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Eric grew up a Buckeye fan, having been born to a pair of Ohio State graduates.  He decided to continue the family tradition and attended Ohio State University from 2002 to 2006 as an undergraduate.  As much of his time in school was spent studying the football and basketball teams as was spent on his academics – which may be why he didn’t have time for anything else.  He has since moved on to graduate school at Michigan State University where he remains vocal in his support of the Bucks, much to the annoyance of his neighbors. You can follow him on twitter @ErictBBC.

Joe Dexter was born and raised in the mitten state, but since becoming a football fan at the age of six, has had a hatred for the Michigan Wolverines. A graduate of Northern Michigan University’s Electronic Journalism program, it wasn’t until Joe’s sophomore year in high school that he saw the light and became a Buckeye fan- thanks to Buckeye wrestling greats Russ Hellickson, Mitch Clark and Tommy Rowlands for the conversion, as well as a high school wrestling program with one All-American wrestling coach from Michigan and another from Ohio State.

Joe currently resides in Marquette Michigan, where he serves as a news and sports director for five local radio stations. He tweets here: @joedexter.

Writing from our Los Angeles affiliate, MaliBuckeye posts whenever he’s not stuck in traffic. Oh, and he’s the one responsible for the 140 characters of chaos at the main tBBC twitter account.

Having grown up in west-central Ohio, he played and coached college football at the NCAA D3 level. Somehow, this launched him into a career in higher education, and he is in his eleventh year working in Student Life.

Husband of a Nebraska fan (yeah, it’s been tense lately), proud father of a six year old who could sing “Carmen Ohio” since she was 18th months and an thirteen year old who doesn’t understand American football but knows enough to cheer for the Buckeyes (there’s ice cream involved). She also no longer likes the color blue. ‘Nuff said.

He misses the sounds and sights of midwestern autumns, although January in Pasadena is a pretty good replacement.


tBBC Authors

Charles joins us from down under, following a “faculty fellowship” program with our friends at Our Honor Defend, where he was the endowed chair at the Center of Ladyhoops Studies and brings a wealth of expertise and insight to our coverage of women’s basketball.  The “Dr.” title is not honorific for the sake of prestige in the blog; he has a Ph.D. in Astronomy from Michigan State University and currently is on faculty at one of Australia’s premier institutions of higher education. Tweets go the opposite direction in Australia, you can see for yourself at @Charles_BBC

Clair describes herself as a Buckeye nut, who was born and raised in the Buckeye state with lots to prove- “I play sports, I follow sports and most of all I love to write about sports!” She’s a former “Fan Girl” on 97.1 The Fan and was a contributor at Buckeye Banter.  When she’s not following sports, she’s also an NPC bikini competitor and a fitness instructor that loves to cook healthy meals for my family. Follow her on Facebook  and on twitter: @aclaircrawford

Gary  was born in Chillicothe, Ohio and raised in Zanesville, OH.  Next to his wife of 10 years and his son, sports is his life.  Besides eating, sleeping, and breathing Buckeye sports, he is a HUGE Indians, Blue Jackets, Browns, and Crew fan.  When not watching sports, Gary is officiating football, basketball and softball; he hopes to make it to the Division I level as an official very soon.  Writing about sports has always been a dream of his, so you can follow him in 140 characters or less @3ebgary.

Married for 21 years WVaBuckeye is a father of three who has been officiating high school football and basketball for 9 years. A glutton for punishment, he is also a Reds, Bengals, and Indians fan. He’s served as an usher at THE Ohio State University football home games since 1998. He’s a relative newcomer to writing, but loves it and hopes to continue to do it for years to come. Tweets and whatnot at @wvabuckeye

Born and raised in the Buckeye state, a lifelong Buckeye fan, Jason simply bleeds scarlet and grey. “Pounding out aggression turned in to obsession” this Youngstown (Struthers) native brings a unique look at our Buckeyes and the world of college sports. And he’s only slightly infatuated with Metallica, but don’t let that scare you off! You can tweet at him here: @ScriptOhio

Jim was born in Columbus and raised in NE Ohio. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2008 and earned a masters degree in 2010.

He currently lives and works in Columbus.

His focus is on Ohio State football year round, including recruiting, but he will talk about other things if he really has to, but rarely on twitter:@James_Carmean

Ken was raised in east-central Ohio and graduated from Muskingum University (nee College) in 1973. He has lived in the Buffalo, NY area since the mid-70‘s, obtaining his MBA from Canisius College in the 80’s. He works in the logistics field and is counting the days until he can golf full-time. Crediting a proper upbringing, Ken is a lifelong Ohio State fan. As well as Browns, Indians and Cavs… He’s happily married to a very understanding wife and has an adult son, also a fervent Buckeye fan, who obviously had a proper upbringing as well. Somehow, he found his way to twitter at @KenKohl1… We think he got lost looking for eBay or something

Patrick grew up in Dayton  and can remember falling in love with Buckeye football in 1987 watching the Cotton Bowl.  He moved to Akron in 1994 and attended the University of Akron and studied criminal justice.  He joins our crew as yet another referee- officiating  football, wrestling, and also is an umpire.  A huge amateur wrestling fan and MMA fan, he’s a Buckeye season ticket holder and am engaged to a Penn St grad- Which makes for one interesting Saturday a year during football season. He tweets and stuff at @pj844

Scott is a 1992 graduate of THE Ohio State University with a BA in journalism. He attended high school with and graduated with former Buckeye and current ESPN personality Kirk Herbstreit. Scott spent 7 years as a sports writer/editor with the Beavercreek News-Current in suburban Dayton and then was on the Dayton Daily News sports staff for 4 years. In real life he is a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual in Dayton, and occasionally is on twitter: @ohiostatescott


As the founder of The Buckeye Battlecry in 2006, Jeff attended The Ohio State University in the late 1980′s (yeah, he’s old).

His fondest memory of Ohio State football is being in attendance for Earle Bruce’s final game as head coach.  He went up to Ann Arbor with “Block O” and saw Chris Spielman and the Buckeyes beat Michigan 23-20.  After the game ended, he rushed the field, and on his way back to the bus, he and two friends swiped a maize-colored parking barrier from the Michigan Stadium parking lot, and he carved the date and final score into his portion of it.  The statute of limitations has expired on that crime, so suck it.

He has a daughter, Charlotte, who attended her first game for her 8th birthday.  The Bucks won 44-3.

Jeff took his fancy book-learnin’ at Ohio State, combined it with his years of writing here at tBBC, and snagged himself a job over at Fox Sports Ohio covering Ohio Sports and getting you the info you need before you know you need it.

Robby Donoho is a 2011 graduate of Purdue University, growing up playing high school basketball in the Heartland of Hoops (that’s Indiana for those who aren’t familiar with that phrase). You probably know him better by his abilities as a video editor on his YouTube channel ‘RobbyDKitchel‘.

He’s a Buckeye at birth, coming from a family that has Ohio State roots dating back all the way to his great-grandparents. And yes, Robby is used to the heckling he takes from his family and friends for having dual citizenship within both Purdue and Ohio State camps. He still remembers his first Buckeye game at the Horseshoe, where Eddie George ran wild against Notre Dame.

Robby currently resides in the heart of SEC country as the weekend sports anchor for WCBI-TV in Columbus, Mississippi. He longs for Saturday’s at the ‘Shoe singing along to Carmen Ohio while enjoying a Buckeye victory and the legendary stadium mustard hot dogs.

You can follow Robby and his occasional witty Tweets @RobbyDKitchel

Ohio State’s own Janelle is a junior who is majoring in Sports Industry and Business at the greatest University in the world (fact). Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania to a family of primarily Penn State fans, she is eternally grateful that her mom showed her the truth and guided her to the Scarlet and Gray. She currently a member of Block O, and can’t wait for kickoff each week. In what’s sure to be a source of consternation at tBBC cookouts, she’s an avid Steelers fan. We are equal opportunity employers hereabouts. She loves her some twitter… see for yourself.

Joe Laing graduated with an Engineering degree in 2008 from the Ohio State University, and currently works both at the Shoe and the Schott.  Married for 2 years, Joe currently resides in Blacklick, Ohio.



Jason Winrow is an alumni of both the University and of the football team, having lettered from 1990-1993, when he was All Big Ten in his senior season. Following college, he was a part of the New York Giants franchise under coach Dan Reeves.

After his NFL career, Jason began exploring entrepreneurial opportunities with hopes to return to the world of college sports as a journalist or commentator. You may have seen him on the Ohio News Network’s Wall to Wall on Monday and again on Saturday night, on ONN’s Buckeye Blitz on Tuesday, and the Qfm96 Buckeye Break on Thursday morning. He provided reflections and insights into the larger world of college sports, and covered the national sports scene. He also wrote at his own site- “The State Of College Football” and on twitter: @jasonwinrow68.

Jason passed away unexpectedly in September of 2012.

Former Lantern staffer Tim Shoemaker is originally from Youngstown, Ohio and graduated from Ohio State with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in June of 2011. He’s a huge Indians/Browns/Cavaliers fan (glutton for punishment) as well as all things Ohio State. He currently works as a sportswriter at the The Ashland Times-Gazette. You can follow him on twitter @TimShoemaker, particularly if you want to argue whether or not “The Wire” is the greatest television show of all-time.

DaveR lived in Cleveland all of his life outside of the 2yrs he lived in Columbus. While he didn’t go to school there – he certainly partied like someone who did. He loves Cleveland and Ohio State sports a ton… too much sometimes. He also loves defending the cities and sports when he’s on the road because people love to hate Ohio. He’s never short on opinions and love to share them- Sometimes getting too passionate about certain topics but is pretty self-aware so he usually can curb that. He comes from a great Italian family so me being loud and passionate is drawn from that. Also a huge music fan – anything but country-  and loves discovering bands new or old, but is not in love with this whole Indie movement. Dang hipsters.

Rob Harley was a member of the 2002 National Championship team. He was a three-time letter winner at strong safety and during his time on the team, the Buckeyes went 50-13, winning two Big Ten Championships and a National Championship in 2002.

Rob’s work with ABC 6 have showcased his talent and abilities off the field and behind the microphone, and his work with Harley Helping Hands carries on the legacy of “Paying It Forward” that coaches Hayes and Tressel have instilled into Ohio State Football.

Rob’s great-great uncle was Chic Harley, Ohio State’s first 3-time All-American and to whom Ohio Stadium is nicknamed after “The House That Harley Built.”

Rob is currently a Graduate Assistant Coach at Michigan State University; we still love him though.  Prior to that, he coached at Ohio Dominican University, and worked as an analyst on ESPN3.

Chris Schmidbauer was born and raised in Northwest Ohio, and during his time protecting the border from Michiganders, Chris became a Buckeye fanatic. While his athletic talents were never good enough to garner a scholarship, Chris found the next best way to be a part of Ohio State football. He was a student manager from 2001-2005 with the football team, and he gained two championship rings, tons of Ohio State clothing, and memories to last a lifetime. He has been in journalism for the past five years working for a few different publications, and is currently a co-host of Odd Couple Sports Show on Fox Sports Radio 1230 WCWA. Chris and his wife are located in Toledo where he now lives and works.

Dave is an occasional contributor to this site, and has been there for his real-life little brother when Jeff needed his writing skills.  Dave’s name will pop up from time to time as an author.

Dave graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 1988, and married his college sweetheart two months later.  He has two kids, Jake and Julie.


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