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Written July 20th, 2014 by Ken

weekendwonderings Welcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings.  Here we are, mid July, summer is flying by. Of course, that means we’re getting closer to Football Season, so, silver linings and all that. Grab whatever beverage(s) that you need and let’s forge ahead. Of course, we’ll forge ahead to our usual musical accompaniment. We have good stuff regarding The James, commentary of some sort, and some music to wrap it up. Thanks for stopping by.

Speaking of futball, congratulations to Germany for winning the World Cup. In the semi-finals, Deutschland blitzed Brazil like they did the Low Countries in Spring 1940. Sunday was a different story, however. Argentina took Germany to the limit (just ask the players on the pitch) before falling 1-0 on a great goal by Mario Götze

Happy Birthday –  I want to take the time to wish my step-father, Bob, a happy 90th birthday today.  A long life and a well lived life. Here’s hoping for many more, Bob.

The James/Wexner:

Here are four ways to improve your overall health and to reduce your cancer risk: ditch the tobacco, maintain a healthy weight, stay active and eat healthy. Please click on the link for the particulars.

As a reminder Pelotonia is coming up next month. Get ready to ride, and support this event. If you don’t want to put forth the cycling effort, you can always go here to support Pelotonia. And it involves Victoria’s Secret models.  The online auction runs through July 30th. Your call…

Here’s a photo of one of the nursing stations at the new James. Nice isn’t it? Good, because The James is looking for a few good nurses. Know anyone?


Doing It Right

My friend, Bruce. We got together with family and friends last week and I had an interesting conversation with a friend who, primarily due to his three sons’ involvement, has coached youth hockey for 26 years or so. He mentioned that every year, he would schedule at least one mandatory practice that was “off-ice”. The team, and the players parents would spend that time at various outreach locations, such as St. Vincent DePaul Society,  various soup kitchens, and various shelters.

Bruce told me his purpose was to take a break from hockey for the purpose of showing these boys there is a vastly different world to the one to which they are accustomed, and if they want to make a difference with their lives, there are ample opportunities for them.  The families of these players live only a few miles, but several tax brackets, from where my wife and I live. These people are affluent. Seriously.

He told me that several people that he spoke with in the shelter could have been any of us; an accountant, a school teacher, a manager, a production worker. A bad break and or a bad decision on their part and everything was lost. He said his second purpose was to teach the boys not to give up in life and not to give up on people.

Bruce, thanks for being more than a coach to these boys.


Doing It Wrong

The Haslam family (yes, the ones who own the Browns):

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The truck-stop company owned by Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has agreed to pay a $92 million penalty for cheating customers out of promised rebates and discounts, authorities announced Monday.

As someone who makes his living in the transportation realm, all that I can say is there is no temperature in the netherworld too hot for these miscreants.

Rush to Judgement

Nestled along the western shore of Seneca Lake is the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. It’s less than a two hour drive from Buffalo into the heart of the Finger Lakes, and is truly a bucolic setting.

Well, not quite.

As this rather extensive article in the NY Times, there are proper ways to investigate sexual assault complaints, but the administration at HWS took a different approach. You need to follow the link to read the article for full impact.

It is lengthy and not for the faint of heart.

For a shorter version, Ophelia of ‘Butterflies and Wheels’ has excerpts and commentary, here.

Whatever precisely happened that September night, the internal records, along with interviews with students, sexual-assault experts and college officials, depict a school ill prepared to evaluate an allegation so serious that, if proved in a court of law, would be a felony, with a likely prison sentence. As the case illustrates, school disciplinary panels are a world unto themselves, operating in secret with scant accountability and limited protections for the accuser or the accused.

This was one flawed investigation. The investigative panel appointed by the college was evidently ill equipped for its task  and insensitive in its investigation, the investigating detective was less than precise and accurate in filing his report and the colleges’ response was clueless, if not embarrassing.

 It took the college just 12 days to investigate the rape report, hold a hearing and clear the football players. The football team went on to finish undefeated in its conference, while the woman was left, she said, to face the consequences — threats and harassment for accusing members of the most popular sports team on campus.

Let’s move along, folks, nothing to see here.

One of my first articles with tBBC pertained to sexual assault and social media interaction in Steubenville. I will welcome the day where  ‘sexual assault’ will not be a topic. Ever.

Sunday’s Song:

In a refreshing bit of honesty, Eric Clapton, along with Mark Knopfler clear up who Shot the Sheriff.

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