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Written April 25th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

I check in with you this week with only a little about the Buckeyes and it’s not that good.  We’ll also touch base(once again sigh) about fan base actions that disappoint.

I want to throw out a S/O to my good friend Michael Doty Sr. for hitting a grand slam earlier this week with his guest article about offensive needs for the Buckeyes. He told it like it is and said what everybody was thinking, IF Braxton goes down to injury, the Buckeyes are in serious trouble. We better hope it happens early in the conference season. Let’s get started with the really good for this past week.


I am not a hockey fan in the sense that term is meant. I will support the Columbus Blue Jackets simply because they are a professional sports team in Ohio as I have at some point rooted for all of them at some point in my life because it’s the right thing to do as an Ohio guy. I will be honest and say that I haven’t been a fan of the Browns since Pruitt/Sipe/Rutigliano days and have my own issues being a fan of the Bengals obviously. In football, it’s really difficult to support both of them and as of late, there hasn’t been much of a Browns Bandwagon rolling.

CBJ Fans "We Are The 5th Line"

CBJ Fans “We Are The 5th Line”

Enough about me, let’s discuss what the CBJ have accomplished, and what they’re meaning to the city a lot of us love! The series is tied 2-2 headed to game five in Pittsburgh on Saturday and has been an amazing round of hockey. Every game so far, the losing team was up 3 goals to 1 and wound up losing 4 – 3. CBJ has won their first two playoff games in dramatic fashion and has made two of Pittsburgh’s better players look silly in both. The fans have been remarkable and they have taken it to a whole new level because there is a large seething hatred for anything in Pittsburgh for just about all sports.

Fans from just about every walk of life and team that cannot stand the Penguins or Steelers or Pirates have gotten behind the Blue Jackets for that very reason. They want Pittsburgh to lose. I have enjoyed following the first round and will honesty continue to do so because this team has something a lot of champions in professional sports do. Great leadership and they let the other team know they are there to compete. I look forward to many more games for this team and the great fans that support them.


I am going to continue with the CBJ in the bad department because although most fans have been gracious in accepting new fans there have been a lot that are taking the selfish approach. Nobody is going to take away your seat at the head of the table of fans who have been around the longest, nor are they going to replace you as the “Greatest Blue Jackets Fan Ever”. Keep this in mind when you decide to chastise someone who is becoming a fan because of the success the team is enjoying? How do you think a lot of teams get their fans? Mostly it’s because the team is in your hometown or home state, that’s a fact you cannot ignore. I tip my hat to all of those that have been there through thick and thin, and welcome all the bandwagoners.

CBJ needs more fans and deserves them

CBJ needs more fans and deserves them

The other fans come along when a program is succeeding. Most people want to be a part of something exciting and new. Thus, you have a lot of people, like myself, who are just really learning about hockey and trying to become fans of the team. When you give them grief because you think they aren’t “real” fans, they won’t be. If the fan base is like that, then I do not want to be a part of it. It also begs the question. Would those of you who do not want new fans right now, also be inclined to turn away customers at your business because you want to be dedicated to the originals? I do not thinks so, and neither would I.

I am not giving up on the fans, on the contrary, I feel like this is one of the best, most dedicated fan bases around in all of sports. Look what they have been through supporting their favorite team in their hometown and they are finally being rewarded. Will they enjoy a Stanley Cup title this year? Probably not, but they are getting better and the enthusiasm is at an all-time high which is also why i applaud all of those great fans that are helping prevent this from being a Bumblin’ topic. Great job accepting the support and pushing people to become full-time fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets! You deserve it and that team definitely deserves it.


Believe it or not, I am going to be very brief with the ugly this week. Again its our Buckeye fans and its something that bothers me more than anything. We live in the greatest country in the world primarily because you are allowed to speak your mind in any fashion you choose. Our armed services and fallen heroes have ensured you that liberty. Where do I draw the line? I draw it at innocent until proven guilty.You are allowed to have your opinion, God given right for sure. Just not at the expense of someone who quite possibly is innocent.

Bradley Roby returned a pick for six to boost the Buckeye lead.

Wait until the facts come out…

The social media response to Bradley Roby the past couple days has been pathetic to say the least. He may have deserved some of the disappointment with how he covered during the season, but he doesn’t deserve being convicted in the eyes of people who don’t have all of th facts. From all indications, he did not break any laws and the charges are probably going to be dropped if they haven’t already. Social media and the media(in general) has a great desire to try someone before they actually get to trial, and most of the time it’s based on bad info that they received. Most of the bad ones began attacking before they even had the slightest clue. It’s all because they wanted to be the first to the punch. We have a lot of those in the social media world that serve one purpose, to report the bad.


Remember that social media ain’t for everyone:



  1. Michael Doty SrNo Gravatar
    April 27th, 2014 at 8:43 am

    First, thanks for the S/O and second, great article!!! It drives me crazy to see fans attack players or recruits on social media. I highly doubt some of these internet tough guys would have that same opinion if they were face to face with the player! I will go with the old saying of “those in glass houses, should not throw stones”! Just a really good read and a better message!


    WVaBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    April 28th, 2014 at 7:13 am

    Thank you Michael! It’s definitely my pet peeve and now we have some twitter accounts specifically to try and get a player to come to tOSU, BIG no-no and even worse! LOVE the CBJ story, may be a movie someday!


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