tBBC/BBN Roundtable: Final Football Thoughts

Written January 31st, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

There have been some pretty good round-tables from us here at tBBC in the past and this series will continue to excite!

I will let you guess who is on the right or left, Jeffy has returned to the middle

I will let you guess who is on the right or left, Jeffy has returned to the middle

We invited our comrades from tBBN to step in and speak their piece each week on the topics at hand. Want to thank each of them up-front before we even get started because they are all busy people in their day-to-days and are most definitely some of the best bloggers around; MOTSAG with Tony and Jeremiah; and Buckeye Empire with Chris and Ryan; as well as the usual suspects from these here parts pardner!

We thought we would tie up some lose thoughts, errr . . , ends on the football season.

What is your favorite memory of this past football season?

Empire Chris - Beating TTUN for the second time in a row, this time in their own house. Even though the game didn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of conference standings, it is still very satisfying to beat the Wolverines on their own turf.

Empire Ryan - Watching the growth of the defensive line, specifically Spence and Bosa.  Those two are on pace to be all-time great guys, and seeing their effort is one of the few positives about this year’s defense.

favorite moment for

Precious Memories

MOTSAG Jeremiah - Beating TTUN….

Patrick - Carlos Hyde’s run against Iowa. He was a beast and carried this team when it needed it most all season (when he was at least given the ball to do so) and that run was just some kind of athleticism to marvel at.

Charles - The awesome showing by OSU fans at Cal and the large number of Cal fans admitting that OSU kicked their butts in terms of the team, the fans, and the band.

Mali - Watching Buckeye Nation embrace Kenny Guiton… even to the point of having some “controversy” when Braxton struggled.

Ken - The emergence of Carlos Hyde as a legitimate, multi-talented football player and as a team leader.

Scott - Beating Michigan. Nothing is as satisfying. (Well, maybe an orgasm. LOL.)

WVaBuckeye - Mine is a tie actually, Kenny G setting  first half passing TD mark and El Guapo almost breaking Eddies single game mark, against none other than Illinois. 

What is the one thing you’d really like to forget from this past football season?

Empire Chris - I would really like to forget the complete breakdown on the defensive side of the ball from the TTUN game all the way through the Orange Bowl. The unit as a whole looked to be completely lost as to what to do in any given situation.

Empire Ryan - Pass defense, that is all.

MOTSAG Jeremiah - The fans sending hate tweets and emails to the players and coaches….

totally forgettable . . , or not?

Totally Forgettable… or not?

Patrick - The defense in general and the pure ineptitude of the play calling in the 4th qtrs of the B1G Championship game and Orange Bowl. I will never for the life of me figure out out how both were so equally horrendous.

Charles - This is a close one between the ‘defense’ and Meyer and Herman outthinking themselves in terms of play calling late in the Big Ten Title Game and the Orange Bowl.

Mali - I’d like to forget Tom Herman’s amnesia regarding his 235 pound running back late in games toward the end of the season. Oh, and the “Scarlet Sieve” that the defense turned into as the season wore on as well.

Ken - The B1G Championship game. Ohio State was completely out-coached and out-played in that game. Very disappointing.

Scott - The fourth quarter of the B1G title game. Game was ours to win.

WVaBuckeye - it will be pretty difficult to pull off, but I would like to forget that we couldn’t close in back to back losses. Was odd to see the resilient strength of that team not show itself like it had so many times during the streak.

What are you looking forward to the most with regards to the football team beginning this spring?

Empire Chris - I am looking forward to the culmination of Braxton Miller’s career, a year in which he may go down as the most prolific Quarterback in OSU history.

Gonna need some of this in the spring to push through

Gonna need some of this in the spring to push through

Empire Ryan - Seeing how the coaching changes will affect the young talent we have on that defensive side of the ball.  Bringing in Ash in as co-dc isn’t a huge name, exciting hire, but he is specifically a secondary coach.  This is an area that needs to be hugely addressed on the team, right down to the basics.

MOTSAG Jeremiah - How improved will the LBers be and will the defense go back to a base 4-3 defense

Patrick - The offensive line and running backs. Huge holes to fill and can’t wait to see what some of these guys can do now that they’ve been given a chance.  The reason for not saying “the defense” here is, how can they be worse!?  I mean really!

Charles - The chance to see how the change at defensive coordinator impacts the defense.

Mali - I’m excited to see Eli Apple and Jalin Marshall… I think they are the future in terms of explosive players at their positions. Plus, they’re lifelong Buckeyes… always a great thing to watch develop.

Ken - Who gets the most playing time in the Spring Game, particularly at offensive line. Decker (obviously) and Elflein got some good snaps last year. I want to see who joins them on the o-line.

Scott - I don’t put a lot of stock in spring because things are limited and the entire package of recruits aren’t going to be there. I think the most important thing would be how Urban and Company stress that the way the defense played last season was unacceptable and the status quo will not be accepted.

WVaBuckeye - you do not win championships for great springs or one in the weight room, but this spring can go a loooooong way to repair some defensive ills and to get some young linemen caught up with the skill returning. Might just be one of the more exciting springs they’ve had in a while. All eyes will definitely be on Braxton’s back-up situation with JT Barrett healthy.


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    January 31st, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    Good stuff, WVa. Nice to have the larger Roundtable with our BBN friends/cohorts.

    Everyone is welcome, except for Chief Wahoo. ;)


    WVaBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    February 3rd, 2014 at 7:21 am

    thank you Ken, hope it continues to produce!


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