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Written May 3rd, 2014 by Ken

thinking chimpWelcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings.  I expect to see a good many ‘May flowers’ in western NY, since we’re getting quite a bit of ‘April showers’.   Grab whatever beverage that you need and let’s proceed. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

The James/Wexner:

We have a couple of things today. First up is a clever, to me, “cross-use” of an old technique to help address another issue. Remember/familiar with nicotine patches as a tool to wean smokers off cigarettes? Here’s a tweak to the idea to use the patch as a cancer drug delivery system.

“.. investigators at (OSUCCC – James) hope soon to begin clinical testing of an adhesive medicated patch that releases an anticancer drug called fenretinide directly into precancerous oral lesions to help prevent malignancy. The patch is designed to hold the medication in place so that none of it spreads to the rest of the body, diminishing potential side effects.”

DoubleHelixThe article is a short, interesting read; it is a great example that even if you have  a drug that has efficacy against a disease, you still need to deliver it efficiently to take advantage of its properties.

Moving along, I hope that you don’t need this, but here is a link to Clinical Trials at OSUCCC. It may be a good idea to bookmark this link, just in case..



Before I get started, I want to extend congratulations to our very own Joe Dexter and his wife on the recent birth of their 1st child. That is simply outstanding! Congratulations to you both.


This Week (or so) in Racism, Part the First

I think we’ve just about had enough (I have) of TeaBagger Party heart throb Cliven Bundy. However, Steven Colbert does a masterful takedown of the situation. Oh, how I’m going to miss the ‘Colbert Report’.

 This Week (or so) in Racism, Part the Second

Buffalo Braves San Diego Clippers Los Angeles Clippers owner (for now) Donald Sterling went off the deep end with alleged comments to his mixed race girlfriend, V. Stiviano.  Obviously, these comments, which are a reflection of his attitude, have not gone over well with society in general. The whole sordid affair (in every sense of the word) is especially not going down with, um, Donald’s wife Rochelle Sterling:

“In the lawsuit filed last month, Rochelle Sterling, who married Donald in 1957, claims “the feminine wiles of Ms. Stiviano overpowered the iron will of” her husband, “who is well known as one of the most shrewd businessmen in the world.”

The wife alleges that Sterling met Stiviano at the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami, and has since given her a Ferrari, two Bentleys, a Range Rover, and a $1.8 million duplex, not to mention more than $250,000 cash (all because of Stiviano’s fraudulent ways, of course).”

I’m not sure of Mrs. Sterling’s take on this since her husband has a bit of a history of asocial behavior, to whit;

Alexandra Castro, a former mistress of Sterling’s, testified in a lawsuit filed against her by Sterling that he had asked her advice in 2001 on whether to hire Alvin Gentry as coach — he did so — and on which players to award contract extensions to. “It was purely sex for money,” Sterling testified. “I probably didn’t tell my wife.” [My emphasis]

“I probably didn’t tell my wife.” No, I imagine not..

I’m also not sure of the nature of the relationship (although I can guess) between D. Sterling and V. Stiviano, but clearly, Sterling being a Serious Business Man, looked at these relationships as quid pro quo transactions; payments for services rendered, if you will. As it has played out to this point, the NBA did sanction Sterling, but the drama continues.

So, what do we have here, besides “there is no fool like an old fool” and men behaving badly? We have two old guys who appear to be are fake libertarian, selfish, racist/bigoted, and in one instance, philandering. Not the best of role models by any stretch of the imagination. Fortunately, Sterling’s son-in-law blasted Sterling the elder’s comments, so this isn’t a familial thing.

Speaking of familial, I remember the days of my son as he was going through through the adolescence gauntlet, and if you’re a parent of teen or older sons, you know of what I speak. There would be the usual nonsense and “you did what?” conversations, but to his credit, he did show a measure of empathy toward others. Which is a good bit more than has been shown by two much older men who should know better.

Sunday’s Song:
I’m in a mood for some Celtic music this week. Here are Meli Morgaine & Valerie Orth covering Mary McLaughlin’s ‘Bring the Peace’.

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