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Written December 8th, 2013 by Ken

thinking chimpWelcome to this week’s latest edition of Weekend Wonderings. Since I write this before the Big Ten Championship Game, the outcome is still in doubt. However the game turns out, I hope you’ve all recovered, for good or ill, and we move on with our lives. And hopefully, we move on to the NCG. Please take a few minutes, grab a beverage and let’s get into this. Also, the Browns play the Patriots today, so you may need to double up the elixir.

The James/Wexner

Here’s some interesting news from The James. Due to the generous efforts and donations of Pelotonia volunteers and donors, nine research grants have been awarded.

“These pilot grants, funded by Pelotonia, are so critical to ensure that Ohio State stays at the forefront of speeding the development and delivery of treatments that target the molecules and markers fueling each person’s unique cancer,” says Michael Caligiuri, MD, director of OSUCCC and chief executive officer of the James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute. “These projects represent bold, out-of-the box thinking to develop preventions and treatments that target individual cancers. None of these ideas would have been funded—along with so many other big ideas in cancer research—were it not for the thousands and thousands of Pelotonia riders and donors. Each of rider helps bring us closer to our shared vision of a cancer-free world.”

Pelotonia is a three-day experience that includes cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. Over the past four years, thousands of Pelotonia riders have raised more than $42 million for cancer research at The OSUCCC – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Thanks to the generosity of Pelotonia’s funding partners, the organization is able to direct 100 percent of all money raised by riders and donors to life-saving cancer research.

I’ve had a couple articles that have mentioned genetic testing and its use for targeted cancer therapy. Here is Dr. Carbone of The James in a short video that explains far better than I the benefits of targeted therapy of lung cancer due to genetic testing.


I’m sure that you’re aware that we at this site are passionate sports fans, particularly when it comes to Ohio State. And, we also recognize there are other issues and events in Life, so as involved as we are about sports, they are only that, sport. We’ve had pieces about fans’ treatment of college players via social media. Here’s an example of letter burning gone awry, by several folks.  Here’s a an example of other fans acting absurd towards a player after the player had a bad day. Yes, this is the same rivalry that triggered a tree-poisoning. Finally, here’s an example of what can go wrong with the combination of a perceived lack of proper grief, alcohol and a gun. Yes, it led to actual, real life grief. A mother of three was killed. Over a game.

Yes, I understand the tribe/clan affiliation and “we-ness” of feeling associated with a particular team. Hell, I didn’t graduate from Ohio State and I write here and frequently wear OSU gear. Aside from the inflamed passions of sport (and who amongst us has been worked up before/during/after a game?) the “outrage” is enhanced by social media. In the good lo’ days, when events on the field went badly, a typical response would be yelling at the television and maybe throwing a remote or pillow.  Now, through the miracle of technology, unfiltered, irrational rage can be broadcast worldwide.

As mentioned in the introduction, I’m writing this before the weekend championship games. I hope that your favorite team does well (OSU!!) and I hope that you took the results for what they are; the results of a game. If your team loses, it’s OK to be disappointed, nothing more. The real grief is for the family of Michelle Shephard, the mother of three killed. Over a game.

Sunday’s Song

The Boss had to be describing the Ohio State offense; Born to Run:

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