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Written April 2nd, 2014 by Ken


For the Ohio State Buckeyes and their fans, the meaningful basketball season ended two weeks ago in the NCAA first round loss to Dayton, However, not for us intrepid writers at tBBC.  Despite our favorite team being knocked out of the tournament and our brackets in shambles, we’re still thinking basketball.

We put together a quick survey amongst ourselves of our favorite coaches in the Big Ten. By “favorite”, I mean regardless of school affiliation, who would you like to play for? The coaches were ranked on a scale of 12 to 1,  with a ’12′ signifying “I’d actually pay to play for this person” and a ’1′ as “You’re kidding, right?”  As the responses poured in, I decided to throw a standard deviation calculation at them as an attempt to get some feel for the consistency in how a coach was viewed by our staff. The smaller the “StD”, the more the response were clustered around the average, hence the more consistently the tBBC staffers thought of a coach. More or less..

And here is tBBC B1G Coaches Poll:

Matta has developed one of the best defenses in college basketball.

There is no coincidence that Thad Matta is a favorite among tBBC Staff.

Coach Avg StD
Thad Matta 11.7 0.45
Tim Miles 9.0 1.41
Tom Izzo 8.7 4.28
Fran McCaffrey 7.8 0.89
John Groce 7.3 2.45
Pat Chambers 6.3 1.79
Matt Painter 6.0 2.05
Chris Collins 5.7 3.27
John Beilein 5.3 2.74
Rich Pitino 4.5 2.17
Bo Ryan 4.2 3.56
Tom Crean 1.5 0.89


  • The results played out pretty much as I expected they would, at least at the extremes. Thad Matta being at the top is not a surprise, he’s generally well thought of here. Tom Crean being at the bottom is no surprise either.
  • The poll seemed to sort itself into a fairly well defined top “half” of Matta-Groce, and the bottom “half” of Chambers-Crean.
  • Unsurprisingly, with the smallest StD, Matta was consistently placed where he was, at the top. Likewise, with the 2nd ‘tightest’ Std, Crean is solidly embedded in his spot by the staff.
  • Interestingly, two of the more consistently successful coaches, Izzo and Ryan, had the biggest Std spreads. There seemed to be a wide variance of opinion that despite their successes, if we actually wanted to play for them.
  • B1G newcomer Tim Miles rated very well, so obviously we think he has some coaching “chops” and wouldn’t object to him as our coach.

There you have it. So, where would you rank the B1G coaches?


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