Silver Bullet Points Goes Trophy Hunting

Written December 5th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

We’re in uncharted waters here… it’s really an odd feeling to have a game after THE GAME. If you’re heading to the game, be sure to check out a great blues bar downtown… these guys are playing this weekend!

Trophy… bullet… either way

Buckeye 411

  • Meaningful Awards- Clair gave you the lowdown on the All Conference awards on Tuesday morning; later that afternoon, the Offensive, Defensive, Freshman, and Coach of the Year accolades were handed out.  Braxton repeated as the Offensive Player of the year, while Shazier was snubbed for Defensive POTY to Wisconsin’s Borland. The annual “Exceeded Expectations” award for Coach of the Year went to Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio. I actually don’t disagree with this, and am happy for ‘Dino, but am wondering if a Buckeye Coach will ever win this award- Cooper didn’t, Tressel didn’t, and now Meyer hasn’t after two undefeated seasons.
  • Got You Covered- Hey, if you happen to see a copy of this week’s Sports Illustrated at the store, can you pick one up for me? It’s Braxton’s third cover, and even it’s a regional one, it’s still pretty awesome (note: I retract that comment if the SI Jinx bites OSU on Saturday). Best part of the cover, as the guys at Eleven Warriors pointed out- Braxton is wearing his gold pants in The Game.  Like a Boss.
  • Got You Covered, Part Two- If you’re headed to Indy, here’s what’s waiting for you for what I’m sure will be a fair price. tBBC’s Patrick will be on scene covering the festivities, and our friend Janelle will be there as a part of her internship as well. Stay tuned!
  • It Ain’t Braggin’- Speaking of the B1GCG, the matchup with Michigan State is going to be spectacular, and the Spartans are ready for it. I’ve joked with friends that one of the things that worries me about this is that OSU has been preparing all season to win a national title while MSU has been focused specifically on beating Buckeyes. You can hear some of that in quotes from the defensive backs, calling for a “no fly zone” and saying that any ball in the air belongs to them. Connor Cook also mentioned on Monday that watching the Michigan games made him excited to play the Buckeyes, and that he’d be “licking his chops” at thinking about going against the tarnished Silver Bullets.  This season, the Spartans have certainly backed it up with excellent play on the field… like I said, this is going to be a spectacular matchup.
  • Not Convinced? Just watch this:

 NCAA News And Notes

  •  Damned Lies And Statistics: Pretty interesting research database from the Knight Commission this week, allowing folks to take a look at the spending involved at their favorite academic and athletic institutions. While we know that the money spent on football at places like Ohio State and Texas is pretty astounding, to see the numbers juxtaposed against dollars spent on the “average” student (many paying tuition, all key parts of the institutional mission) is pretty telling. You can look to see how your school does compared with others in the conference and across FBS… again, interesting for those of us who are trying to make sense of it all.
  • Realignment- It’s been a while since we discussed the shuffling deck chairs on our favorite NCAA Titanic, the New York Times had a pretty great infographic that covered all of the shifts that have happened since this whole thing began.
  • Admittedly Biased- This article from an Ohio State alumni writing on Penn Live is really asking the questions “Why do we involve a human element in the national title selection process?”, but does so in such a great way that it’s totally worth a deeper read-

On one hand, I’m an Ohio State graduate. Anyone from Auburn, because they don’t know me, would rightly have a difficult time rationalizing my vote as impartial.

From another angle, I think that any unbeaten team from a major conference is preferable over a team that has lost. But is that rational? Even though R.J. Bell of estimated yesterday that OSU would be a 2-point favorite over Auburn, wouldn’t many of us disagree and make the Tigers a slight favorite? I would.

But how about this? I’m just gonna come out and say it because it’s the truth: I’m fed up with the SEC. I’m tired of Southerners who don’t care about anything but football, who can’t take care of their own poor, fat, litter-strewn, illiterate states, telling me the way it should be – about anything. And I’m tired of them crowing about their seven straight national titles. I want to see them suffer a little. How’s that for full disclosure?

Now, is that right? I’m admitting straight up I have a smoldering bias against Dixie and America’s best college football conference.

College Football Notes

  • Big Wednesday? The twitters and intertrons were buzzing last night with rumors that Nick Saban had agreed to be the next head coach at Texas, something that’s been speculated about for the duration of this year.  Could UT be waiting for the Baylor game to conclude before making this announcement, as Ohio State did with Urban Meyer and The Game? Or is this yet another part of the amazing carousel that always spins this time of year? Stay tuned…
  • Whoopsie…

    Speaking Of ‘Bama- Florida State’s bookstore has some interesting new threads…

  • Big Thursday- Thursday, there will be a press conference regarding the Jameis Winston investigation, and you’ve got to think that this is positive news for the Seminole QB and Heisman frontrunner- you don’t call press conferences to arrest someone. I’ll be interested to see if Ohio State fans will give the same benefit of the doubt to Winston that they wanted given to Carlos Hyde earlier in the season. Admittedly, the two situations are quite different, but as fans we all tend to want “fairness” that benefits our favorite programs.
  • Familiar Faces- The coaching moves has started, with Washington’s Sarkisian headed back to LA to lead the Trojan program he was a part of under Pete Carroll. While this move is somewhat surprising, most Southern Cal fans seem to be most stunned by interim coach Orgeron’s resignation and departure from the program. With these moves, Washington leadership was rumored to be talking with UCLA’s Jim Mora; instead, he signed an extension to stay in Westwood. The Huskies now allegedly have turned to Boise State’s Chris Peterson and Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Mussmeier.
  • Speaking Of Husky- Seriously, sometimes these things don’t even need commentary.

And Finally

Two great clips to close things out  this week- Looking back to last week and looking forward to an upcoming event:

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    Interesting article by David Jones, well done.

    There were some serious hits in the Linfield College video; bodies flying all over the field..


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