Well, the critics have spoken, and we’re excited to have Mike join us in the Tuesday Morning slot full time.

State of The Ohio State Football Recruiting and my reasons not to get your panties in an uproar:

Not so fast…

I know when fans look at where we are with only two verbal commits for 2015, Jamel Dean and Eric Glover-Williams; they think it’s time to hit the “Panic Button”. Well, I look at it differently and what needs to be remembered are several items of note.

These are only verbal, non-binding promises. As seen with Ben Edwards’s verbal, things can change quickly with these young men. I know Edwards said he was committed 100 percent to Ohio State (don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do), but as with any young person making the biggest decision of their life up to this point, minds can change. I understand that our fan base (which I consider the best in College Football) is passionate about the Buckeyes and the recruits coming in every year. But, these things are beyond our control, so we should trust the staff and especially Urban Meyer, who has proven he is a STUD recruiter and probably top 3 in the nation. I just cannot imagine Urban having a sub-par recruiting year.

It’s so early in the game, and we still have approximately 10 months until signing day. It’s almost silly to complain or criticize when we have a proven coach that continues to reload every year. If for some reason you think we will not have a top 10 (more likely top 5) class, go ahead and wake yourself up from your bad dream. Meyer’s first three classes were ranked in the top 5 by almost every recruiting service. I have faith in Urban, not to mention Chris Ash and Larry Johnson. Johnson has been known as one of the best recruiters nationally for years and I see no reason for that to change now!

I would like to add one more item about us as fans. Is it really necessary to contact a player on social media and talk crap to them? I find it reasonable to think that most of the offenders would not dare say the things they do on social media to that player’s face. It is a disgrace in my opinion to verbally attack a young man for making a life decision. We all need to police ourselves in this area, you know, be accountable for our own actions as ADULTS!! Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for understanding.

If I am not mistaken, Ohio State currently has 15 unofficial spots open for 2015. Most fans understand with attrition, injuries and transfers that that number should be approximately 18-21 when all said and done. Now, I am thinking more conservatively at 20 but that could change at any time. So I want to look at who might be most likely to commit in the near future to Ohio State.

I actually believe we are in a good position to add a couple of commitments in the near future. Here is who I believe is most


likely to commit this summer or sooner:

  • OL James Daniels (Warren Harding Legacy): son of LeShaun Daniels, who started at Ohio State.
  • WR Van Jefferson (Brentwood HS, TN): son of former NFL WR Shawn Jefferson and that tall receiver we want.
  • OL Drew Richmond (Memphis, TN): we want this young man badly and he is high on Ohio State as well.
  • OL Sterling Jenkins (Pittsburgh, PA): it comes down to a battle with Penn State but we want him in a bad way. (editor’s note: He’s expected to verbal to PSU on Tuesday)
  • DE Josh Sweat (Chesapeake, VA), this is a guy Larry Johnson has bonded with so a commitment would not surprise me.
  • OLB Sh’mar Kilby-Lane (Hallandale, FL): I thought he may commit at the Spring Game, but I don’t think the good guys will be waiting too much longer.
  • OLB Rickey DeBerry (Richmond, VA): this is another young man I thought would have already committed. Great relationship with Larry Johnson.

One last thought I have in regards to this year’s class. It seems everyone is on the Torrance Gibson bandwagon, and I agree he is a phenomenal athlete. BUT, he is a very raw QB. I personally like Brandon Wimbush much better with Lorenzo Nunez not that far behind him. Wimbush and Nunez are more QB ready, in my opinion.

Now, their ceilings may not be as high as Gibson, but that is only because they have already developed some of the passing skills where Gibson needs work. I just hope we don’t lose out on Wimbush due to all the attitude on Gibson. It seems more like Wimbush will end up at Penn St., and he could possibly haunt us down the road if we can’t get his commitment soon. (editor’s note: Wimbush is also expected to verbal to Happy Valley on Tuesday night).

Nunez has us in his top 3 with SC, NC State and OSU. However, he is going to announce soon, which I do not think helps us. I do believe we get one of these three and a second commit, like a Tommy Stevens. Now, none of these young men are 100 percent committing early, but Ohio State sits high with them so a commitment at any time would not be out of the question.

I guess my biggest message here is that we have a long way to go until signing day. Urban Meyer and his staff are in on a lot of National Recruits, which tend to drag on longer than the local recruit growing up a fan of a particular university. We have no need to panic, as I’m sure the staff isn’t freaking out with 10 months to go until signing day. But really, does a verbal commitment really matter??? I think it only matters when it’s a recruit that loves Ohio State and wants to help recruit others to come play for Ohio State. Outside of that, it’s really meaningless to me, as the recruits can change their minds at any time prior to national signing day. I mean to sum it up: when a recruit gives his verbal commitment to Ohio State the staff continues to recruit them for a reason. Nothing is guaranteed.