We gave you a preview earlier, but now that the brackets are out it’s time to start making your picks.


From twitter: Best option available

You can flip coins, you can choose based on what mascot would win in a fight, you could even make your picks based on team graduation rates… but don’t sign up and then forget to fill out your choices. That’s how that lady in accounting wins every year, and it’s time to stop her reign of terror. Heck, if you fill it out today, you may just have a little extra luck.

Our prize package just got a little sweeter- not only do you get swag from Fresh Brewed Tees and another day of laundry delay from The Buckeye Room, but our friend Mekka Don will also be sending an autographed copy of his debut album “The Dream Goes On” to our winner as well.

While you’ve got a chance to win it, you can also go ahead and pick it up on Amazon or iTunes- I’ve been using it as my workout soundtrack for a week or so… it’s stellar.

Oh, and lest I forget, the winner also has the opportunity to share their voice with the world in the way of a “guest post” here at tBBC… A new audience for all of those crazy theories and amazing insights that are rattling around your brainpan.

To sign up, hit up this link and use the ID/password below:

Pool ID#: 43246
Password: acmanofsteal

Good luck, and Go Bucks!

UPDATE: Man, I hate that I’m not eligible to win the prizes in this thing- the folks at the Buckeye Room have given us a “prize pack” for the champion: hat, tee, sweatshirt, socks, and a autographed 8×10 of Hopalong Cassady. Now you have no reason to not sign up!