tBBC Rewind – Memories of Ann Arbor

Written September 22nd, 2011 by Jeff

Tomorrow marks the 5th anniversary of this website. Holy crap, my blog is in Kindergarten already (that makes sense, because when I was running it a couple years ago, it always did seem kinda like pre-school).

The guys have asked me to submit my favorite memory from the 5-year history of the site, but that was nearly impossible. There were way too many great memories, but I think I found the one that I like the most.

Everyone has a story about how horrible the fans are of their rival school. It seems to go with the territory….”I hate (university) because their fans are the worst. One time, I saw (university’s fans) do (something awful).” Yeah, we have those fans at Ohio State. I know it, I’ve seen them and it’s embarrassing. But you know what….your school has them too. Sadly, most of the tales of bad behavior never get countered with a mention of the good side of the fan base.

The following is the story of my day at Michigan Stadium from the 2009 version of The Game, in which I encounter some of the most horrifying episodes of fans in jackass mode….and some of the nicest people you could ever share a rivalry with. Enjoy.


I’ve missed you all. Did you all get along while I was out of town?

You saw the game, you know how it went down. There’s not much that I can add to the actual contest between Ohio State and Michigan. We could go over each and every play (which we just might), but it’s not anything that you haven’t read on the internets already.


We went north until we smelled it....

My review, therefore, will be about my encounters and my experiences in Ann Arbor on Saturday. Trust me, it was one hell of a day.

The trip from Canton, Ohio to Ann Arbor, Michigan clocks in usually at 3:40, but we knew there would be traffic and whatnot, so we left around 5am. Yikes. Now is as good a time as any to point out that I went to the game with my best friend, Megan and her boyfriend, Tony….both of them are Michigan fans. I know, I know.

We hit traffic five miles outside of Ann Arbor, and the result was a feeling of relief that we had left so early in the morning. We found a campus parking lot and began our walk towards the infamous golf course/tailgate area. Read More

A major milestone achieved: One million page views

Written February 9th, 2011 by Jeff

As the founder of this website, it’s my honor and my pleasure to announce that The Buckeye Battle Cry has just reached an amazing goal.

While most of Buckeye Nation slept last night, we reached 1,000,000 views on this website.

Frankly, I’m still in awe. Never did I imagine that my site would attract a visitor one million times (and for the record, the stats counter does not count administrators in their totals, so the writers of this site probably push the total way past that mark). But yet, here we are. One freaking million.

I want to take credit for it, but I simply cannot.

The thank-yous are enormous to everybody involved with this site, be it from the first days to yesterday. From the advice I got at the ground floor to the early promotion, to the sites that share the game-day chats with us, to every single reader I have ever seen here. None of it is possible without you.

But one look at the stats sheet for the site tells you all you need to know about who is responsible for this milestone……

The site was grabbing a few readers a day when it began, and slow and steady progress got that up to 100-200 readers per day when I brought it from Blogger over to WordPress more than two years ago. But the boom or readers occurred after our first writer expansion. When Eric, Jim and MaliBuckeye took shelter here, the boom was enormous. The monthly numbers jumped from 3-4 thousand to 18-24 thousand per month almost immediately. And I know it was their work that made the difference, because it was June. Had the surge happened in September, it would have been a football-related jump. there’s no denying who is responsible for it here.

Another surge came when the staff expanded even further. I left for FOX Sports Ohio in June, and the gang I left in charge expanded even further. So did their focus, and the readership. These guys have a bigger vision for tBBC than I ever could. It shows.

Let me give you the perfect example of what these guys have done – In the entire month of February of 2009, this site saw 2,900 readers. On February 2nd alone last week, we had over 6,000 readers.

Yes, we’ve arrived.

In fact, since I left the site seven months ago, the site has seen just under 450,000 total readers. I wonder if we got popular because I left????

Thanks for being a part of this, Buckeye fans. My glass is raised to you today!

You make it hard to love you, Terrelle

Written February 3rd, 2011 by Jeff

Seriously, TP.  We love you here and we’ll defend you a lot.  But you don’t make it easy, do you?

On a positive note, I’m willing to bet that Vico is loving this video, knowing that Evege is in it too. The Donnie loves his family (they’re an awesome family, by the way)

Tweet of the year

Written January 4th, 2011 by Jeff

Ohio State football starts at 830pm tonight.  Ohio State basketball tips off at 9pm.  And this is the Twitter account of a man who truly gets what it means to be a Buckeye….

Let’s go Buckeyes!

Happy Anniversary, TTUN!

Written November 22nd, 2010 by Jeff

Just a quick note to remind everyone that today is the 7th anniversary of the last time That Team Up North won a football game against Ohio State.

Don’t forget to stop in your favorite TTUN blog and wish them a Happy Anniversary!

TTUN coach Rich Rodriquez and his wife, C.C. DeVille from 80's band Poison

Live Chat – Ohio State-Purdue

Written October 23rd, 2010 by Jeff

Get in the chat room and have some FUN with us today!

Favorite Buckeye player to watch?

Written October 21st, 2010 by Jeff

With the non-win last weekend, spirits sunk a bit over Buckeye football, and I decided to try and bring them back up again for a bit.  Together, we’re going to take an interactive trip down memory lane and find out what made you a diehard.

I’ve been watching Ohio State football with an intense interest for 30 years now, since my dad took me to my first game.  I’ve seen some of the greats and I’ve been there for some of the best single-game performances of all time.  Guys that made my blood run scarlet, guys that were Gods to me, guys that had me doing a little NFL betting just because they had once worn the colors of my beloved university.

I have my list of celebrity-status Buckeyes that will forever swirl around my heart, and I want to put them to a vote.  Talk to me about your favorites.  Which one of these guys made you wake up earlier on Saturdays?  Made you buy a jersey with their number on it?  Would make you get all verklempt if you met them in a bar some night?

Troy Smith

Read More

Tribute to the Buckeye fans, best fans in the nation

Written October 17th, 2010 by Jeff

Back in January of 2007, I watched in horror as my beloved Buckeyes were crushed 41-14 in the National Championship game.  It was awful in every way imaginable.  The next day, I went to work to visit a couple of friends and I was wearing my Antonio Pittman jersey.  They immediately mocked me for it and asked “why on earth I would wear that?”.

The answer was simple to me.  They are my team, win or lose.  There is no shame, no retreat.  I love them regardless of the result.

I told them that if I went to see my daughter in a spelling bee and she lost on her first word, I wouldn’t deny that she was my kid.  I stand by her side, tell her I love her and she’ll do better next time.  Same thing goes for my Buckeyes.

Yesterday during the FOX Sports Ohio/Buckeye Bloggers live chat, I noticed a lot of fans’ frustration, but there was no quit in the majority of Ohio State fans.  Oh, sure, there were the fans who wanted to bitch about every little detail, but you’re going to have that with any fan base.  There were over 120 readers on the chat, and most of us just ignored the one or two that whined about everything.

This is our team, win or lose, and the fans behaved in such a manner.  Even as our National Championship hopes were fading away, the prevailing attitude was that we were two or three mistakes away from winning that game, and we were just outplayed by a fired-up Wisconsin team.  When the Badgers took the victory formation, the conversation turned towards Purdue, and didn’t launch into the ridiculous “fire Tressel” tirade that some fans often revert to.

This morning, the same attitude took hold.  I’m proud of my Buckeyes and I’m impressed with the way they fought back.

I’m equally as impressed with my fellow Buckeye fans, who still show pride and say “it’s a good day to be a Buckeye” because it’s ALWAYS a good day to be a Buckeye.  When other teams lose like we did, they panic and freak out all over their message boards or they make their websites disappear completely.  Not us.  We’re proud and we’re here, no matter what.

Yes, I’m disappointed in the loss, but guess where I’ll be next Saturday?

I’ll be at Ohio Stadium, cheering them on in the next spelling bee.

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