Getting Parental with Silver Bullet Points

Written February 12th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

For the second straight week we go all “in loco parentis” for SBP… here’s the soundtrack to match, from back in the day.  Or as I call it, “The Day”.

“No, the cat is a bit to the left…”

Buckeye 411

  • He’s Got That Going For Him- While Aaron would certainly trade both of these accolades for a win last night, it’s significant to note that #4 was awarded the B1G Player of the Week for last week’s efforts, as well as being named to the National Association of Basketball Coaches “Good Works” team for 2014.  Adjust your swoonage accordingly.
  • Get Your Tickets- Yup, what used to be free will now cost you- the Ohio State Spring Game (and LAX showdown with Michigan) will be a $20 at the door cost for fans this year. Scheduled for Saturday, April 12, the tickets can be purchased prior to the event for $12… a far cry from the “bring a can of food” admissions cost of the past.
  • More Awards- Former Buckeye (and we certainly could have used him against TTUN) Jared Sullinger was also awarded “Player of the Week” by the NBA on Tuesday for his play with the Celtics.
  • And Even More- Last week in this space we told you that Ohio State’s Zach Smith was named the B1G Recruiter of the Year by Scout- today he added the same award from the folks at Rivals. Pretty solid work… wonder who his grandpa is?
  • This Week In Parenting, Part One- Sounds as if Malik McDowell is still in the “deliberation” process with his family, and will be making unofficial visits to Ohio State and Florida State with his parents in order to make a decision- the family has targeted April 1 as their “selection date”.  Also, it sounds as if the most important aspect of this story is being resolved; the relationship between parents and their son.
  • SNAPPER!!! Ohio State offered a longsnapper today… one of the 5 star variety! W00t!!
  • Wrasslin’- The National Duals are in Columbus this year, and Ohio State has drawn Hofstra to kick things off
  • This Week In Parenting, Part Two- This is a great video about the legacy of one of our favorite player’s parents and a surrogate “father” for a lot of past and future Buckeyes:

Commentary- Family First

Whenever we have a high school student verbally commit to Ohio State, we always close our “… is a Buckeye!” article with the following words: “Welcome to the Buckeye family”.

Because, as Carmen Ohio says, the friendship through Ohio State is firm and will transcend the passage of time and seasons. It creates a challenge, to be sure, but all who wear the scarlet and gray are members of a proud fraternity- a brotherhood and sisterhood of shared experience and opportunity.

Old School

What’s been fun to watch as we’ve covered Ohio State sports, though, is how extensive that family is. Following the dads and moms of players, staff, and others connected with the Buckeye program on twitter, you get a real sense of camaraderie that’s bigger than just “our kids play football together”. Family is important.

That’s why, as disappointing as it is for Ohio State football fans, Mike Mitchell’s possible transfer from the program is something that should be supported as best as we can do. According to last week’s news, Mitchell’s concern for his dad’s condition is at least a part of his desire to be closer to home… and even if there are other factors, the significance of a father’s health is paramount.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition to last week’s commentary, where we talked about both the significance of Malik McDowell’s relationships with his parents and also the developmental movement that happens as a young adult transitions into taking ownership of their lives.  Leaving home is something that is a part of the college experience, and students should graduate both with a degree and with a sense of self actualized adulthood.

In healthy cases, the family unit will still be a source of support; the roles may shift back and forth, but the support and encouragement and love that siblings and parents are formative and foundational. As heroic as life on the field is portrayed, raising children and caring for parents is undeniably more significant.

The Mitchell family will always be a part of the Buckeye program, even if none of the children ever play a down or a half for Urban or Thad. Here’s hoping that Mr. Mitchell will have a full recovery and be able to celebrate every score, tackle, and eventual graduation of his sons.

Around The NCAA

And Finally

Now this is the kind of research that I can get behind… Troy Smith might agree as well.


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    February 12th, 2014 at 9:09 am

    This article is a good palate-cleanser after last night.

    $20 to watch the Spring Game, eh? Well, we have to pay for Gen Smith’s new contract somehow.

    Glad to see Malik McDowell still deliberating and hopefully gets things squared away with his parents. That’s the long game for Malik.

    Good move by the Mitchell boys to return/stay home with parents. Hoping that Dad gets back on his feet soon.

    Finally, I need to bookmark the ending video for summer reference. The use of the ‘pinkie bun-lock” is a classic move for securing your burger..


  2. RyanNo Gravatar
    February 12th, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    Great to see Sullinger really start to come into his own in the NBA.


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