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Written June 5th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

We have always been and always will be the roundtable experts around these parts and this time, it’s no different! Important stressful stuff is winding down in the sports world and summer is here — so let’s have some fun with the usual suspects and some twitter friends (Jim, Jeremy, Mike) I have invited over for the party, including Adam Sabie from 95.5 The Game!

Here are the answers to the “groundbreaking” questions I asked.

What kind of trouble would you like to see your least favorite Wolverweenie (past or present) get into this summer?

Sabie - I would absolutely LOVE to see Chris Webber call another timeout when his team doesn’t have any in a rec league basketball game…. Yep. That would be glorious.

@JayBuckeye74 - Desmond Howard for soliciting a transvestite prostitute. 

@Finnessy - Desmond Howard finally shaves the peach fuzz off of his upper lip. In the process, he draws blood, freaks, passes out and knocks a couple of teeth out.  Misses first couple weeks of college game day and I don’t have to put up with his cheesy grin or whiny voice.

@Capn33 - Taylor Lewan.  Justice needs to be enforced for the Brawl he had with the OSU guy he punched. Maybe boot him out of the NFL .

Ken - Mike Hart gets ticketed for a speeding violation. He never seemed to be able to run that far, nor that fast against Ohio State.

Scott - Tom Brady tests positive for PEDs.

Broseph - I’d love to see Denard Robinson arrested for “improper use of a weapon.” I don’t think Denard understands that he has been in violation for quite some time and needs to be brought to justice. And no, playing running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars isn’t enough punishment.

Mali - I’m kind of past the point of rooting for Wolverine failures- don’t want any karma in my schadenfreude.  That being said, I’d like to see two recent Wolverines not get into trouble but be held accountable for the mayhem they’ve already created: Gibbons’ situation from his freshman year and Lewan’s involvement there and his recent poor sportsmanship.

Jason - I would just like to see some action taken in the Lewan accusations along with the (alleged) rapist kicker. I’d also like an investigation into what Hoke knew and for how long.

Doty Sr. -  I would not mind seeing Desmond Howard do a 3-5 year bit.

WVa - LOL, I have my own wishes with regards to Desmond Howard but those above are great! Mine is aimed to the one Wolverweenie that has caused me the most pain. I definitely want to see Tom Brady get into trouble for PED’s and for running a prostitution ring.

What havoc will you be wreaking during your summer vacation, if not, what kind of trouble would you like to get into?

Sabie - It would be great to hit the beach at some point! The “wreaking havoc” part will have to remain undisclosed..

@JayBuckeye74 - Scoring a TD with my wife in end zone of Ohio Stadium.

@Finnessy - I would like to drink old fashioneds in Door County WI with my wife.  While doing so eating cheeseburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner and finally having enough time to sun tan my white belly. And still be able to fit in my suits after the week. Dang, I’m getting old when that is the kinda trouble I want to get into.

@Capn33 - Pop over to your place WVA, Just hang out for a week or so. Your treat.

Ken - Unfortunately, I’m well beyond the “havoc-wreaking” age. So, let’s go with: circle the cul-du-sac wearing Speedos with a glass of Pinot Gris. There will be “for sale” signs popping up all over the neighborhood. The realtors, however, will love me.

Scott - No havoc that I’m divulging.

Broseph -  If you count wheeling across town with a one month old picking up groceries as wreaking then you predicted my summer. My baby daughter and I are going to tear up the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and cause so much commotion that people will realize that there is actual civilization up here.

Mali - I’m headed to the midwest in a few weeks, actually; a trip to visit family in TSUN and a week in Chicago. That, plus the usual backpacking adventures in Yosemite and across SoCal should keep me out of trouble before school starts.

Jason - Well, since Metallica decided to play all the European rock festivals this summer and not have Orion here in the States, not too much trouble at all from me. I’d like to maybe get to the Mayhem Fest tour stop in Pittsburgh to see Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold again. But aside from that it’ll be a quiet summer mostly spent in the movie theater.

Doty Sr. - Coming up to Columbus to hang out with my Buckeye Friends and then as much Beach time as possible.

WVa -  Sadly I will be working just about the entire summer, but the trouble I would like to cause this summer would be to sneak into TTUN’s practice facility and put some of that stuff from Dumb and Dumber in their water, turbo laxative is what i think it was called!!

If you could, what athlete would you like to play a round of golf with and then have dinner with. Why are they your choice?

Sabie - This was very tough for me because there are so many. But at this instance, I would have to go with Russ Smith. Sure I live in Columbus, Ohio and I support the Ohio State Buckeyes through and though.  However, I was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. My love for the Cardinals is beyond words. Why would I want to play golf and talk with Russ Smith? Because his championship run with the Cards basketball team in 2013 was phenomenal.  Basketball in Kentucky, like football on Ohio, is king. Louisville has won two championships since I’ve been born, but 2013′s is the only one I remember. It was one of the greatest feelings of my life and Russ Smith was a big part of it. I know golf with him will be fun, and dinner (hopefully at Waffle House) would be even better.

@JayBuckeye74 - Charles Barkley. We both have horrible golf swings, love to eat, and crack lame jokes

@Finnessy - Ben Hartsock so I can get the scoop as to what the National Championship team truly thought of Mo Clarett. Not just on The field, but in the locker room and outside the WHAC. 

@Capn33 - Eddie George Cuz He’s EDDIE!!! Then Maybe Johnny Manziel, Just to see how Big of an IDIOT he is.

Ken – (Best Answer Award) - WVa, you put this question out there for Joe and I, didn’t you? No question. Jack Nicklaus is my choice. There are very few athletes who are known soley by their first name; Pele, Jack, Arnie, Michael. When I was growing up, every kid wanted to swing like Jack. There were more upright swings than you could count when I was learning the game.. I could get pointers about golf and a good bit on Jack’s perspective on how he learned the game and dealt with family and career demands. of course, just generally good, enjoyable on-course conversation would ensue. Ohio State may even come up.

Dinner companionship would consist of my Lovely Bride and I joining Jack and Barb. I’m sure Barb would be enlightening on how she was supportive of Jack’s career, while raising a great family. A fine day and evening. Let’s make this happen, WVa.

Scott - Jackie Robinson. I think the reason is obvious. He opened up so many doors for athletes of all races and nationalities.

Broseph - (Best Answer Award [see what i did there?]) This question was TaylorMade for Ken and I wasn’t it WVA (see what I did there?)? There are so many great athletes to choose from, but I think the one athlete I’d love to play a round of golf with would be Cal Ripken Jr. The former Orioles shortstop was my idol growing up as a kid and has is the true definition of what hard work and dedication can lead to in your life. There are so many questions I’d love to ask him too.

Could you imagine how motivating dinner conversation would be after picking his brain?

I think it’d also be fun to play golf in the same foursome as Charles Barkley, Manny Ramirez and Shaquille O’Neal but I’m crazy like that

Mali - Charles Barkely. A) Love his perspective, and was a huge fan when he played in Philly. B) He’s the only person on the planet that has a worse swing than I do, and with his gambling issues I might be able to make a little money.

Jason - I’ve always thought how awesome it would be to have known Woody Hayes and spend some time with him. Same thing with Paul Brown. That said, current/living athletes, I’d play a round with Johnny Manziel. Why? It’d be fascinating to have a peek into his world and to get to ask him about the Texas A&M autograph incidents etc. And after dinner can you imagine hitting the town with Johnny Football? 

Doty Sr. - Charles Barkley, as you have no idea what he will say next and really seems like a fun guy.

WVa -  Even though I do not golf, I would love to spend a day on the golf course with Jim Tressel, and then a nice dinner with him and his wife Ellen. They are classy down to earth people who I could learn so much from. I wouldn’t have any questions for them, just talk about life in general and soak in the experience!


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    June 5th, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    Funny stuff, WVa. Nice job with the cat herding to put this together. It was a good ‘decompression’ article, much needed.


    WVaBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    June 6th, 2014 at 6:46 am

    AGREED!!!! We all need a moment to sit back and just laugh!


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