Buckeye Women’s Golf: Pre-NCAA’s

Written May 20th, 2014 by Ken

Jessica Porvasnik

We’ll be scooting back & forth to the Ohio State athletics web site for the gory detail, but I do want to get a couple items covered before the Buckeyes complete their NCAA event this week.

COTY (again)

First, Coach Therese Hession was named Big Ten Coach of the Year. This is a very nice honor. And, Coach Hession has done this before; this is her 7th COTY award in her 23 seasons as head coach. Think about that for a second. For every third year (or so), Therese has been recognized as the best at what she does. That’s pretty impressive.

Player Honors

In previous articles on the OSU women’s golf team, I’ve mentioned how loaded they are with talent in underclassmen, particularly freshmen. Other folks must have noticed as well, and have done something about it.

Freshman Jessica Porvasnik was awarded double honors; she was recognized as B1G Player of the Year and B1G Freshman of the Year. Freshman Zoe-Beth Brake also joined Porvasnik as 1st Team All-Conference and Freshman Katja Pogacar was named 2nd Team All-Conference. Junior  Claudia Lim rounded out the award winners as a Sportsmanship Honoree.

These are all significant awards. Congratulations, Buckeyes.

U.S. Women’s Open

As long as we’re on the subject of women’s golf. I want to congratulate Jessica Porvasnik for qualifying for the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open Golf Championship. This tournament, administered by the United States Golf Association (USGA) is the premier event, in my opinion, of women’s golf. As good as Jessica has been this year, playing in this event will only make her better. This is a great accomplishment. Oh, and:

Porvasnik doesn’t have to go far for some experienced advice on playing in the tournament as Ohio State head coach Therese Hession competed in seven U.S. Women’s Opens during her professional career. 

OK, then. Your coach has “been there, done that” in this event. There will be some good conversations between Hession and Porvasnik in the upcoming weeks.


The Buckeyes are in Tulsa, participating in the NCAA’s this week. Please check back in later this week for my recap and commentary.

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