It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Silver Bullet Points

Written December 18th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

One more week until Christmas! Hopefully you’re getting your shopping all taken care of… and today’s soundtrack from three of my favorite artists will help inspire you to remember the real meaning of the season. (Honestly, that wasn’t the strangest thing I found this year…)

Someone made Santa’s list

Buckeye 411

  • Major Awards- This is the week that all of the “Best Of” lists and awards come out, and there were several Buckeyes who were acknowledged for their efforts during the 2013 season. Ryan Shazier led the list, being named a first team Associate Press All American (tree in the Buckeye grove!), to go along with the same honor from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and USA Today.  Jack Mewhort was tabbed a first team AA by ESPN, a second team member from Sports Illustrated, and third team honors from CBSSports and the Associated Press.  Carlos Hyde was third team by the Associate Press, while Devan Bogard was third team according to CBSSports
  • Even More Importantly- A number of Buckeyes graduated this past weekend, including our soon to be favorite graduate assistant coach.
  • Did Someone Say Awards? You too can be swagtastic by winning our Bowl Challenge. Heck, join Bacon’s too.
  • Wheee. More Special Uniforms- The Lantern has great coverage of the University’s huge deal with Nike… you can bet there’s a ton of money involved.  While it’s certainly better than the adidas/Under Armour alternatives, I still can’t wrap my mind around Ohio State entering into a partnership which will essentially help build Oregon’s program.
  • Speaking Of Uniformity- Buckeyes will be in scarlet in the Orange bowl; the first time that they’ve worn the home gear in a post season game since… hell, I have no idea. 2000? Let’s see if this can break some of the recent bad luck in Florida, shall we?
  • Plenty Of Good Seats Still Available- If you’re headed to Florida (and why wouldn’t you?) you should be aware that tickets for the Orange Bowl are among the lowest on the secondary market for BCS contests.  While the Bowl itself says that it’s only got 1000 or so ducats left, I know where you can find a lot more than that… and for lower than face value.  So, go ahead and take your talents to South Beach- Be sure to celebrate the holiday appropriately there, though.
  • Coaching Carousel- At this point, none of the Ohio State coaching staff has left for another opportunity, although there’ve been plenty of rumors. Both Coach Fickel and Drayton were tied to the FAU job, with the former allegedly being offered the position and choosing to stay closer to home. Some folks said that Luke may be in the crosshairs for a position at Notre Dame, but at this point there’s nothing definitive. Coach Warriner has been linked to the Bowling Green and Army openings, although both sound as if they’ve got other candidates as their primary targets.  Interestingly enough, Coach Herman’s name hasn’t come up as of yet (knocks on redwood forest full of wood), but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his name listed as a candidate following the inevitable Texas Two-step shuffle.
  • I Think Santa Does This For The Elves On Christmas Eve- A couple of days old, but if this video of Coach Coombs doesn’t make you want to run through a brick wall, then bah freaking humbug:

 Around College Football

  • Cartridge. Pear Tree Not Included.

    Bumbles? Bumbles Bounce! At least that’s the hope that the administration at the University of Texas has following a week where they lost out on their top candidate to replace “I’m not dead yet!” coach Mack Brown. The timing was amazing- Saban signs an extension and the next day the Longhorn coach steps down… almost as if he’d done it in order to ensure that Saban wouldn’t get the opportunity to move to Austin. At any rate, the search goes on, and the latest rumor is that former Meyer assistant Charlie Strong is the top candidate. I think that’d be a win if he could bring the aggressive defense that he’s most known for and find someone to assist with in-state recruiting. Imagine Texas with Texas/Florida recruiting ties…. man.

  • Also- Should this happen, it would be interesting to have African Americans as the coaches at the Lone Star State’s biggest programs… while there are still none in the B1G. As mentioned earlier, it’s possible that Tom Herman would be strongly considered for any head coaching position that would come from the UT job being filled… although I want him in scarlet and gray forever.  Finally, this whole thing makes me thankful that the Ohio State situation was under control well before Tressel’s resignation… that is, if you believe the interwebs.
  • Bowling Is Nice- With the BCS gone after this year, we now know where future championships will be hosted: Arlington TX, Glendale AZ, and Tampa FL. The folks at EDSBS certainly have opinions on that last one.  I certainly hope that Indianapolis/St. Louis/Detroit are putting in bids as well… hell, if New Jersey can host a Super Bowl, we can have a title game in the Midwest.
  • Troll So Hard- No Buckeyes in the National Title Game this year? No problem… we’ve got B1G officials there instead. I certainly hope they can keep up with all of the superior ACC and SEC Speed, though. /scarcasm
  • Financially Speaking- Not only will the Fiesta Bowl be a bloodbath on the scoreboard (#HotSprotsTake), but Central Florida is going to get hammered on the bottom line as well. This is familiar ground for SBP readers- Bowls only make money for the tax-exempt bowl committees and connected folks (like ESPN), while schools get taken to the cleaners for mandatory ticket sales and so forth. That being said, if you want to dig around in your couch cushions, you can probably go to the Michigan/Kansas State game.
  • If You Did That- You might not see Devin Gardner, who’s been rumored to be injured to a level where he’s been unable to practice. While I’m no Jen Bielema, there’s a part of me that sees balance in this- he gets a medical redshirt for a season where he wasn’t hurt, and plays most of his junior season beat to hell.  Wait- I thought Michigan had a great left tackle who was supposed to have protected his quarterback…
  • Speaking Of Blue Christmas- In case you hadn’t notices, Ohio State has had a pretty good week in recruiting. Michigan? Not so much, with a decommitment of their 5 star 2015 receiver late Tuesday night.  And TTUN was doing so well recruiting earlier… I guess April Recruiting championships lead to September Heisman which lead to… what exactly?
  • Don’t Pay Athletes? Yeah, those arguments don’t hold water, broseph.

And Finally

You know who’s probably not feeling all that festive this season?


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    December 18th, 2013 at 9:53 am

    That “December” video is one well done piece. Wow.

    Speaking of video, nice work by Coach Coombs. Was the background music also playing for players/parents?


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    December 18th, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    No, I think that EzE’s dad added that…


  2. bucknut-in-the-southNo Gravatar
    December 18th, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    Mali – hate to disagree with you, but last time I checked, Darrell Hazell was still African-American. Though I do think that Purdue is just barely in the Big Ten.


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