tBBC/BBN Roundtable: Signing Day Thoughts

Written February 7th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

The Buckeyes had a pretty big day this past Wednesday on National Signing Day and we wanted to get everyone’s thoughts about the class. Jeremiah joins us from MOTSAG this week with his two-cents, as well as the gang from 95.5 The GAME, Matt Finkes, Arch Madness, and Adam Sabie.

Which recruit the Buckeyes got signed was the biggest surprise to you and why? 

Concensus great get on NSD

Concensus great get on NSD

  • Jeremiah MOTSAG – For me it is Malik Hooker- no one knew who he was or had even predicted him to OSU when he committed. He was an under the radar player that Coach Meyer swooped in and stole.
  • Archie - Slade because it’s so crazy the fact that he never had an official visit. That’s unheard of.
  • Matt Finkes - Slade because he signed at last minute
  • Adam Sabie - I would have to say that Slade is the biggest surprise.  I mean, the guy didn’t even visit Columbus and spurned MSU! Love that!
  • Ken – Probably Darius Slade. He’d seemed to have had trouble figuring where he wanted to land, but I think that McDowell’s signing(?) with MSU channeled him to OSU. It was a mild surprise to me, but once McDowell went North, it all made sense.
  • Patrick – Darius Slade. Much like last year, and Vonn Bell, there wasn’t much talk of Slade coming here. Good get.  
  • Scott – Darius Slade. Seemed to waffle quite a bit.  
  • Mali- Slade is the obvious choice here (and I’m certain to call him “Jim” at some point), but I’ll go with Jamarco Jones. Sure he was committed to the Buckeyes for a long while, but historically we don’t have good things happen when recruits take last minute visits to other schools.
  • WVaBuckeye -  This should be a tie between Slade/Jones but for me its an easy choice to go with Jamarco Jones. A solid commit for a good while I really am not sure what kept him in Columbus. All real talk had him going to East Lansing, and as you heard what Coach Meyer said, JJ was a must have for this class.

Which recruit do you have a feeling will come in and have an immediate impact?

Raekwon is in the house already and maiking an impact now

Raekwon is in the house already and making an impact now

  • Jeremiah MOTSAG – Damon Webb- OSU needs CBs and he has the tools and body to come in right away and vie for playing time.
  • Archie - Malik Hooker because he might be the overall athlete this class has. You have to figure that he will find his way onto the field.
  • Matt Finkes - McMillian because the combo of need in that area and physical ability
  • Adam Sabie -  It has to be Raekwon McMillian.  With the departure of Ryan Shazier, he has some big shoes to fill.  I believe he will do more than just fill them.
  • Ken – I think that Raekwon McMillan will be The One. He’s as talented as hell at at position where OSU needs playmakers, and he’s an early enrollee, so he’s begun his “rope-learning”.
  • The other player that intrigues me is Sam Hubbard. At 6’6″, 223, I think he allows all kinds of possibilities in the Back Seven. Linebacker? Star? Safety? Stay tuned, I think this will be interesting.   
  • Patrick – Three way tie between McMillan, Booker, and Webb. We all know the defense must improve.  All three come in and have the opportunity to play right away. I expect 2 of 3, if not all 3 to be starting in Maryland when they battle Navy in week 1.  
  • Scott – Raekwon McMillan will be a stud from the opening kickoff.  
  • Mali- I’m hearing great things about Curtis Samuel, and think that any of the linebackers can come in and make a difference. I’ll also be keeping my eyes on Damon Webb… either on Special Teams or in a secondary that’s in for a total overhaul.
  •  WVaBuckeye - The Buckeyes have never had trouble playing power B1G football, its the need for speed that has caused issues in the past since the champs of 2002. Coach Meyer and staff is bringing it in in bunches and the one for me in this class that oozes it is Curtis Samuel. Want high expectations for a recruit? Move your fastest player to WR(Wilson, who is now under Zach Smith) because we have this stud coming in that’s faster to play RB in the spot he was in last season.

How would you rate this class as a whole with regards to overall talent and filling team needs?

Most have the Buckeyes coming in at number three in the nation

Most have the Buckeyes coming in at number three in the nation

  • Jeremiah MOTSAG – Anyone who doesn’t give this class an A rating is just hating. They needed LBs and OLmen and they got a ton of both and talented ones at that. They also get a lot of athletes who will be able to play multiple positions and help with depth every where.
  • Archie – Overall talent I give it a A- B+ but fulfilling needs, it appears as if we are doing that. Every Buckeye fan had defensive concerns and there are a lot of guys on that side of the ball with this class. Fingers crossed
  • Matt Finkes - No idea because I don’t rate high school kids, need to see how they are in fall
  • Adam Sabie -  I think there was a strong focus on defense.  I would rate this class as the best Urban has gotten in his small tenure at tOSU.  Meyer definitely went out and tried to attain recruits to sure up the Buckeyes D.  With McMillian and Slade coming in, the Buckeyes D has great potential.
  • Ken – I don’t think I’m able to comment on the talent of this class. However, in terms of filling team needs, I think it’s top-notch. There seem to be high quality offensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs, which OSU needs. There seem to be a few “athletes” that Urban can “plug-n-play” where he sees fit. I also like the fact that we picked up a quarterback to get indoctrinated into the system.
  • Patrick – Great. Got some good LB’s and OL to address the lack of depth and talent at those two positions. Managed to grab a good qb talent in Collier.  Would’ve liked to see one of the top tight ends in this class.  
  • Scott – Paid attention to defense and linebacker. That’s where OSU struggled. 
  • Mali- I would have liked to have seen another Tight End and Defensive Interior lineman, but I think it was a big win for the Buckeyes.  They needed speed, help at linebacker and db, and were able to bring in folks who met all of those areas. They also locked down the top players in Ohio… always an important part of the university’s relationship with the state.
  • WVaBuckeye - Repeat after me, “The top six players in the state of Ohio and seventeen of the top 300 from around the country. I honestly do not understand how some of the recruiting services do their rankings, but they have to start considering who is doing the recruiting to assist with these rankings. Coach Meyer isn’t a desperate man, he has brought in what and who he wants and I personally think it’s the best class in the country and fit all their needs for now.

Go with your gut feeling here and tell us why you think this class will win a National Title under Coach Meyer, or why they won’t.

Whatever Coach Meyer wins it won't be the crystal football

Whatever Coach Meyer wins it won’t be the crystal football. The BCS is dead, the wicked witch.

  • Jeremiah MOTSAG – I think OSU is very close to winning a title no idea how the new playoff structure will effect the team but I do feel this class will at least play for 2 of them and win 1 for sure. 
  • Archie - I think this team will win one because the way it sets up with other classes and other teams in the Big 10. They should have plenty of chances. You are always going to have a chance when you are that far ahead in the Big 10 recruiting game.
  • Matt Finkes - Too hard to predict because you have no idea how these kids will pan out.
  • Adam Sabie -  Simple.  ITS URBANS RECRUITS! With this being his third year, you have to think that this recruiting class with the addition of NEXT years recruiting class will make all the difference.
  • Patrick – I do. I think there are a core groups in this class that can anchor the defense for the next 3-5 years and you couple that w Bosa, Spence, and Bell and it has the makings of a national title caliber defense.  
  • Scott – I’m sure they will. Just don’t know when and how many.  
  • Mali- It’s hard to say- with the new playoff process, the Buckeyes will need to survive the loaded B1G East, the B1G Championship Game, and two games against top notched competition.  To do that, you need both the players AND depth… which is why the SEC’s proclivity towards oversigning is such an advantage for them. This recruiting class helps add both potential talent and depth in areas of need, so there’s no reason why Coach Meyer can’t add yet another trophy to the WHAC showcase.
  • WVaBuckeye - I said from the get go that if Coach Meyer didn’t “steal” a title in year two that he would have to wait. I would like to believe that he has a shot this upcoming year with the best player in the nation in Braxton Miller, he will offset the young line a little bit, but the defense will not quite be where it needs to be to knock off the likes of FSU or  Alabama. This class is the class to win his first title. Couple it with last years class and a couple years of experience and they should be champions in 2015 or 2016.

Thank you for your time everybody, look forward to our next round-table in a couple weeks!


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