tBBC MBB Roundtable Recap: Regular Season Wrap-Up

Written March 25th, 2014 by Ken

thadThe Ohio State basketball season ended to Dayton in Buffalo in mid-March. The Buckeyes ended the season with an overall record of 25-10 and a conference record of 10-8, placing them 5th in the B1G. Similar to WVa’s article on the women’s season, I’ve asked several writers at tBBC their impressions on various aspects of the season. Below are our thoughts.

1. What is your impression of the 2013-2014 season?

Scott: Disappointing. They didn’t seem to have a killer’s mentality and struggled with pansies.

WVa: Missed opportunities. So many close games and so many missed free throws cost this team. When they got into slumps they struggled to get out if them. When they were good, they were one of the better teams in the country. Not how season finished though.

Eric: Insert raspberry here.  ->  http://www.thesneeze.com/art/razz/bill2.gif

(It’s amazing that a 25-10 season elicits this response. But with the talent and experience we had, this is appropriate). [Eric gets bonus points for the Bill the Cat reference. Well done]

Ken: Frustrating. For a team that had 5 upperclassmen on the court, there were too many moments of poor decision making. Marginal-to-poor 3-point shooting and free throw shooting along with a seeming lack of interest to offensive rebound all season long was disappointing to me.

Mali: Meh.  I wasn’t allowed to watch much of it, but I felt bad for Aaron that this was the way his final season would go.  There seemed to be no “guts” to the squad- no killer instinct, just a commitment to playing down or up to the level of whoever they were facing, but no ability/desire to put the other teams away.

2. What did you see as the high point of the season?

Scott: Win over Michigan Stateosu_msu

WVa: The run to start the season against a fairly weak schedule and then beating MSU to end the regular season was special

Eric: Beating Wisconsin in Madison.  Closely followed by the win over Michigan State at home.

Ken: I’m in general agreement here; the win at Wisconsin and the home win against Michigan State brought smiles to my face.

Mali: Making Bo Ryan Deal With It is always a lot of fun…

3. What did you see as the low point of the season?

Scott: Swept by Penn State

WVa: Finishing Aaron Craft’s senior year in a two game losing streak. He deserved much more than that. The last few plays were just as he defined his career.

Eric: The four game losing streak, closely followed by the Dayton game.  The Dayton game gets added here only because of the sadness of watching Craft and Smith take one on the chin in their last game in the Scarlet and Gray.

Ken: Probably the losing streak in January, but I’ll hedge here a bit and just say that the general lack of improvement during the season. Players seemed to be making the same mistakes, both physically and mentally, throughout the season.

Mali: Some of the teams that OSU lost to this year… woof. That being said, I think the MSU game in East Lansing was a season definer- scrapped back to force overtime after a huge deficit only to come up short.

4. What player (and why) was a pleasant surprise to you?



Scott: Shannon Scott. Wasn’t expecting much.

WVa: I’m going with Sam Thompson here because we knew he could fly and out on a good show. What we didn’t know was that he could have a pretty good mid-range jumper and play defense.

Eric: Slam Thompson put some good things together this season. Needs to step it up next year.

Ken: I’ll go with Shannon Scott. He brought some dependable energy and some quality performances off the bench.

Mali: Is it OK for me to say Jake Lorbach?

5. What player (and why) didn’t meet your expectations/his talent?

Scott: Amir Williams. I think we all know.

WVa: I’m not sure I’m disappointed in him as much as I am the season he had overall. Lenzelle Smith Jr. Was a guy I had on my POTY watch list in the B1G. He had all if the tools and was right beside AC in being a team leader. Inconsistency reigned supreme for him this season.

Eric: Let’s start with Amir Williams (typical bad play. No movement, no toughness), and then go to LaQuinton Ross (atrocious decision making).

Ken: Lenzelle Smith Jr is my choice. It got to the point where towards the end of the season, he was an offensive liability. He was a good rebounding guard, I’ll give him that, but I didn’t think his defense was anything special and his offense was sporadic. Don’t be fooled because he was the team’s 2nd leading scorer; he was a ‘volume’ shooter, and with OSU’s timidity on the offensive boards (tied for 250th in the country), these turned into a lot of empty possessions.

Mali: Amadeo was supposed to be the second coming of Three-bler (not fair, but still), and it never materialized.


  1. ZbdNo Gravatar
    March 25th, 2014 at 11:15 am

    Good evaluations and points made. Just shows winning 15 straight to cupcakes means nothing. It’s how you progress and get better during the season. Only 3 good teams in the Big Ten this season….they are still playing.


    KenNo Gravatar
    March 27th, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    yes, yes and yes.

    I appreciate your comment, Zbd


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