Silver Bullet Points Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere

Written December 11th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

No matter what you might hear over the next few days, we’d never leave you for Austin.

Sure they’ve got great barbecue and music and… you know, on second thought… Nah. It’s always a great day to be a Buckeye- and there’s only one place in Texas that I’d be interested in going to anyway.

Buckeye 411

  • Good Works? Swoon- Hey, our favorite senior point guard has been nominated for the AllState Good Works Team. No word on whether or not this gives him three “Get out of a foul” cards in B1G play, though.
  • Awards? Not So Fast- Well, not only did the Buckeyes end up on the short side of the scoreboard on Saturday, they’re also getting shut out in the “National Awards” category. First, the Heisman folks decided to invite everyone in the world to the ceremony this Saturday… everyone, that is, except the Buckeyes’ #5. Given some of his struggles over the past few weeks, this is somewhat understandable.  What’s not understandable, though, is linebacker Ryan Shazier losing out on the Butkus Award, which went to Alabama’s CJ Mosely. Here are the stats, courtesy of MotSaG’s Sylvester Yon Rambo: CJ Mosley- 57 solo tackles, 102 total tackles, 9 TFL, ZERO sacks. Shazier- 95 solo tackles , 135 total tackles, 23.5 TFL, 7 sacks.
  • Maybe Later? Some Buckeye-ish Butkus Award news, as OSU target Raekwon McMillan was awarded the honor as the nation’s best high school linebacker for this past year.
  • Want To Be Depressed? Read Ross Fulton’s review of the offensive (in more ways than one) scheme from Saturday over at Eleven Warriors.
  • The Only Thing Uglier- Would be if the good Mr. Yost followed through on his words.
  • Clem, Son- The Buckeyes are favored by most “wager-tastic” sites in this year’s Orange Bowl, while rumors persist that the “over” may be set at a “gorillion”.
  • Taking Your Talents To South Beach? If you’re gonna’ get Floridian over the New Year, tickets can be bought via the University or much much less expensively via our TiqIQ site… starting around $40. Remember, folks- the University is on the hook to pay for a certain amount of these; if they don’t sell, that funds from your athletic department that go tax free to the Orange Bowl. Our friend at the Wiz of Odds has always had the best coverage on this fiasco.
  • Getting Contested- Hey, don’t forget to join our Bowl Contest!  Heck join Bacon’s, too… the more the merrier!
  • Well, Gee- Sure, West Virginia… you can borrow him for a while. Remember, though, overalls and bow ties don’t look good together.
  • Perspective- We all wish that the Buckeyes would have emerged victorious, but Woody gives us wisdom that transcends:

Commentary- Counting The Cost

It’s no surprise that there’s a lot of money involved in college football. And that’s not even counting the under the table stuff at Old Miss.

We discuss this often in this space, how the large schools have an inherent advantage over smaller programs in the “spending wars” for facilities and opportunities, how many schools dip into the general fund, tax allocations, or create student fees in order to subsidize the game that we love. And you know my confusion/concern regarding how these expenditures impact the overall mission of academic institutions. So, I’m not going to beat that drum again in this space.

Gifting Suite or Mali’s Christmas Wishlist?

Three things from this week ended up in my “This! This is what I’m talking about!!” file regarding this subject.  First, since we’re now in the “everyone gets a trophy” time of year where more than half of the teams in the country get the privilege of playing in a post season event (costing them even more money- see above), it’s also time to talk about “gifting suites” full of swag that the players will be provided for participating in these corporate marketing events.

Remember though, kiddos; no selling any of the things that anyone gives you. That’s frowned upon.

When you read through that list, you can’t help but think a couple of things.  First… why can’t tBBC have a “gifting suite”?  Second, though, is how hypocritical some of this seems… the arguments are that we shouldn’t reimburse players for their performance other than the huge benefits they already receive (tuition, training, gear, etc.), but then we give them gifts to reimburse them for their performance.

In the past, Bowl goodies have often included copies of college football video games. Awkward.

As amazing as even the smallest bowl gifts are, it’s still just a drop in the bucket when you consider the value that top players bring to their respective Universities and programs. In this article from The Michigan Daily, the discussion centers on how Wolverine quarterback Devan Gardner’s media exposure alone provided unbelievable amounts of positive press for the University; a figure that the article estimates is around 15 million in August and September alone.

And just think if they’d evaluated the impact of a good player.

So the Nike glasses and shoes, the fancy Oakley backpacks, the leather recliners… those are just a drop in the bucket of what could be available for college football players.  And, at most schools, all of this is subsidized outside of the athletic department.  Makes sense, right?

Crimson? Orange? Green.

Add to that Tuesday’s “Coaching Carousel Chaos” at Texas and Alabama, where Mack Brown is rumored to be on his way out this week and Nick Saban is reported to be on his way in. Again, all of this is just strongly reported rumors at this point- Brown himself has come out to say that he’s still working hard for the Longhorns (although a. That’s what was said before the AD transition in Austin and b. Brown needs to be fired/reassigned in order to maintain his buyout. So of course he’s still employed there).

Oh, and if you’re looking for comedy… Urban’s name is on the “Texas Wish List” as well.

Here’s where the dots get connected- The figures thrown around for Texas’ next coach are astounding. Whispers of $100 million buyouts, $7-$10 million per year, stake in the Longhorn network may be extreme, but are being met with “yeah, I could see Texas doing that” rather than incredulity at the huge amounts.

And who knows? St. Nick may stay in Birmingham with a new contract leveraged by this whole situation.

Granted, the CEO of a multi-million dollar organization like Texas, Ohio State, Southern Cal, Florida, Alabama, etc. should be compensated in accordance to their responsibilities. No qualms with capitalism here.

Instead, keep two things in mind as this continues to process. First, shouldn’t Mack Brown be treated better? As someone who has run a clean program as far as we can tell, has been successful at varying levels (one title, one title appearance, conference championships), and has done all this at an institution that is academically challenging should be celebrated and not merely pushed aside for the new hotness.

Second… that’s a ton of money. Being spent by a college. For non-educational pursuits.  Dayum. And there’s not enough money for the players to receive stipends because????

Other Football News

  • Heisman? Big week for Florida State’s Jameis Winston. Not only did he receive good news from the DA’s office, but his team won the ACC title and a berth in the National Championship Game. In addition, he’s the frontrunner for the Big Stiffarm  on Saturday. A few quick thoughts- First, “innocent” and “there’s not enough evidence to pursue this further” are two different situations- the complainant’s family has reportedly scheduled a press conference for Friday that may change the tone of this conversation a bit.  Second, as someone who works with college students in these types of situations more frequently than I would like, there’s no “winner” in this at any level. Take a moment and read this take on the account from Deadspin… No winners.
  • Get Excited- Saturday will also be the national premier of “Youngstown Boys” from ESPN’s 30 for 30 studios. Ramzy will have a two part take on it at Eleven Warriors today and Friday, and everyone I’ve talked to says it’s amazing. Heartbreaking, but amazing.
  • This Is A Bad Idea- We’re going to possibly cancel wrestling, but allow football in the Olympics? Yeah…

And Finally

Wonder if he makes home delivery:

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    December 11th, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Good choice for your Soundtrack, it’s on my workout playlist..

    Mosley>Shazier.. SEC, y’all..

    Pretty gruesome WoO article. If I were a resident of CT, I wouldn’t be too happy. So, why wouldn’t a school refuse a bowl invitation?

    I see that logging roads are now 3-dimensional. Interesting.


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