Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Spring (almost) Cleaning

Written April 4th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

After being away for a while experiencing my oldest daughter giving birth to my first grandchild, I have had plenty of time getting ready for a little bit of spring cleaning. So I am going to take this opportunity to kinda wrap up everything that is RSB overall from football and basketball. Let’s get rolling with the good of Buckeye sports.


It’s time to start the argument. My favorite all-time basketball buckeye on the men’s side has been Jay Burson for a very long time obviously. So here is the dilemma for you to ponder. Has there been a better point guard in Ohio State history than Aaron Craft? Let’s do a quick comparison of their career numbers, and then I will give you my two-cents as to why there never has been a player like AC, and probably never will be.

                    JB          AC

Scorer, through and through

Scorer, through and through

GP            122         148

FG%         50%      46%

3P%         41%       33%

FT%        81%        74%

APG        2.77        4.7

SPG         1.67        2.3

RPG         3.3         3.3

The big difference between the two basically comes down to their area of expertise and what was asked of them by their head coaches and the era’s in which they played. Jay Burson was always a scorer and told me in an interview a couple years ago about the adjustments he had to make to college and how he realized he had a lot to learn after his freshman year. Jay was a pure scorer first and foremost and worked hard to become a better defender. He will go down as the second best at the position in my book now.

There has never, nor will there ever be another

There has never, nor will there ever be another

We all know how good of a defender Aaron Craft has been the entire four years he has been in scarlet and gray. He was expected to come in off the bench as a frosh and contribute defensively and did so in splendid fashion. The B1G knew that season what they were going to be faced with during the next three years. AC did everything that was ever asked of him and more. He finished his career in Columbus the way he played his entire career.

I have replaced JB as my favorite with Aaron, for the simple reason that I believe that Aaron has had more intangibles that have helped the team’s success over his four years. Not to mention the fact that he has set some assist and steal marks that may never be touched. He’s not the best to ever play in Columbus, he’s just the best point guard to ever play there. Now its up to you to decide who is the best guard to ever play at THE Ohio State University.


It’s not often that I ever question coaches decisions during a season, at least not publicly. I didn’t bring this up at the end of the football season because I honestly was concerned for how it would be perceived here. However, I was disappointed, like a lot of other fans, in how the B1G title game ended thus beginning their two game losing streak to end the season.

Most of the discussion can be centered around maybe the play calling, and even formations during both games. I honestly get that they wanted the ball in Braxton’s hands because hes the teams best player. But looking back, I am pretty sure MSU and Clemson both knew this to be true and that in itself made it very easy to defend an offense that became a little predictable. When it comes down to just winning the game, I agree you want your best to be in charge, but unless you had had some success running that play into the boundary, why run it?


The Spartans, just like every other team the Buckeyes faced had nothing for Carlos Hyde. And to add to that, they wanted no more of him. He was rolling, and punishing the Sparty defense into submission. The offensive line was having their way with the defense, but Sparty just knew when he Buckeyes lined up to go for it, Braxton was keeping the football.

The last thing I will say about this before moving on is this. Coach Meyer basically made the same mistake Coach Tressel made against him in that title game seven years ago. Get the ball out of the hands of your best player for a bit, so they have to guess the next time you are in that formation. We all remember the battering Troy Smith took, don’t we?


There can be only one topic when it comes to bumblin’. Fans make it too easy with regards to my biggest pet peeves in the social media world. First and foremost, if you are going to follow recruits on social media, it’s okay to favorite them. It’s perfectly fine to wish them a great day and safe travels. Nobody has remotely said that is an issue. What is an issue and a huge problem are the ones who chat with them about how great it would be for them to attend their favorite university.

People can scoff at what I am saying and the majority will just laugh and ignore. But there will come a day that someone will be made an example of by NCAA, the recruit themselves, or even the parents of the recruit. I for one cannot wait for it to happen so that I can say I told you so. Simply because there is no reason for it. Do you honestly believe they even read the message, or care what you think? They do not and those who do respond are just playing a game with fans that they better hope doesn’t backfire on them as well.

bullyingThe last thing any of us will want to endure is losing the ability to interact with the ones who are their to have fun.Tell them how great tOSU is and hopefully they will take it for what it is, information they already had. I also want to briefly touch on the attacks of players for not choosing our favorite school. Those will get taken care of by someone someday.

If you think for a second that you can hide behind your handle or a keyboard and not be called on your harassment? You’ve got another thing coming. There have been many law suits around cyber bullying and criminal charges for it. Just Google it and you’ll see that you aren’t as safe as you think you are behind your account. IKeepSafe has some great info about it and what you can do if you feel bullied.

A little piece of advice for all of us. If you don’t want the nasty stuff on your TL, then I highly recommend unfollowing and blocking those people. It will come back to haunt you in the end, trust me! Until next week!

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