Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Spring Game Week

Written April 11th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

These will become even more sparse after the spring game, but I felt the need to jump in here and do a spring game week edition as there’s some housekeeping to do! Let’s get started with the good.


Let’s hear it for the group of frosh that came to school early and put themselves in a great position to earn some PT this coming fall. Let’s bear in mind that none of what these young men are doing now will necessarily translate into PT this fall, but a few have sent a clear message . . , they’re here to play.

Let’s start off with who will probably become the dynamic duo on offense in Curtis Samuel and Johnnie Dixon. Samuel for the most part has been the definitive play-maker during the spring after being given plenty of opportunity. I am pretty sure we can trust the hype around young Samuel since it’s been the head guy mentioning him so often.

Johnnie Dixon has made some noise during spring but has a large group of receivers in front of him that is improving their opportunities as well, but Coach Meyer has said this team needs multiple playmakers. The other frosh that several millions of people are excited to see is Raekwon McMillan and he has been working out pretty well so far. Look for him to be featured during the scrimmage Saturday as well. He is someone that could be a major addition to the fall defense at LB.


There hasn’t been a whole lot to report on the stumblin front as of late but Wednesday word came out that there are a couple or few players that have had their playing time dialed back based on academic issues. Coach Meyer reported specific guys, which I am not going to mention here, but you have to believe they may not be taking this staff seriously with regards to homework.

These players have to realize that they have an academic responsibility to themselves, that staff and more importantly to the team. Most of the players we have ever heard of having academic issues have righted their ships and that includes the recently mentioned players.

On a lighter note in the bad category, Marcus Baugh hasn’t made it out of the woods just yet. Pretty clear that his punishment will continue until fall because coach Meyer was clearly upset that Baugh got to be interviewed by a local media outlet. His words were to the effect that he has not earned the right to be interviewed and that although he is doing everything he needs to be, he is not out of the woods. One foot in and one foot out is his status.


How many times do I have to talk about the fans and their interaction with recruits and current players? Too many I guess and I am not going to mention it anymore because it clearly doesn’t matter. Just kidding, I do know that a great many of you that read this blog, do feel there’s a right way to do it and there’s definitely a wrong way. I applaud those who have stepped up and reminded our comrades they shouldn’t be tweeting to them.

The true item for the ugly this week is simply this. Don’t give a national media person the time of day when it comes to the shots that they take at someone that you admire. It was a strange and sad week this week in the news and they all occurred at about the same times. The one that got the nerve of a lot of sports people was the story of the Ultimate Warrior passing and then Nancy Grace going off Nancy (as only she can do) and report things that simply were just a rant. An attempt to get ratings from a situation that clearly was just a wrestling sports nation trying to cope with losing a beloved star.

What she did got the ire of so many people that it led me to tweet this finding out that a wrestler I liked was going to be on her show.

Knew what was coming from nancy grace

Knew what was coming from nancy grace

Then there was an open letter from a person who covers wrestling, and he made his point.

mj twet

My point is this, if we don’t give her the clicks, or turn on her channel when knowing she is just going to spew crud, then she goes away.

Last and certainly not least, and not a part of Ohio State sports, but something that tugged at all of our hearts. #RIPPrincessLacey

Man among boys, simply for what he meant to her last few days

Man among boys, simply for what he meant to her last few days

Until the next time!

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