Silver Bullet Points Celebrates Excellence

Written February 19th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

This week we lost a musical legend and great Ohioan… so, this morning’s soundtrack should help you get through the middle of your workweek.

Silver Is Pretty Freaking Awesome

Buckeye 411

  • Net Success- Congrats to the Tennis-Bucks, who won this year’s NCAA Indoor Championship earlier this week. In doing so, Ohio State defeated top ranked Virginia (who hadn’t lost in 30+ matches) and perennial power Southern Cal. When you’re led by the B1G Athlete Of The Week, good things happen.
  • Decorated And Bona-fied- Tonight as the Buckeye hoopsters face off against Nerdwestern, Braxton Miller will be awarded his second straight silver football as the B1G’s top player. This brings Braxton up to 7 conference year end awards, most for any player according to OSU’s SID.
  • Mat Excellence- After falling to Minnesota in the National Duals, Ohio State rebounded with a solid beating of Oklahoma to pick up third in the tourney… although, I’d love to have seen them square off against second ranked Cornell.
  • Even More Awarding- The Aaron Craft Tour De Elegance continues, with Swoony C being a finalist for the Bob Cousy Award.
  • Proud Moment- Ignore the misspelling on this thing… I’d be totally down with an annual “Marcus Hall” award as an addition to the Gold Pants, for the MVP of The Game.  Thoughts??
  • Next- And this weekend in Indianapolis, six Buckeyes look to continue that legacy:

  • This Week In Sammy Silverman- Welcome to the n00bs… especially those from the greatest state in the nation.
  • Looking for a new gig? Tired of working in that coal mine? Well, the good fellers at Eleven Warriors found to opportunities for excellence within the Ohio State family- a student position that I’m sure is incredibly popular with the ladies and a chance for you to be Mark Pantoni’s right hand man. Since Mark is Urban’s right hand man, that’d make you…. carry the two….  Really important.
  • Beating A Dead Horse- The “meme we’re tired of” this week; arguing about Mt. Rushmore status for various persons/things/ice cream flavors.  Look, here’s my thoughts… 1. There’s only one Rushmore and B. in terms of “University Athletic Legends”, you’d be hard pressed to beat Archie Griffin, Nicklaus, Jesse Owens, and Jerry Lucas. Seriously… what other program can come close to those four? Southern Cal? Texas?
  • Leader And Legend- Great interview with new Ohio State President Dr. Drake and Archie… Columbus is in good hands, folks:

 Around The NCAA

  • Happy Labor Day! So, Northwestern’s Kain Colter went before the National Labor Relations Board today to argue that college football players (and, we’re assuming, other college athletes) be allowed to unionize. A couple of quick comments/observations- Colter compared the prep work that CFB players do to Navy Seals… never a good idea.  Colter also said that NU required his family to pay for an MRI on his ankle, which, if true is pretty shady.  Finally, Northwestern said that Colter’s good grades prove that it’s not a “work” situation but a vital part of the academic experience. Riiiiiiight….
  • Perfection… This ain’t the work of site favorite LSUFreek, but his Texas A&M counterpart CuppyCup.  At any rate… it’s just so beautiful:


And Finally

Look, I still don’t think that the “Winter Games” are Olympics, for reasons that I’d be glad to argue with you about in the comments.  That being said, I’d probably watch this:


  1. Floyd StahlNo Gravatar
    February 20th, 2014 at 5:16 am

    Speed skating is big in Wisconsin (see Dan Jensen), too, but I don’t know about Arkansas.

    As for Rushmore, Max Fisher must have done something right, as tOSU college of business is named after him.


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    February 20th, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    Totally agree about Fisher… OSU could probably do two “Rushmores” or so with all of the legacy that they have.


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