tBBC Fans Interact: 2013 Football Awards

Written January 13th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

We here at the Buckeye Battle Cry depend on you fans to make us the blog that we are.

My favorite feature that I have been involved in since joining in December of 2011 is this twitter interaction we have done. Along the way I have been able include some of my favorite former players and in this feature, I bring in some new buddies from 95.5 The Game in Columbus who is a new big dog making some noise.

The most fun has been with you fans. Your insight into the Buckeyes players and coaches is phenomenal and I would say the Best Damn Fans In The Land!!!

Let’s pass out some end of year awards!

The Game

thegameAdam Sabie, Archie and Matt Finkes Weekday mornings from nine to noon on 95.5 The Game, and the FnA ShowHuge shoutout to the best sports morning talk show around for jumping in and having fun with us!

  • #tOSUOMVP – Adam – Hyde; Archie – Hyde; Finkes – Hyde
  • #tOSUDMVP – Adam – Shazier; Archie – Bosa; Finkes – Shazier
  • #tOSUSTMVP – Adam – Johnston; Archie – Brown; Finkes – Johnston
  • #tOSUOLINEMVP – Adam – Mewhort; Archie – Mewhort; Finkes – Lindsley
  • #tOSUDLINEMVP – Adam – Bosa; Archie – Bosa; Finkes – Spence
  • #tOSUNEWCOMER – Adam – Bosa; Archie – Bosa; Finkes – Bosa
  • #tOSUUNSUNG – Adam – Kenny G; Archie – Heuerman; Finkes – Elflein
  • #tOSUFUTURE – Adam – Elliott ; Archie – Wilson; Finkes – Elliot/Bell

Roy Hall

  • roy#tOSUOMVP  – Carlos Hyde – He’s a truck! How could you not give it to him. Plus I don’t want to get run over like the majority of all B1G defenders!
  • #tOSUDMVP  – Ryan Shazier – A great player on the field and even better person off! I pray he gets drafted in the top 15!
  • #tOSUSTMVP  – Dontre Wilson – Didn’t have as many huge returns as you’d like to see but he made other teams think twice about kicking off to him.
  • #tOSUOLINEMVP  – Jack Mewhort – ANIMAL! BEAST! LION! King Kong! Whatever name you want to give him it’s deserving!
  • #tOSUDLINEMVP  – Noah Spence – Made that #8 look good. Sacks, TFL…he’s a backfield disrupting bull-dozer!
  • #tOSUNEWCOMER  – Joey Bosa – All he did was come into every QB’s dorm room in the B1G and eat there snacks, take their dinner and made them apologize to him for not delivering it! Beast!
  • #tOSUUNSUNG  - Jeff Huererman – Huge plays down the seem when we needed them. Will be a big weapon for OSU next year.
  • #tOSUFUTURE  – Braxton Miller as long as he’s here!

Mekka Don

  • mekka#tOSUOMVP  – Carlos Hyde – one of the best RBs to ever come through OSU
  • #tOSUDMVP  – Ryan Shazier – he’s still making tackles as we speak
  • #tOSUSTMVP - Cameron Johnston – didn’t need him a lot but when we did he was effective
  • #tOSUOLINEMVP - Jack Mewhort – pancakes always taste good
  • #tOSUDLINEMVP - Noah Spence
  • #tOSUNEWCOMER – Joey Bosa – BEAST
  • #tOSUUNSUNG - Braxton Miller – I think people got so used to his amazing plays that they took him for granted. He left us with so many sensational moments.
  • #tOSUFUTURE – Ezekiel Elliott – will be next in line of great OSU backs!

tBBC Staff

  • #tOSUOMVP – Jason – Hyde; Mali – Hyde; Scott – Hyde; Ken – Hyde; Joe – Hyde; Patrick – Hyde;
  • #tOSUDMVP  – Jason – Shazier; Mali – Bosa; Scott – Bosa; Ken – Bosa; Joe – Bosa; Patrick – Shazier;
  • #tOSUSTMVP – Jason –  Elliot/Bell; Mali – Johnston; Scott – Johnston; Ken – Johnston; Joe – Roby; Patrick – Roby;
  • #tOSUOLINEMVP – Jason – Mewhort; Mali – Mewhort; Scott – Mewhort; Ken – Mewhort; Joe – Mewhort; Patrick – Mewhort;
  • #tOSUDLINEMVP – Jason – Bennett; Mali – Bosa; Scott – Bosa; Ken – Bosa; Joe – Bosa; Patrick – Bennett
  • #tOSUNEWCOMER – Jason – Bosa; Mali – Bosa; Scott – Bosa; Ken – Bosa; Joe – Bosa; Patrick – Bosa
  • #tOSUUNSUNG – Jason – Linsley; Mali – Linsley; Scott – Linsley; Ken – Makridis; Joe – Kenny G; Patrick – D. Grant
  • #tOSUFUTURE – Jason- Bosa; Mali – Elliot; Scott – Elliot; Ken – Wilson; Joe – Wilson; Patrick – Michael Thomas


Hyde is leaps and bounds tOSUOMVP

Hyde is leaps and bounds tOSUOMVP


  • Tom who works with Staffer Jason – Hyde
  • @OSUEvan – Hyde
  • @slicksickle – Hyde
  • @bleedinbuckeyes – Hyde
  • @joselipet – Hyde
  • @JayBuckeye74 – Hyde/Miller
  • @Jnugular – Hyde
  • @Goodwin00 – Hyde
  • @rkayjay02 – Hyde
  • @taspra – Hyde
  • @osumarchingmom – Miller/Hyde


Shazier finished a nice career as tOSUDMVP

Shazier finished a nice career as tOSUDMVP

  • Tom who works with Staffer Jason –  Shazier
  • @OSUEvan – Bennett
  • @slicksickle – Bryant
  • @bleedinbuckeyes – Shazier
  • @joselipet – Bennett
  • @JayBuckeye74 – Shazier
  • @Jnugular – Shazier
  • @Goodwin00 – Shazier
  • @rkayjay02 – Shazier
  • @taspra – Bosa
  • @osumarchingmom – Powell (whomever caught the ball in the ez to end the TTUN game)


Mewhort was a road grader, literally tOSUOLINEMVP

Mewhort was a road grader, literally tOSUOLINEMVP

  • Tom who works with Staffer Jason – Mewhort
  • @OSUEvan – Mewhort
  • @slicksickle – Mewhort
  • @bleedinbuckeyes – Mewhort
  • @joselipet – Mewhort
  • @JayBuckeye74 – Linsley
  • @Jnugular – Mewhort
  • @Goodwin00 – Norwell
  • @rkayjay02 – Mewhort
  • @taspra – Mewhort


  • Tom who works with Staffer Jason – Basil
  • @OSUEvan – Johnston
  • @slicksickle – Johnston
  • @bleedinbuckeyes – Basil
  • @joselipet – Basil
  • @JayBuckeye74 – Johnston
  • @Jnugular – Johnston
  • @Goodwin00 – Wilson
  • @rkayjay02 – Johnston
  • @taspra – Johnston
  • @osumarchingmom – Basil


Bosa sent a message early he was going to be a force tOSUDLINEMVP tOSUNEWCOMER

Bosa sent a message early he was going to be a force tOSUDLINEMVP tOSUNEWCOMER

  • Tom who works with Staffer Jason – Spence
  • @OSUEvan – Bosa
  • @slicksickle – Spence
  • @bleedinbuckeyes – Bosa
  • @joselipet – Bosa
  • @JayBuckeye74 – Bosa/Bennett
  • @Jnugular – Bosa
  • @Goodwin00 – Bosa
  • @rkayjay02 – Bosa
  • @taspra – Bosa


  • Tom who works with Staffer Jason – Wilson
  • @OSUEvan – Bosa
  • @slicksickle – Bosa
  • @bleedinbuckeyes - Bosa
  • @joselipet - Bosa
  • @JayBuckeye74 - Bosa
  • @Jnugular - Bosa
  • @rkayjay02 – Johnston
  • @osumarchingmom – Wilson


  • Tom who works with Staffer Jason –  Linsley
  • @OSUEvan – Bosa
  • @osumarchingmom – Kenny G


  • Tom who works with Staffer Jason – Elliot
  • @OSUEvan – Bosa
  • @slicksickle - Bosa
  • @bleedinbuckeyes – Bell/Elliot
  • @joselipet – Elliot
  • @JayBuckeye74 – Elliot/Marcus
  • @Jnugular – Wilson
  • @rkayjay02 – Bell
  • @taspra – Elliot
  • @osumarchingmom – Wilson

My Take

#tOSUOMVP – Carlos Hyde, should have and would have been first team AA if not for the three game suspension. He will be a very high draft pick if not the fist RB taken this year. Hands down the most important part of the offense which showed in the two season ending losses.

#tOSUDMVP – Christian Bryant, there’s a reason we continued to digress and become one of the worst pass defenses in the nation after losing CB. His leadership and on field abilities cost the secondary everything which included putting Roby on an island with no help over top.

#tOSUSTMVP – Cameron Johnston, there wasn’t a better punter in America this past season. Because he was a frosh and pretty much unknown across the country, he proved time and time again he was a special get late in the recruiting process.

#tOSUOLINEMVP – Corey Linsley,  maybe the second best lineman this season behind Mewhort, and everybody believes it accept me. Playing center, Corey has improved by leaps and bounds and was the ties that bound that line together putting them in the right calls the majority of the time. He will be missed next season.

#tOSUDLINEMVP – Joey Bosa. is a man on a mission who wants everyone to know who he is. I will tell you this, there is not a player that matched-up across from him that won’t say the same thing I am. He was an AA candidate this past season and will be the best DE in the country next season, with double teams.

#tOSUNEWCOMER – Dontre Wilson, provided a glimpse of how special he really will be. Yes, he had a pretty good season as a frosh, but he didn’t quite have the huge play that we all had hoped for. He was the threat the offense needed at times this past season.

#tOSUUNSUNG – Jeff Heuerman, one of the best all-around TE’s in the B1G and maybe the country. One of the best blockers on the team he proved time and again he is a threat to catch the ball and be a serious weapon. He is what all TE’s want to be in a Coach Meyer offense. Future is very bright for him.

#tOSUFUTURE - Ezekiel Elliot, definitely is the real deal. He came in and worked his way into the rotation and was a part of the offensive fire power in that running game. His next three seasons in scarlet and gray will be very special and a lot of fun to watch, he could be the difference maker next season between being a three loss team and going undefeated.

Thank you all for participating and we will see you next season!

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