Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Football Final…Here’s Basketball

Written January 10th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

So many things to talk about to finish up the final couple weeks of football and the first full month of men’s and womens basketball. I will do my best to be brief in each segment because I have a massive #tBBCFansInteract coming soon that includes the fellas from @TheGameColumbus  @FnAShow955 ; @Arch955 @MattFinkes and @Sabie955 , as well as Roy Hall and Mekka Don, so lets get with the very good in Rumblin.OrangeBowl


The Football Buckeyes finished the season with a two game losing streak, which is the one and only of Coach Meyer’s tenure at The Ohio State University. Let’s put that into perspective. He was bound to lose and most of us felt 2013 was not the season for the Buckeyes to win it all, but Coach Meyer put those players and coaches in an unbelievable position to make it happen. Even with the back-to-back losses, Coach Meyer is rumblin’ into the off-season with momentum of great recruiting and superb coaching. I believe he will handle the changes with regards to staff remarkably, no coach would turn down the chance to come to Columbus.

The men’s and women’s basketball programs weren’t predicted to be sitting where they are for the most part. Is there a better duo of head coaches in America? All Thad Matta does is win and he has a chance to put this team n a position to win it all with a combination of a very good team and the national picture being a little down. There is no dominant team in the nation right now and it appears we could see the Buckeyes and Sparty again in the Final Four.

Kynard and Honeycut

Kynard and Honeycut have contributed to early success

I have said multiple times on twitter and previous articles that there is not a harder working coaching staff than the one that Coach McGuff has assembled in Columbus. What he and his staff has done in the first month or so of the season is really remarkable. While coaching up an unproven returning group into being competitive with some of the top teams in the country, he has also brought in one of the best recruiting classes ever. He added two transfers recently that will make next years group difficult to beat on the hardwood. Truth is, the starters this season that come back will have a very difficult time starting next year, and playing time will come at a premium.

Rumblin topic for 2013 – Carlos Hyde rise from suspension to what should have been  All-American status


There’s an opportunity here to throw some players under the bus, but alas, I will resist. In today’s society with social media, people have the opportunity to put their thoughts out there almost immediately. In a lot of cases, they are reaching thousands of followers and can be assured the tweets or FB comments will be RT’d and Favorited or liked. While I disagreed with any of the players putting those feelings out there, I tried my best to help one out and just ignored the other. I completely understood why the one was dejected at how he was being treated by the fans on twitter, but he should have resisted putting his true feelings out there and probably has learned a lesson.

Braxton Miller at the Discover Orange Bowl

Braxton Miller at the Discover Orange Bowl

The other player could care less what the fans said to him and probably was the true reason for throwing his teammates under said bus. The truth of the matter is that these kids will realize that most people on social media are out to take them down or get that ever elusive RT or response from them. They will improve in the future or will just stay off social media completely. There is the growing possibility of universities telling their athletes, no social media during the entire season or while participating in a scholarship sport. There, I said it first.

Stumblin Topic for 2013 -  Had to be the fall of what was suppose to be a great year for TTUN


I changed the name of this portion because it seems as though I will always be talking about those ridiculous people who hide behind their accounts and feel like they can say anything they like to players and recruits. I have had many discussions on twitter with people who believe two things. First, that even thought the NCAA says its a violation on the booster level, they will never do anything about it to the school. Second, those players are fair game when they tweet whatever they do.

First and foremost, the NCAA has been very clear about what people can and cannot do on social media with regards to potential student athletes of any school.  You have a choice to make on social media with regards to recruits and players or you are going to be that guy. If you think that the school, the student-athlete or the NCAA wont answer a complaint about a fan just go back and read up on the whole BWs Trivia Guru situation. Now, granted that was an extreme situation about a convicted sex offender who had contact with tOSU recruits and players, however; do you want to be the first that the university goes after for tweeting recruits or players?

Do not think for a minute that tOSU or NCAA can’t have you removed from the equation with some legal issues. Someday very soon, those of us who have been doing it right or not even doing it at all in the social media, will lose the chance to interact with those student-athletes. I will be okay with it because there seems to be a lot more people hounding them as of late, could get worse as signing day approaches.

Bumblin topic for 2013 - Has to be the fans that have reared their ugly heads time after time after time.

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    January 11th, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    Nice article, WVa. Yeah, that’s long been my position, social media and impassioned/irrational fans make for some face-palm moments, at best. As Mali recently put it, “the bell cannot be un-rung.”


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