Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Valentine’s Day Mojo

Written February 14th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

It’s been awhile since we last visited RSB, so I will keep them short and sweet today. The amazing thing since football season is that I really have to search for things to write about when it comes to the Bumblin part, this week it was handed to me like a lob in slow-pitch softball. Let’s get trucking with the good!




The men’s and women’s basketball teams have been heading in opposite directions the past couple of weeks. Coach McGuff’s team has hit their hard part of the schedule and Thad Matta’s bunch has picked it up during a rough span save for the loss at home to TTUN.

Coach Kevin McGuff has actually done a great coaching job with this years unit who were not expected to compete in the B1G let alone upset some of the better teams with what was left in the cupboard by Coach Foster. Truth be known he has a first class staff that has been working it’s tail off, and the players tails, since day one. His organizational skills and the ability to get a lot out of those players has been rather remarkable. There is plenty of help on the horizon as he quite possibly has the number one class in the country for next year. Late in the season Coach McGuff and staff get a A- from me personally.

I want to go on record as saying that something I put into a basketball roundtable here a few weeks ago was way off base.



Thad Matta. I have been amazed at the coaching jobs he has done in the past with respect to letting his teams work themselves out of a slump or trouble. I have believed for a long time he could make any team better and is struggling to do so with this group. I don’t see a lot of improvement in them but we will see how they are when it really counts in March.

Funny what a little winning streak can do for a persons beliefs. What I have come to realize is that Thad probably is doing his best coaching job ever. I mean let’s face it, he’s working with far less than maybe he ever has since coming to Columbus. He will win a minimum of 20 games again to start his career. Yeah, think about that for just a second. He will have won atleast 20 games every season he has been a head coach. Really a remarkable statistic considering most people would struggle to 500 with a couple of those teams including the current one.


Am Bam lighting things up, but stumblin a bit here of late

Am Bam lighting things up, but stumblin a bit here of late

We knew that at some point during the women’s season they would run out of gas and run into a wall which is a pretty good conference in the big picture. Coach McGuff and staff have been very fortunate to stay healthy, and have gotten production out of several players. He is developing for the future of coourse, knowing what is coming next season he has to make sure this group can compete at the level the newbies will. He has definitely found a star in Ameryst Alston and she has just about all but secured a place in the future line-ups. She has stumbled of late against good competition but it will get better for sure.

I still say that this team, stumbling or not, will be a dangerous one come the post season. If they make enough noise in the B1G tournament, and I do give a bit of an edge to a McGuff coached team, they quite possibly could make the NCAA’s. If not then it will be the NIT’s for sure and are one of a handful of teams that could make some noise. I should also mention that interest in the women’s program is at an almost all-time high, they lead the B1G in home game attendance and the @OSU_WBB_FANS have traveled remarkably well too.


I never, and I mean never really go out of my way on twitter, or anywhere else to call out a national media person. I have done it to Dan Dakich and he blocked me, which was kinda funny at the time, buttotally true too. I didn’t say anything on twitter because I didn’t want to create a stir, but does anyone who played at Ohio State not understand the rivalry, like Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t?


I honestly cannot believe that he ever put so little into the game itself that he said the M word. It’s been around since Woody(Happy Birthday BTW) and almost all of Buckeye Nation gets it. Why would Kirk go out of his way to make a big deal out of Ohio and TTUN during the basketball game? I will tell you why, most of Buckeye Nation and those fans from the state up north are ignoring him now. It’s crazy how hard he tries to be a part of the WWL even when he’s obviously not working.

Get a grip and a clue Kirk, fans will do what they want with respect to the rivaly because it’s the two head football coaches making it happen, the rest of us are just laughing at your butt hurt,. No matter your reason for being the way you are.

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    February 15th, 2014 at 9:26 am

    Good stuff, WVa, thanks. Well, let’s see what we have this morning..

    Rumblin/Stumblin: I absolutely agree with you regarding McGuff. His team is trying to adjust to a different style of lay, they are significantly short-handed, yet they compete whistle-to-whistle. Aside from passing the “eye test” of watching them scrap and fight, the proof is also in the attendance; as fans, we like our wins, but we appreciate the effort.

    Regarding Matta, no, you were right with your Roundtable comments. This is Thad’s team, these are ‘his’ boys. By starting 2 seniors/3 juniors, “youth” cannot be used as an excuse. This is a mediocre team. I wouldn’t get hung up on the 20-win seasons, either; this is a function of scheduling ‘softies’ pre-conference.

    Bumblin: I think that Herbie acts that way, because he feels the need to. ESPN is paying his bills, so Herbie is following the script.


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