Wednesday Night Rumble: Things I Think

Written June 18th, 2014 by Jason
Peter King doesn't get much love for his TV gig

Peter King doesn’t get much love for his TV gig

A little while back I let it out of the bag that one of my favorite writers is Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.

Forget what you think of him as an analyst on Sunday Night Football, his columns are top notch and he has a style unique to himself. (One of these days I’ll spill who my favorite is and if you read his work you’ll instantly see the influence)

One of King’s mainstays is his Monday Morning Quarterback segment that goes live (you guessed it!) on Monday mornings. Inside the MMQB piece each week is a segment he calls “10 things I think I think”. His 10 things encompass everything from the NFL to his favorite order at Starbucks.

Last summer I did my own tribute to Peter King by going through some things I think I thought. With this being the dead period for college football, I figured “why not” and decided to do it again. So, without further ado, here are: Things I Think That I Think.

I think that I think this whole World Cup soccer stuff just may be a little more exciting than I initially gave it credit for. Monday nights opening game for the United States against Ghana was edge of your seat, cheer out loud stuff. After jumping out to a quick lead on Clint Dempsey’s goal with just over :30 passed, the game went nearly 80 minutes before Ghana tied Team America at one. A few minutes later the Yanks John Brooks headed (is that correct?) in a corner kick that put the U.S. up for good at 2-1.

Team USA mobs John Brooks after the game winning goal

Team USA mobs John Brooks after the game winning goal

I can’t recall the last time I jumped from my seat and shouted in excitement over a soccer game. Honestly I don’t know if it has ever happened. The United States plays Portugal on Sunday at 6 pm and then concludes first round “pool” games next Thursday against Germany at noon. In the pool of Ghana, United States, Portugal and Germany, two will advance to the 16 nation World Cup single elimination tournament.

One win or one draw in their next two games should be all it takes for the American team to advance.

I think that I think the Cleveland Browns are actually beginning to look like an actual NFL franchise and more importantly they are handling Johnny Manziel and their quarterback competition the right way.

Head coach Mike Pettine has stated that Brian Hoyer is the starter heading into training camp in July by a “comfortable margin but not so much so that it isn’t possible to be overcome by Johnny”.

In other words — Hoyer starts unless Manziel blows them away. And to be honest, that’s how it should be.

The other thing I really like is that Pettine isn’t freaking out about Manziel’s social life. He’s stated that Manziel is improving in every practice to the point where he is exceeding their expectations. He’s also learning the playbook. Pettine and the Browns don’t see a problem with his weekends provided he isn’t missing meetings or team functions nor is he being arrested for anything. Which leads me to…

I think that I think both Cleveland and Columbus sports talk radio personalities are taking way too many liberties with their “commentary” on Manziel’s life outside of football. Dustin Fox of 92.3 in Cleveland can’t stop taking potshots at Manziel through his twitter account.

image (3)

image (5)


Mike Ricordati and Jonathan Smith of the “Common Man and Company” program on 97.1 in Columbus on Monday went so far as to tell a story about how it won’t be long before we see Manziel posing with “bricks of cocaine”.

They then turned the discussion to Manziel being the star of his own “German sex tape” and played out a scenario whereby Manziel murders prostitutes and hides their bodies in Lake Erie by weighing them down with the aforementioned cocaine bricks.

This is all on the air for people to listen to.

Stupid people who don’t know if this is a joke or not. Stupider people who think it really happened. It’s irresponsible and that just touches the surface of what’s wrong with it.

And I get that Ricordati, Smith and Fox (and there’s a LOT more) are just “haters” and trying to have fun by poking the bear which is Cleveland Brown fans, who want their team to finally have a winner.

But guys, enough is enough.

Instead of sounding sharp and witty — your snide remarks and horrible stories make you sound like teenage girls who weren’t invited to Manziel’s after party.

Grow up, boys.

I think that I think I’m going to be paying close attention to reporters who get to see Buckeye practices in August to hear how Braxton Miller’s shoulder is looking. Maybe I’m a worrier but I can’t help but wonder about his rehab and if there is going to be substantial rust early on.

Will there be rust?

Will there be rust?

I think that I think the Cleveland Cavaliers are making this number 1 lottery pick selection way too hard. Or maybe they’re not, but the writers and television pundits sure are.

It’s come down to three players: Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker. So, why do I feel everyone is making too much of this?

Simple: Last year when the Cavs had the number 1 selection everyone was upset that they couldn’t draft Andrew Wiggins because he is “the next LeBron James”.

National, local, everyone that is supposedly in the know drew this comparison. Well, now they have the pick again and Wiggins is staring them in the face and he has a year of NCAA basketball under his belt.

What’s the dilemma?

I think that I think, no, this one I know, it’s awesome to see Troy Smith and Antoine Winfield being inducted into the Ohio State Athletics Hall of Fame.

Arguably the best quarterback and cornerback ever to play in Ohio Stadium.

Hey, how fun would it be to line up Ted Ginn out wide and see if he and Troy can get yards on Winfield?

I think that I think the Big Ten may surprise people and be a dominant league in football.

Not “the” dominant league, but quite possibly take a few steps back up the ladder of superiority. I like Michigan State. I like what I’m hearing from Penn State with James Franklin. Bo Pelini is finally rid of the albatross that was Taylor Martinez at Nebraska. Minnesota made strides last year. Of course Urban Meyer is going to have the Buckeyes focused and angry after being on the doorstep of greatness only to fall short last season. Things could be looking up.

I think that I think the Buckeye Battle Cry has been kicking some major behind the last few weeks despite this being the slow period for college sports. We (is that ok, Ken?) managed to get 5 good minutes with Terrelle Pryor, have continued a fantastic never too early look at this season’s football schedule, ran a great feature on “the best Buckeye” of all time along with a great reflection on the passing of former percussion instructor for TBDBITL Mr. Doc Moore. And I didn’t even mention the “Weekend Wonderings“, recruiting and every other post that the folks who contribute to this site put their talents, time and effort into.

Wrap it up

That’s all I got! Until next week, Go Bucks!

Metallica track of the week

1988′s …And Justice For All has had every track played live off of it except one: The ever ignored Frayed Ends of Sanity. Well, finally as a result of the “By Request” tour format Frayed Ends has made it into a setlist and it happened on May 28th in Helsinki!



  1. PatrickNo Gravatar
    June 18th, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Great stuff, but how can you leave Joe Bauserman and Travis Howard off that great qb/cb list!?!? I think that I think that may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever said! Great Stuff!!


  2. Michael Doty SrNo Gravatar
    June 19th, 2014 at 8:14 am

    Really great Jason, I enjoyed it!!



  3. JasonNo Gravatar
    June 19th, 2014 at 8:20 am

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated!


  4. KenNo Gravatar
    June 19th, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Jason, oui!

    Nice stuff. I’m disappointed that Dustin Fox is hating / jealous regarding his Manziel comments.

    You know, another hot-shot QB came into the league almost 50 years ago who was brash, signed for tons of money (at the time), sported fur coats and led what some considered a dicey lifestyle. There were a good many “haters” and doubters regarding this “new kid”. Yet, as it turned out, Joe Willie Namath did just fine.

    “Grow up, boys” is great advice.


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