investigation/sanctioning issue, they are in way over their heads and continue to try to sell the same bill of goods. Add that to their unwillingness to attack academic issues like at North Carolina while the gulf between “Student” and “Athlete” grows wider at major programs shows how far they’ve come from their mission.

Ken: The blatant hypocrisy, across the  board concerning amateurism/professionalism in collegiate athletics. The determination of what rules may have been broken and the meting of punishment should be an embarrassment to all involved. If the collegiate sporting structure has to be dismantled and reconfigured, then so be it.

Joe Dexter: The continuance of coaches using open jobs to get extensions. Mike Gundy to Nick Saban — now even the middle of the pack coaches are doing it. Schools are giving this coaches passes to do whatever they want. An athlete is getting paid a scholarship to play, yet a coach is getting 7 million dollars a year.

Jason: Easily the Jameis Winston investigation and hearing Tressel again say that he recruited “the state of Youngstown” in the 30 for 30 doc.

OK, let’s open this up. What other thing from this past year was the most exasperating?

Scott: Collapse of OSU women’s hoops program.

Charles: The OSU football team having to go to the Orange Bowl.  The loss to MSU in the Big Ten title game was disappointing but it was still a great season and a BCS bowl bid is something to be proud of but the Orange Bowl is the antithesis of what college sports should be about as they try for a more professional environment at the expense of limiting the performances by the bands in the stands and completely eliminating them from halftime.

Patrick: The fact that the Reds let another season pass with Dusty Baker as manager.

WVa: Being a HS football and basketball official and working women’s lower college now, I have to say officiating as a whole in college and pro ranks has been mediocre at best. Their willingness to be lenient on a team because of success drives me crazy.

Great strength to weight ratio

Mali: The continued polarization of our national dialogue/debate/screaming match. We agree a lot more than we disagree, yet because it benefits multinational media conglomerates and special interest groups, we live in a constant state of “us and them” on various issues in ways that shield us from doing anything that resembles civility.

Jason: Duh, hearing that Orion Music and More will skip 2014 so Metallica can finish writing their new album. Though the new album is good…

Eric: The fact that people actually believe the  college football playoff is going to solve anything at all.  Nope.

Joe Dexter: Without getting on my crazy, “kids these days” soapbox, — seeing Miley Cyrus wearing some weird ass costume and swinging naked on some metal ball had more news coverage than what is really going on around us.

Ken: Ohio State having opportunities to potentially advance to Championship games in both basketball and football, and falling painfully short.

In case somehow you have this post is even more obscure than our usual fare, and you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s the sacred text:

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