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Written February 7th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

You’re either reading this from home on a “ice day”, or from work after having dug yourself out of yet another mid-week snow storm.  Stupid freaking groundhog…  At any rate, here’s today’s soundtrack… for reasons that will hopefully soon be evident.

In addition to Gold Pants…

Buckeye 411

  • Thank You, CB2- Sad news this week for Buckeye Senior and site favorite Christian Bryant, who had his appeal for a medical redshirt denied by the NCAA. Bryant, who missed parts of one whole season due to injury during his tenure in Columbus, had already had his case denied by the B1G Office… this means that his playing career in the Scarlet and Gray is officially over.  Godspeed, Christian… Glad you were a Buckeye, Bro.
  • Going Pro In Pro Football- In spite of what the NCAA will tell you, a good portion of D1 Athletes who choose football are looking at careers in that field. Today, we found out which Buckeyes were invited to explore the next step, as Carlos Hyde, Ryan Shazier, Bradley Roby, Jack Mewhort, Philly Brown, and Corey Linsley will be part of the 350+ member NFL combine in Indianapolis later this month. Hyde, Roby, and Shazier are expected to be the highest rated of those six, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Linsley and Mewhort with lengthy professional careers.  Best of luck, gentlemen!
  • This Week In “Journalism”- Not going to point fingers, but rumors of an unfortunate incident between Coach Meyer and former Coach Vrabel swirled across the internet after being published on another Ohio State website.  These were shot down from a pretty solid source; but it makes you wonder why some sites continue to get press access while the rest of us merely toil from our basement.
  • Some Things, You Just Can’t Run From- Amazing article today about Eddie George’s struggle with depression following his football career, and what he’s done to address it.  If it encourages people to get help, then that’s one more amazing score that number 27 can be credited with.
  • Another Former Buckeye Struggles With Past Issues- Linebacker Jamal Muhammed (who left OSU to play at Bethune Cookman) is a part of a class action suit against the NCAA regarding head injuries/concussions.
  • Taking Her Talents Closer To South Beach- Our BFF Janelle had some amazing news this week… hope she doesn’t forget us little people when she’s getting her mojito on in Florida.
  • Archie Griffin Is Awesome. In case you forgot… I’ve personally declared tomorrow Archie Griffin day.
  • RE:Crootin’- When you want the best, you send the best… and Ohio State’s top 3 national class was shaped by amazing coaches, including’s top recruiter in the conference, Zach Smith. Smith, who was instrumental in Jalyn Holmes, Noah Brown, Johnnie Dixon, and Terry McLaurin’s joining the Buckeyes talked this week about his relationships with high school coaches in Florida.  The other top guns in the conference are indicative of the power programs, with Michigan’s Greg Mattison and Penn State’s James Franklin also being acknowledged by Scout. You read that correctly- most of the conference was out recruited by a guy who spent three weeks bringing in players that were previously going to Vanderbilt.  Proud.
  • Also? Flags Planted- Visualized by Sammy Silverman:

Commentary- Paging Dr. Phil

As a child growing up in a Judeo-Christian home, I was often reminded (seriously… often) of the words from the sixth chapter of Ephesians- “Children, obey your parents…” “Honor your father and mother”.

Before I was 12, though, I had read the rest of the text and was ready with the rejoinder- “Oh yeah? Well ‘Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger’!” That’s right about when things got Biblical at our house, if you know what I mean.

I’ve been thinking about these two pieces of wisdom over the past few days as I’ve watched the recruiting process of Michigan defensive lineman Malik McDowell.

For those of you not paying attention, McDowell verballed to Michigan State on Wednesday in spite of the fact that his mother had gone scorched earth on the Spartan program and MSU fans over the previous days, making comments online and via a radio interview with a Michigan area sports talk station.  Malik’s dad, who does not live with the family, would have preferred that he go to Ann Arbor, but he has been public about supporting his son in any decision.

Buckeye fans were hoping that last weekend’s trip to Columbus would convince Malik and his parents to choose OSU; there was also speculation that he might have ended up in Tallahassee after a successful visit there earlier.  Both options would suffice for mom, it appears, but young Mr. McDowell seems to have decided to be his own man.

And here we are, at day three of the Malik Morass… still no signatures on the National Letter of Intent, although it really won’t matter.  Malik turns 18 in June, and while he’d need to be 21 to be able to not need guardian involvement on his signing day, at 18 he can enroll at MSU and proceed with his academic and athletic career.  I’m confident that Dantonio will hold a spot for him… he’s pretty good.

So what should the outcome be? Who’s in the right here, if anyone?  I can absolutely see both sides of this situation- If mom has significant concerns (the rumor is that Malik’s official to East Lansing was pretty “interesting”), then she has every reason to act in the best interest of the child that she has raised for 17 years. And, to be fair, we’ve seen worse.

On the other hand… I work daily with young adults who struggle to take ownership of their lives due to overinvolved parents. There are tons of articles out there about this phenomenon- adolescence has been “extended” to age 30 by many clinicians due to the fact that what used to be maturity and “adulthood” has been bypassed for many reasons, including parental enabling and involvement.

So, kudos to both sides on this for sticking with their values- but at what cost? Granted, the days of “Hi mom!” are long gone from NFL interviews, but the fact of the matter is that at some point reconciliation will be necessary. Football may lead to a great education (at MSU?) and fantastic career, but family is forever. Or at least it should be.

Here’s hoping for a good ending for this story… for everyone involved.

Across the NCAA

  • This Week In The ‘Freek- LSU had a pretty good recruiting class.


  • Counting? Optional- Well, those amazing SEC scholarship limits worked their magic yet again; Alabama signed at least ten more players than they had openings for, and Tennessee’s class was practically Houston Nutt-esque with it’s size. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, given the proclivity of schools in that conference to just flat out make numbers up as they feel like it.
  • September Heisman, June Recruiting Trophy- Remember all the worry about Michigan’s recruiting back last summer after Big Ol’ Brady’s BBQ Bonanza? Yeah…. about that….
  • You Know, I Would Have Guessed Fickell- if you told me that a B1G challenged a recruit to a wrestling match.  Nope.
  • QB Bingo- My money’s on Louisville.
  • Recruiting Stories- from deep in the heart of Texas... interesting that Tom Herman’s name didn’t pop up, since he’s been instrumental in snagging two consecutive great recruits from the Longhorn state.

And Finally

Wonder how many of these actors found themselves coated in the “urine of terror” from their victims?


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    February 7th, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Good stuff, Mali. Yes, let’s hope the situation works out well for young Mr. McDowell.

    Interesting that faced with The Sanctions, PSU’s Franklin was able to “out-recruit” Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska. It speaks very well for him.


  2. JanelleNo Gravatar
    February 7th, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Of course I won’t forget any of you :-) thanks for the recognition!


  3. KenNo Gravatar
    February 7th, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    I saw your pic on Twitter and recognized you immediately. Best of luck to you.


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