Weekend Wonderings

Written February 9th, 2014 by Ken

thinking chimpWelcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings. The men’s basketball team seems to be finding its way, the women’s team is still in the wilderness and the football team had a very successful Letter of Intent Signing Day. Grab whatever beverage that you prefer, or need, and let’s proceed.

The James/Wexner

  • A new study identifies the molecular pathway that enables cancer cells to grow in areas of a tumor where oxygen levels are low, a condition called hypoxia.

    The findings by researchers at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James), might offer a new strategy for inhibiting tumor growth by developing agents that reverse this hypoxia-related pathway.

    The study focuses on how cancer cells use the amino acid glutamine, the most common amino acid found free in the bloodstream. Under normal oxygen levels, healthy cells use glutamine largely to produce energy, with a small amount diverted to make fatty acids and lipids.

  •  World Health Organization declares air pollution a carcinogenWell no surprise for me with this one. A pollutant is a pollutant. All the more reason to ‘go green’.


So, we had a big day on Wednesday, eh? Twenty-three new members of the Buckeye Family. Honestly, I didn’t follow the entire process too closely, but did pay attention at the end. Your milage and sorting may vary, but here’s how I interpreted the signees “positions”.

  • Offensive line (6): I thought these were key signings to maintain the “lifeblood” of the offense. We lose four starters, so this seems to be a good number of freshmen. Two freshmen are already on campus (Jones/Trout) which will help with their development. I doubt any of them will start, but I can see some frosh getting playing time while others will benefit from red-shirting.  Nothing controversial here..
  • Linebacker (5): A good year of replenishing the well at this position. The quantity won’t make up for the quality of the loss (Shazier), but I think there are some really good players in this group that will see the field on special teams, and possibly in position play. I’m excited about this group; as with any freshman class, a lot of potential.
  • Defensive Ends (3): The defensive linemen are defensive “end-ish” to me; light and athletic. At 6’5″ 270, Thompson may eventually bulk up to DT proportions. I’m not too worried about our interior defensive line, there seem to be some very capable players just finishing their freshmen and sophomore seasons, so we’re good at defensive line.
  • Defensive Backs (3): This was a good day. The new Buckeyes (Smith/Hooker/Webb) bring some impressive athleticism to the team where impressive athleticism is needed. I expect to see all three get substantial playing time on special teams or possibly on-field. I’m as interested to see this group develop as I am the incoming linebackers.
  • Athletes (2): I’m interested to see where Urban”plugs” these lads into the various positions. I’d guess they get a long look in the secondary as the 1st option.
  • Wide Receivers (2): Speed to burn, and burning speed. Just get ‘em the damn ball and let them make plays.
  • Quarterback (1): Steven Collier is now in line. I agree with Mali that a redshirt is likely to give Steven time to learn the offense.
  • Kicker (1): Young Mr. Nuernberger will get an opportunity with Drew Basil moving on..

A good class, good kids, a good day. Well done Urban & Staff, congratulations to the newest Buckeyes. I’m glad that you’re with us.

Sunday’s Song

On Wednesday, we were waiting on signed letters of intent. Most of the time, however, we’re Just Waiting on a Friend

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