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Written July 2nd, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Look, I know that today’s SBP is the girl that you’re dancing with while you’re looking around the club for that special someone else.  I can live with that, and assure you that the news you’re refreshing your computer for will be here around… say… 10:00 or so. In the meantime this is stuck in my head (thanks Jason), so let it wash over you until you find your next dance partner.

Oooo! Shiny!!!

Buckeye 411

  • Hoops News- Well, after getting shut out in the NBA Draft, it’s great to hear that Craft and Ross have found great landing spots. Senor Swoon will start the summer playing for the 76er franchise in Orlando’s Summer league, and will have pretty good company. “Q” is headed my direction to play with the Lakers during the summer season, and we’ve even heard that DeShaun will be getting another look with the Spurs program during this evaluation time.
  • Recruiting News- Later today we’ll find out the futures of Justin Hilliard and Jashon Cornell, with Benedictine’s Jerome Baker to announce next week.  If that weren’t big enough, the Buckeyes could grab a verbal of the shooty hoops variety as well… stay tuned.
  • Boys Will Be Boys- Wherever Cornell and Hilliard end up, they’ll probably spend a lot of time talking about where they are now.  Because… sure.
  • Women’s News- The B1G will be kicking off it’s first women’s lacross season this coming year, and the Buckeyes are expected to be in the thick of things from day one.
  • Ticket News- Ohio State actually has some extra seats this year, and will be selling them starting next week.  If you’d like to gift those to any of your favorite tBBC writers, you know, with airfare and so forth…. that might be awesome. You know where they won’t be selling? Groupon.
  • B1G Air- With the newbies a part of the conference now, the mascots have taken over the DC Area and the Big Apple.  While it will be a minute or two until the basketball tournament will make it to Madison Square Garden, Brutus decided to show the rest of the folks what to eventually expect:

Audience Participation- B1G Welcome

So, we’ve now got some turtles and knights in the family now… How should we welcome them?

We didn’t really “Haze The Huskers”, because a) my wife and b) Big Red’s fanbase is awesomely hospitable.

But these new guys aren’t Nebraska. They’ll need to earn their place among the nation’s elite, even if they’ve already earned their place on the regional television dials.

So, the way that NFL Rookies have to carry the pads of the guys already on the roster, the way that college freshmen often have to sing their school’s fight song in front of the team… what should we have our new Eastern BFFs do before the football season?

Ideas already suggested: Maryland should have to get some fashion sense, and Rutgers should have to fire their entire athletic administrative staff.

In the comments, discuss amongst yourselves.

Around The NCAA

And Finally

Even as a non-soccer fan, I was both saddened to see the USMNT lose on Tuesday and impressed by the effort they put forth.  This play in particular still looks like something that Steve Spurrier drew up in the dirt… it’s that beautiful.

No doubt at all who the MVP of the game and this World Cup is for the Americans… so let’s revel in his majesty one final time:

PS: Spencer Hall is the best in moments like these.

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  1. JasonNo Gravatar
    July 2nd, 2014 at 8:14 am

    YES! That’s awesome!! Saturday was legendary stuff!


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