Pick ‘Em- It’s Almost Over

Written December 6th, 2013 by Scott

After 90 picks, tBBC’s pick ‘em between Gary and myself has come down to the final week.
b1glogoWith our contest deadlocked, we will pick the winners of Saturday’s games and use the total points scored in the B1G championship game as the tiebreaker.

To recap last week, both of us took Ohio State, Nebraska, Sparty, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Indiana.

We missed on Nebraska and Wisconsin and head into the last week deadlocked at 30-15. Thanks Bo Pelini.

I’m glad the Huskers don’t play this week.

Who forced you to pick us?

Who forced you to pick us?

Anyhoo, we are going to pick all the relevant and not-so-relevant Saturday games and see if we can’t get this thing figured out.

Games we are picking:

  • Oklahoma-Oklahoma State
  • Marshall-Rice
  • Central Florida-SMU
  • Memphis-UConn
  • Texas-Baylor
  • Missouri-Auburn
  • South Florida-Rutgers
  • Stanford-Arizona State
  • Louisiana Lafayette-South Alabama
  • Duke-Florida State
  • Fresno State-Southern Utah
  • Ohio State-Michigan State

Gary likes Marshall, UCF, Oklahoma State, Uconn, Baylor, Missouri, Rutgers, Arizona State, FSU, Buckeyes, LA Lafayette and Fresno State.

Gary questioned my manhood and told me not to copy his games. “Well I know how much you have to cheat off me to stay in this thing,” Gary said.

Unfortunately, there is not one game I would and will pick differently. So it comes down to total points in the B1G title game.

Gary has 45 points. I’m going with 46 points.

Let’s hope that we’re both WAY under. Go Bucks.

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    December 6th, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    This is pretty tense. You both picked the same teams, eh?
    /stroking chin..

    I see where the current O/U is 51.5…


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