Weekend Wonderings: Mother’s Day Edition

Written May 11th, 2014 by Ken

motherWelcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings. It’s a special, poignant edition.. Mother’s Day weekend. Grab whatever beverage that you need and let’s proceed. But, make sure that you serve your Mother first, because if it were not for her..

Before we get started, I want to wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day. I think I can speak for my brother, that even as the years have passed,still our “feet are under your table”.

I want to welcome and congratulate our newest members of Buckeye Nation. Joe and Scott are new fathers, and WVa is a recent grandfather. And if you were wondering, yes, that is our plan; have our best and brightest propagate so that we have a steady influx of talent here at tBBC.

The James/Wexner:

Here’s a video featuring Buffalo native (you know I’d work that in) Dr. Michael Caligari on the importance of the funds raised by OSU’s Pelotonia biking fund-raising. It is an excellent 8 minute view. You won’t be sorry. This (Pelotonia) is a larger scale version of Buffalo’s ‘Ride for Roswell‘. My wife and I don’t ride, but we contribute. We do so because our great friend and neighbor passed away two years ago from cancer. It’d the least we can do. What can you do?

We are now in “Brain Cancer Awareness Week”, as designated by Ohio’s Governor John Kasich, which runs from May 4-11. Normally, I’m a bit jaundiced by any “awareness week” hype, but in this case it’s pretty serious. Although brain cancer accounts for 1.4% of cancer cases per annum, it accounts for 2.4% of cancer deaths. So, it’s mortality rate is outsized from its incidence.


We’re pretty light on activity this week, but here goes.

This should be interesting:  The NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed a former Army Ranger to their team this week.

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed former Army ranger Alejandro Villanueva to a rookie free agent contract.

The 6-foot-9, 277-pound defensive lineman spent the last four years as an active member of the U.S. Army. He served three tours in Afghanistan and last played football as a wide receiver at Army in 2009.

In his stint at West Point, Villanueva played defensive line, offensive line and finished his career as a wide receiver. Seriously. That is one big WR. I’m guessing they try him out on the defensive line. He would be an intriguing Red Zone receiver. Regardless of where he lines up, you can bet there will be discipline in the huddle when Mr. Villanueva is on the field. Good luck to you, Cap’n.

Our House: Yeah, well. maybe. With the recent death of long time Bills owner Ralph Wilson, there are speculations about a) who the new owner(s) will be, b) where the Bills will play and c) where the Bills will play.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed optimism that the Bills will remain in Buffalo and suggested the franchise will need a new stadium to ensure its long-term viability.

In calling the Bills recently negotiated 10-year lease agreement a ”short-term solution,” Goodell on Wednesday said a new stadium would be the next step in finding ”the right long-term solution.”

Rumors are rampant about various Men of Means stepping in to take ownership. There is a sense that whoever buys the Bills from the Wilson estate will keep the team in Buffalo. The fan base is loyal and frankly there aren’t that many other attractive cities they can move to. At this point, the Bills will be playing in Ralph Wilson Stadium through 2019. Yes, the stadium is getting long in the tooth and needs refurbishing. Another option would be for a new stadium to be built Somewhere To Be Determined.

The implication is that monies will come out of the public purse, i.e., Erie County. Personally, this is laughable. The county is not that well off, and it has other areas where it will get a better return, in terms of economic development, than to underwrite a new NFL stadium. My suggestion to Roger Goodell; if you think the Bills need a new stadium, the you need to round up some private monies for this.

Sunday’s Song:

I thought I’d go a bit differently this week. As you know, I have a tendency to play songs that were written a few years ago. Today, we’re going to a song that was written in 1801; probably before your time. It is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Sit back and enjoy.


  1. BobNo Gravatar
    May 12th, 2014 at 11:03 am

    What a great article and I am sure your Mother appreciated it, too.


  2. KenNo Gravatar
    May 12th, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Thanks, Bob, I’m sure that she did. I appreciate your note.


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