What Do You Want To See At The Spring Game?

Written April 11th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

We’re pretty good around these here parts of letting people know what we want to see when it comes to the football sport. More specifically, what we want to see form our Buckeyes! Alot of it’s wishful thinking but for the most part, it really is what the folks wanna see. I provided the outline with offense; defense; back-up QB play; new playmaker show; how many times will Coach Coombs’ hair catch fire; and whatever else they want. Let’s get started with the head honcho.


Joey Bosa: Man-child accidentally killed NW player, will he get one of his own Saturday?

Joey Bosa: Man-child accidentally killed NW player, will he get one of his own Saturday?

Offense- We’ve been hearing about some of the new aerial weaponry, it’s time to see it- Vannett/Baugh at TE and the stable of athletes at WR.  I’m also interested in seeing Curtis Samuel after hearing a lot of good things this spring.

Defense- We’re running Press/4 coverage exclusively now… what will that look like against the spread? How will our linebacker play be different than last year? And will Joey Bosa kill someone on accident?

Back Up QB play- No one will replace Kenny G’s leadership, but is there a serviceable option for when Braxton’s resting?

New playmakers Show-  Again, Curtis Samuel is the guy that I’m keeping my eye out for, as well as some of the young pups on the offensive line

How many times will Coach Coombs hair catch fire- Depends on if he gets to run with the “can you beat a Buckeye” contestants again. :)

What Else? -  I’d like to see some momentum on the recruiting front. It’ll be a big weekend in Columbus; will we get any new additions? Oh, and no false starts.


A fan and staff favorite for hashtags during fall - EZ choice for #MorePT lots of people excited about Ezekiel Elliot

lots of people excited about Ezekiel Elliot

Offense - I want to see some consistent play from the offensive line and good burst and hole recognition form the RB’s. These groups could be key for a good season and the need to show growth.

Defense - Improvement out of the secondary and LB’s. I am not sure they can be worse, but for Grant, Perry and D. Grant to step up and make plays.

Back-up QB play - No mistakes, I would like to see JT Barrett jump up and take this job from Cardale Jones, and I’d love to see Stephen Collier show some things.

New playmakers show - Can’t wait to see EZE get a majority of the carries.

How many times will Coach Coombs hair catch fire - This will depend on how many times Reeves and or Apple get burned. I will say six times!


Offense - I’d like to see the offensive line function somewhat cohesively. The Buckeyes have a lot of positions to fill, but I hope that Warriner’s boys begin to mesh. I’ll cut them some slack and not expect much in pass blocking, but I expect the line to be aggressive with their run blocking.

This was after running into kicker penalty, but Coach Meyer had same look after Reeves was beat . . , by a TE, NOBODY wants to see this anymore

NOBODY wants to see this anymore

Defense - Similar to Patrick’s thoughts; substantial improvement in back seven play. At this point, they don’t even have to “make” plays; just don’t let the offense make plays. Secondary stalemates would be wonderful!

Back-up QB play - Aside from what we’re here (at OSU) for, I’d like to see big game management by Cordale and flashes of competence. Again, like Patrick, I’d like to see JT Barnett get substantial playing time and play well.

New playmakers show -  I’d  like to see EZE and Dontre Wilson perform in their “new” roles.

How many times will Coach Coombs hair catch fire - Only one time. Once it’s been lit and burned, that’s it. Right, WVa and Jeff?

Whatever you want!! - I’d love to see a comfortable, sunny day with a large crowd. Get there early to watch lacrosse team put one on TTUN, then stick around for the nightcap of the OSU Spring Game.


Offense - spring games are usually built for offense and for a show, thus no hits on the QB’s but good chase! I honestly only care about one match-up here and it’s the stout as well as new and improved D-line against the new O-line. There is a ton of talent blocking up front. We have seen great individual development since the staff has been in town, I want to see how quickly this o-line comes together. It’s replacing one of the best rushing attacks in a long time.

Amazing play from an amazing athlete that will help this secondary immensely in 2014, look for alot from Vonn Bell

Amazing play from an amazing athlete that will help this secondary immensely in 2014, look for alot from Vonn Bell

Defense - I have a need here to see the LB’s and secondary attacking our receivers from the get go. Even though it’s usually built for a show, I want this defense to send a message to the offense that they want those scarlet jersey’s back. Vonn Bell will be the key as far as I am concerned (although he’s injured and won’t be playing on Saturday). There’s talent here that can go a long way, let’s see if it’s already stepping up.

Back-up QB play - I have been a Jones fan since his high school days and Coach Tressel started recruiting him out of Glenville. He has scary size for a QB and there aren’t many that will bring him down in traffic. It’s a completely different game-plan with him in the game so it will be interesting. JT Barrett should show us flashes Saturday, but we’re figuring out it takes time, or a very talented QB to pick up this offense and be confident.
New playmakers show - There aren’t going to be any kick-offs, so there won’t be a chance for a Wilson return there, but there will be plenty of opportunity to see what he and Curtis Samuels can do. There’s an unbelievable amount of hype coming out of camp around Samuels and after moving Wilson to slot. Then there’s the threat of EZE going the distance. Should be a fun day for playmakers.
How many times will Coach Coombs hair catch fire - As Ken eluded to, it will catch fire only once and stay lit, much like the Dragon Ball Z character(even though Coach is a character all in himself) and will provide some heat to what is expected to be an already beatiful and warm day.
Whatever you want!! - I always worry about how coaching staffs get along. Not so much a worry but a concern for how their not getting along can effect a team. We are learning, and I know the Vrabel and Meyer thing never happened, that there were some personality issues with last years staff. Let’s face it, that’s a ton of alpha males in one location and there’s one boss. What we do know now is that they have brought in a professional coach to assist with getting all of their mindsets in the right place. It appears it’s working and hopefully will translate into success in those areas as well. I want to see a happy and fun, but attacking staff on Saturday with no more issues


Elflein leads the pack after filling in nicely for Marcus Hall late season punishment absence. Did well

Elflein leads the pack after filling in nicely for Marcus Hall late season punishment absence. Did well

Offense: I’m with Ken, I want to see the line and how well it appears to (hopefully) be coming together. The big ugly’s are always overlooked. Attention will be on them Saturday.

 No question a lot of focus will be on JT Barrett and Cardale Jones. Step up boys, let’s see what you got!
Defense: All this talk about new philosophies and whatnot, I just want to see guys flying to the ball and hitting people. End of story. Hit people.
Coach Coombs hair: My hope is 0. It is spring, after all. But then again, it is Coombs…
Whatever you want: I’d like to say that I hope nobody goes because of the rate hike for tickets for an event that used to be free but that isn’t going to happen. So, I hope the weather cooperates (forecast is all good so far) and the younger kids get a chance to get down close and see it all firsthand.

Gary(steps in for a brief moment)

LB Anyone: I would like to see some LB’s step and show some killer instinct and closing speed!


I’m gonna be the not-so-silent minority here: it’s a spring game. I really don’t care because they aren’t gonna go full tilt no matter what they say. Some recruits won’t be there. Injured players will be held out. All I want is no major injuries.

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    April 11th, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    Good Stuff, WVa, thanks. Oh, I forgot to mention; I don’t want to see anyone get injured on Saturday, either.


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