What Do You Want To See On Christmas?

Written December 25th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s Christmas morning, and if you’re like me you’ve been up for hours because your kids just had to get to the presents that you were putting together until 3 AM. And now, in the lull between gift opening and your fourth coffee, you turn to the solace of the interwebs for holiday joy.

Santa, Buckeye…

As we do every year, we asked the staff for their holiday wishes… hopefully the big guy hooked everyone up:

What thing do you hope Santa brings the Buckeyes this year?

  • Jason: Braxton Miller and Ryan Shazier saying “I’m here for 2014″
  • Joe Dexter: A 2013-14 Big Ten Basketball Championship, Two 2014 Individual NCAA Wrestling Championships and a Luke Kennard commitment to coach Matta and the Hoops program. Is that asking for to much??
  • Ken: Top notch recruiting classes for basketball and football. I’d like for Santa to hang by the chimney with care the ‘Historical Defensive Identity’ that the football team seems to have misplaced the past couple of years.
  • Charles: Excellent player development in all sports.  We’ve done well in recruiting in the top sports but as Michigan football has shown, if you can’t develop the recruits it doesn’t matter how many 5 stars you have.
  • Patrick: A defense that can get stops and make plays. End of story.
  • Scott: A national championship for Thad Matta. He deserves it.
  • Mali: A blowout win in the Orange Bowl. The general “perspective” is that Ohio State’s 24 game win streak was built on smoke and mirrors; handling Clemson would certainly adjust that narrative quite a bit, particularly if the defense manages to rise to the occasion.
  • WVa: I honestly want them all to have a great Christmas and New Year and finish the way they started the year. Undefeated in 2014
  • Eric: A. Freaking. National. Title. In. Basketball.

Who in the B1G found a huge bag of coal this morning?

  • Jason: Taylor Lewan, all-around scum bag.
  • Joe Dexter: Bo Ryan, Duh! He’s the Grinch who stole Christmas.
  • Ken: This is a short list; Bo Ryan.
  • Charles:  Taylor Lewan
  • Patrick: Taylor Lewan and Luke Fickell
  • Scott: Michigan! Who else?
  • Mali: Whoever it was that decided that Rutgers and Maryland would be good additions to the conference’s athletic legacy. I know it has more to do with television audiences and research dollars than competitive fire, but both programs give the conference an eastern presence in the same way that one old delapidated house on the outskirts gives your town “character”. We’ve already got a Purdue, thank you very much, we didn’t need two more.
  • WVa: The B1G head of officials and Jim Delaney. The way they handled the aftermath of the TTUN intimidation of Wilson that turned into his ejection was pathetic. NO WAY does he get targeted by those jerks AND get tossed. Crew failed miserably and hold have been reprimanded. There’s NO official on the planet that watches that play and thinks they handled it perfectly. None.
  • Eric: Oh, this list is getting long and distinguished.  I’m also interpreting this as 2013 calendar year, so, there ya go. Coaches – Bo Ryan, Tom Crean. Players – Derrick Nix, Derrick Nix, Derrick Nix….did I mention Derrick Nix?  How about Derrick Nix? (What a THUG he was. So very glad he’s gone.)

OK, let’s get personal… What would make your holiday amazing this year?

  • Buckeye-Santa-MJason: I’m pretty thankful for what I have and the situation I’m finally finding myself in. Everything else is gravy… but speaking of gravy…
  • Joe Dexter: You know you are getting old when all you want under the tree is something useful, that will help you function better in every day life…
  • Ken: Well, thankfully, I’m in pretty good shape here. Although, I could use a solid, reliable putting stroke…
  • Charles: Living in Australia, I am happiest that I get to go home and see family for almost two weeks in January.  Other than that, I just finished getting my open water scuba certification so some diving gear will be great.
  • Patrick: I’m pretty blessed, so I’ll just wish for health and happiness.
  • Scott: Well, we already celebrated Chanukah and I have the greatest gift coming in May….another child.
  • Mali: Well, OSU actually screwed up my wife’s holiday plans- my gift was Rose Bowl tickets and drinking opportunities with all my imaginary online Buckeye friends. Ah well. So, I’ll hope for the same thing I ask for every year… or maybe just the wisdom and time necessary to get my PhD program applications finished.
  • WVa: I rarely get much. Honestly the wife and I have always tried to make Christmas about our children. I would like to see some new Buckeye gear this year and have told the family that so it happens!
  • Eric: My thesis, completed and accepted under the tree.  Or a job offer…that would be nice. No, seriously, just a couple nice books is all I need and I’ll be happy. Happy Holidays everyone!

Of course, the greatest gift we receive every year is the time that our readers and friends take to visit our little corner of the Buckeye neighborhood… and we hope our investment here makes that worth your trust.

From tBBC to you and your families (even that weird cousin who likes TTUN), may your Holidays be filled with joy and peace.

Go Bucks!!

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    December 25th, 2013 at 8:40 am

    Ah, yes, Mali, those short-sleep Christmas Eves. I remember them like they were, oh, 25 years ago.

    Merry Christmas to all!


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