It’s All Academic: OSU and Michigan Team Up?

Written March 7th, 2014 by Charles

Seal_of_the_Ohio_State_UniversityThere is no more heated rivalry in the country than that between Ohio State and Michigan and no matter what the sport is, to say that the Buckeyes and Wolverines, and their fans, do not like each other would be an understatement.  While the hatred for the other school extends far beyond the playing surface for many fans, for the universities the rivalry is put aside when it comes to academics and research. 

All members of the Big Ten conference, plus the University of Chicago, are members of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) – a consortium designed to improve the academic and research missions of it’s member schools through sharing of expertise and resources and fostering collaborations. 

As members of the CIC, Ohio State and Michigan have worked together on numerous projects over the years, along with other members of the Big Ten.  Now the two universities are teaming up again to found a new public-private consortium that will generate thousands of jobs and revolutionize manufacturing.

Ohio State and the University of Michigan, along with EWI (a Columbus-based nonprofit with expertise in manufacturing technology), are co-founders of the new American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute (ALMMII); I can’t wait to see that on business cards.  ALMMII is the newest node in the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI).  The NNMI was proposed by President Obama as a series of regional centers tasked with accelerating the development and adoption of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and to use these technologies for making new products which can compete globally.

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Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament: Predictions

Written March 6th, 2014 by Charles

530d04f07f6f8.preview-300With the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament getting underway today at Conseco Fieldhouse, I mean Banker’s Life Fieldhouse or whatever it is called now, in Indianapolis, some of us here at tBBC sat down to make our predictions for what will happen in the tournament.  Ohio State enters the tournament as the 8th seed with a 15-17 record and will need to make it to the championship game in order to qualify for the WNIT, need to finish the season with a .500 record or better; of course if they win the tournament they will be headed to the big dance.  The road for the team will be difficult but anything is possible come tournament time.  Check out our predictions below for what will happen in each of the tournament’s 11 games.


Game 1: Ohio State vs Northwestern

Ohio State. A very winnable game for both teams,  but i think OSU pulls together to get this win. The Buckeyes may not play 40 minutes of good basketball, but 30 minutes should be enough.

Game 2: Iowa vs Illinois
Iowa. Ohio State lost (twice) to Iowa but beat Illinois.
Game 3: Michigan vs Indiana
Michigan: Buckeyes split with Michigan, but beat Indiana. TTUN moves to next round.
Game 4: Minnesota vs Wisconsin
Minnesota. Buckeyes lost to both teams. We had the Wisconsin game but let it get away, we were never really in the Minnesota game.

Raven Ferguson continued her campaign for Big Ten 6th player of the year with 16 points off the bench.

Raven Ferguson continued her campaign for Big Ten 6th player of the year with 16 points off the bench.

The Ohio State women’s basketball team traveled to Minnesota to take on the Golden Gophers in the final game of the 2013-2014 regular season.  After falling just short of a road upset against #25 Iowa, the Buckeyes came into this game with a 15-16 (5-10) record and in need of a win to help their slim hopes of making the WNIT.

Ohio State scored the first four points of the game and lead 9-8 after a three pointer by Cait Craft just over five minutes into the game only Minnesota score 7 straight over the next two minutes to take a 16-9 lead.  The Buckeyes would trim the Gopher lead to 3, 18-15, but then went cold from the field while Gophers went on a 14 to 1 run to go up 32-16 with two and a half minutes to go in the half and the teams would go into halftime with Ohio State trailing 35-21.

Ohio State didn’t play much better at the start of the second half and Minnesota took advantage to extend their lead to 20, 43-23, under four minutes into the second period.  The Buckeyes finally began knocking down shots at that point and slowly chipped away at the Golden Gopher lead, pulling within 10, 63-53, with five minutes remaining in the game.  A 7 to 2 run by the Gophers over the next three minutes would extinguish the Buckeye hopes of an upset as Minnesota coasted the rest of the way to a 74-57 win.

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It’s All Academic: OSU Researchers Shed Light on PTSD

Written February 28th, 2014 by Charles

Seal_of_the_Ohio_State_UniversityWhether it be from movies such as The Best Years of Our Lives, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, or others, or from personally knowing someone or even just watching the news, most Americans are at least somewhat familiar with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  While PTSD was first brought to the public’s attention by war veterans returning home from combat, it can effect anyone and can be triggered by things such as being a victim of a crime, car accident, natural disaster, etc…  In 2009, the National Institute for Health estimated that around 7.7 million American adults suffer from PTSD.  Due to the nature of combat, PTSD is more common in the military and in 2009 the Department of Veterans Affairs estimated that 31% of Vietnam Veterans, 10% of Desert Storm veterans, 11% of veterans of the war in Afghanistan, and 20% of Iraqi war veterans suffer from PTSD.

With so many Americans impacted by PTSD, it isn’t surprising that a lot of research has been done on the disease and while progress has been made, we still have a long way to go in order to understand what causes PTSD and how to treat and cure it.  Fortunately researchers at Ohio State’s Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research and the Department of Neuroscience are on the case and have made important progress in understand what may trigger some PTSD behavior.

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Ohio State Snaps Losing Streak With Win Over Northwestern

Written February 23rd, 2014 by Charles

OSU's five graduating seniors were honored at their last home game.

OSU’s five graduating seniors were honored at their last home game.

The Ohio State women’s basketball team entered their final home game of the 2013-2014 season today on a five game losing streak that had seen the Buckeyes go from solid contenders for an NCAA tournament berth to under .500 on the season and had fueled speculation that the team had just kind of hung it up for the rest of the season.  Even though there is still a week left in the regular season, OSU’s last two games are on the road so today’s game was Senior Day for Martina Ellerbe, Amy Scullion, Darryce Moore, Ashley Adams, and Aleksandra Dobranic.  Ohio State has really struggled on Sunday’s during the Big Ten season and considering their losing streak coming into the game, there were lots of doubts about whether they could send the seniors out correctly.

Ohio State got things off to an encouraging start with senior Martina Ellerbe opening the scoring with a three pointer as OSU jumped out to an early 7-2 lead.  Northwestern would score the next five points before OSU went on a 14 to 3 run to open up a 23-10 lead at the midpoint of the first half.  After trading baskets for the next few minutes, the Buckeyes scored 10 straight points, thanks to a pair of three pointers by Raven Ferguson, to extend their lead to 37-16 with five minutes remaining in the half.  The teams would trade baskets the rest of the way and Ohio State led 41-21 at the half.

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Buckeyes in Sochi

Written February 21st, 2014 by Charles

Bg2d2PVIYAACCqPEvery two years sports fans get the special treat of watching the greatest athletes from around the world gather together and compete in either the summer or winter Olympics.  While Jesse Owens is undoubtedly Ohio State’s most famous Olympian, he is far from the only one as over 200 Buckeyes have represented their home countries in the Olympic games.   Just like how many OSU fans enjoy keeping track of how Buckeyes perform in the professional ranks and wish them well in doing so, it is also fun to see how our Buckeyes do in the Olympics and while most of us are cheering for Team USA, we also like to see the athletes from OSU do well.  This year Ohio State was represented by 4 Olympians, all of which coincidentally play hockey.  Emma Laaksonen Terho and Minttu Tuominen play women’s hockey for Finland, Natalie Spooner plays women’s hockey for Canada, and Ryan Kesler is a member of the US’s men’s hockey team.

emma_laaksonenEmma Laaksonen Terho was a standout at Ohio State where she helped lead the Buckeyes to the finals in the WCHA tournament her freshman year and became the first women’s hockey player to have her number retired at OSU.  Terho graduated from OSU with a degree in finance in 2004 and was inducted into the Ohio State Athletics Hall of Fame in 2009.  Terho is an old hat when it comes to the Olympics as this is her fifth games.  She made her Olympic debut in 1998 when at age 16 she was the youngest member of the Finnish delegation to make the trip to Nagano.  Terho won bronze medals with Finland in 1998 and again in the 2010 games in Vancouver.

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It’s All Academic: What Makes Ants Superstrong?

Written February 14th, 2014 by Charles

Seal_of_the_Ohio_State_UniversityAnyone who has been outside and watched ants crawl by carrying leaves or balls of dirt or bits of food probably has realized that they are very strong creatures.  Many of you have probably heard or read various figures saying that ants can carry X times their body weight with X being some rather large number.  Previously scientists had believed that most ants could carry several hundred times their body weight.  These estimations were made by watching what ants would carry but that isn’t a great way to determine the max amount that an ant can carry as it isn’t possible for scientists to know if the ant is carrying as much as it can or if it has no reason to carry more or if is just being lazy. 

Researchers in the Ohio State Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering weren’t happy with these estimations of how strong ants were and set out accurately measure the strength of ants’ necks and to figure out what makes them so strong.  Unfortunately you can’t just ask ants to pick up a set of barbells so the team lead by assistant professor Carlos Castro had to come up with another solution.  Their solution involved approaching the problem in a way similar to determining the strength of a material, you stress it until it fails.  The scientists started by using electron microscopy and micro-CT machines to get up close looks at the interior and exterior of the ants in order to learn about the structure of their necks.  After anesthetizing the ants so that they wouldn’t feel anything, the team then glued the ants heads to a piece of material which was placed into a centrifuge.  As the centrifuge spun, the heads of the ants were held in place while their bodies were drawn outward.  The faster the centrifuge spun, the more force was placed on the neck of the ant.  The team kept increasing the speed of the centrifuge until the ants’ bodies were ripped from the head; at this point the scientists noted the speed of the centrifuge and used that to calculate the force that the necks could withstand before failing.

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Ohio State’s Skid Continues With Loss to Penn State

Written February 9th, 2014 by Charles

Coach McGuff's reaction was completely understandable.

Coach McGuff’s reaction was completely understandable.

After suffering back-to-back road losses at Wisconsin and Purdue, the Ohio State women’s basketball team returned home to Columbus hoping the friendlier confines of the Schott would help them get back to winning.  The Big Ten scheduling gods were not going to make that easy though as standing in the way was 9th ranked Penn State who had already defeated OSU 66-42 in Happy Valley back in January.

Things started off well for Ohio State as a Darryce Moore layup opened the scoring and the Buckeyes got up to an early 7-4 just over two minutes into the game.  Penn State would use a 9 to 4 run to change that and take a 13-9 lead with just over fifteen minutes remaining in the half.  The Buckeyes would narrow that gap to one only to see the Nittany Lions quickly open the lead back to 5, 19-14, near the midpoint of the half.  Down 24-19 with just over eight minutes before the break, Ohio State got a spark from three points by Amy Scullion and Martina Ellerbe and used that momentum to go on a 14 to 2 run that gave the Buckeyes a 33-26 lead with just under five minutes to go in the half.  Despite all the momentum on their side, Ohio State suddenly found themselves going cold from the field and Penn State responded by chipping away at the lead and then making a layup just before the buzzer to go into the locker room leading 38-36.

OSU’s cold shooting continued at the start of the second half and the Buckeyes quickly found themselves in a double-digit hole, 47-36, just four minutes into the second period.  Five straight points by the Buckeyes pulled them back within six but they still couldn’t find their shot and the Nittany Lions used a 10 to 1 run to put themselves back up by double digits and put the game out of reach as PSU would coast the rest of the way to a 74-54 win.

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