If you are interested in where I was last week with respect to draft day check it out here . I was pretty close with my thoughts around who was good, who was bad, and initially hit the nail on the head about the bad(Browns). This week I really dive into who rumbled through, who may have stumbled slightly in my eyes, and the fans that are getting my ire in the ugly! Let’s get rollin’ with the good


Hey, who here likes dominating the line of scrimmage?

Hey, who here likes dominating the line of scrimmage?

It really should come as no surprise that the offensive linemen that come through Ohio States program now, have bullseyes on them for NFL execs. The work that Ed Warriner has put in to turn things around has been remarkable. Not to sell the athletes short either, but they were in the program when he arrived and its obvious his style as an edge to it that the players have come to love. Those players go to battle every Saturday for Warriner and that Buckeye team.

Look at the difference a couple years has made in the perception of those linemen and how much the NFL is beginning to covet it. Here’s a list from the NFL with all draft picks that were Buckeyes. To break it down quickly, The Buckeyes had seven linemen drafted between 2002 and 2008 with Barton being the last taken until Adams in 2012. Three full seasons without a single drafted lineman and in just the two years with Warriner there’s been three taken and the other two this year have caught on as UDFA’s that will probably earn a spot on their rosters because of the coaching they’ve received.

Jim Heacock won the Frank Broyles Award in 2007 for obvious reasons, I will make it my goal to campaign for Ed Warriner, and I am not sure that he shouldn’t have beat Pat Narduzzi out from MSU this past season. He has all of the tools needed to be a pretty good head coach someday and rumor has it he is pretty happy where he is at. I why wouldn’t you be grinding out the best rushing attacks that Ohio State fans have ever seen? We will see plenty from Fragel(2013), Mewhort, Linsley, Norwell, Hall(2014) in the NFL, all have worked their tails off for their coach and team and will get paid for it now! That’s five linemen that he coached jumping to the show.


Sometimes I truly wonder if NFL teams evaluate the talent that is draftable as a whole, or do they just really draw names out of the hat in the later rounds? The NFL teams that didn’t draft Corey(Philly)Brown, which was all 32 teams missed it with him. The Panthers got a steal in the UDFA market because they have hit the mother lode here. Corey will work his tail off for them and there’s a pretty good chance if he doesn’t catch on with them he will land somewhere.

Saw the end zone a lot for the Buckeyes and was a solid performer in run oriented offense

Saw the end zone a lot for the Buckeyes and was a solid performer in run oriented offense

Teams clearly only care about one thing with respect to WR’s now and that’s size and stats. Brown came from a run oriented team the past two seasons and was still a team leader and go to guy in a lot of situations. Plus, he has elite speed even though it wasn’t on display at the combine this year which he let stand for tOSU’s pro day. Maybe that’s the issue for him, he didn’t take an opportunity to improve his numbers.

I still stand on my opinion that teams missed out on him simply because he is a true football player and just like Sanzenbacher in Cincy, Brown will make a name for himself in the league. He now has a chance to prove what he can do on the field for sure!


Some people might think I had an easy choice this week for the Ugly(Always the Browns according to my comrad Ken), but it really was difficult to pick a fan base that blew it. I honestly believe the Browns fans handled the first and second day of the drafts as well as they could. Some of them are fighting among themselves(as they always do) about the Manziel pick, but I figured they would to begin with. There’s still that pesky little issue of Buffalo trading and taking Watkins because that’s who a lot of fans truly wanted. I even said here last week that is the perfect choice to help immediately.


No, I am not going with the Brownies this week, I think they proved me wrong and am not bashful about admitting it when I am wrong! I have to go with the fans that made a late round draft pick more than what it truly was. I am, of course, referring to the strong reactions of fans to the selection of Michael Sam. I am not taking a stand one way or the other about Michael Sam, because it doesn’t affect me and the life I live. The day it does effect me, then I will speak for myself and not the masses. I don’t have the right to; and that’s where I take exception to how some fans handled his pick, and how they attacked each other.

You have the right to stand up for what you believe in, but because you believe in it does not mean the other person’s feelings or opinion is wrong. It definitely doesn’t make a person either a sinner or a bigot or anything else because they refuse to agree with you.

We live in a great nation that provides us all with the ability to speak out, and you should do that. However, you should also understand that people also have the right to disagree with it, and that doesn’t make them a bad person. Nobody should judge, that’s someone else’s job, and one in particular I do not want. To each his own.

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