Shots from SunLife Stadium

Written September 22nd, 2011 by Joe

I was lucky (or unlucky…However you want to look at it) to be able to attend the game this past Saturday.  “Shots” has mostly been a basketball feature, but figured since I was in attendance, why not…

Good view, terrible game

  • I still don’t understand why Sun Life stadium is 30 minutes from downtown, and yet they still have no crowds?  In what was the most attended Miami game in Sun Life stadium it is easy to see why.   It is not close to anything.  Overheard from a Canes fan that last year on Thanksgiving they only had 22k at the game.  Can you imagine a Buckeye game only having 22k?
  • The Buckeye fans were out in force.  Making up at least 25% of the crowd.  It is always good to see the Buckeyes travel.  This Buckeye needs to go to Indiana or something though to break the losing streak of 0-4 when seeing the Bucks outside of the Shoe.  (Tress’ only loss to Michigan, 07′ LSU, 10′ Wisky, 11′ Miami)
  • I like how Miami is up on the times with the music at the game, and actually had a DJ in the stadium.  Now don’t get me wrong, I understand tradition and obviously like to hear the Buckeye Battlecry and fight song, and hear the band at halftime, but it doesn’t mean we can’t throw some top songs in here and there.  It kept me on my feet all game long.
  • 3rd down song – I don’t know what beat was, but man it had me doing it on 3rd down, and yelling for our offense to pick up their first down.  Read More

Early Look At 2013 Recruiting

Written September 12th, 2011 by Joe

Will 2013 be Ohio State's lucky year on the recruiting trail?


What was once thought to be a sure-to-be great 2012 class has turned into a wait-and-see year on the recruiting trail for Ohio State.

The off the field troubles in the spring and over the summer put a small wrench in that plan to say the least.

In recruiting, hope springs eternal. So whatever happens in the 2012 class there is always 2013 to look forward to, and that is exactly what we are going to do here.

At this point we don’t know for sure who will be recruiting that class, but Fickell and company have already started by extending some key early offers.

In addition to another solid in-state class in 2013, there already look to be a couple big name out-of-state guys who have Ohio State as their early favorite.

We will first take a look at the offered guys that I feel Ohio State has a good shot at landing.

There are national guys already offered out of Florida, Georgia, etc. but at this point it is way too early to even get excited about any of those guys.

Check back in the spring to see if they make the trip up to Columbus or next fall to see if they schedule an official visit, until then, keep your expectations on hold.

There are currently seven players with offers that I feel very confident in Ohio State’s chances.

Here they are: Read More

Early 2011 Shots from the Schott

Written September 5th, 2011 by Joe

They're pumped for this season, are you?

I know most of the talk about the Ohio State sports world is the youth movement that we saw on Saturday to go along with some key veterans that really stepped up to kick off the 2011 football season.  But, we definitely didn’t want to forget our excellent Basketball team and what they’ve been up to over the summer! We will be filling you in with a weekly basketball article or more leading up to tip off.  Look for a couple player previews, position previews, schedule preview, practices reports, and anything else that we find to report on in the next several weeks.

The schedule should be finalized in the next couple of weeks, but 4 big games headline the non-conference schedule. Florida, Duke, @Kansas, and @South Carolina.  It should be an exciting run before we get the big ten season.

The team is currently on a break until Sept 12 when they can start limited workouts with the coaches.  I was able to attend one open gym, but it was before any of the frosh were there.  Word is starting to swirl around about this team and how once again if the veterans mesh with the incoming freshmen, we could be very special.

Lets start with Will Buford.  I can only imagine how the Kentucky game still haunts him.  It has really fueled him this off-season to work hard and he never even put his name in for the NBA draft because it bothered him so much.  Look for a much stronger and more dynamic Will this year.  I see multiple 20 point games in his senior season. Read More

Shock The World!

Written August 29th, 2011 by Joe

Courtesy Kevin Dearth

We have been hearing the fans, players, coaches, etc talking about “Shock The World“.  My question is: What would it take to really do that??

I don’t think a 9-3 or even 10-2 season really meets that criterion.  Everyone knows that we have talent, but we don’t have a lot of proven talent.  John Simon, Nate Williams, Mike Brewster, Devier Posey, Boom Herron, and Mike Adams aren’t going to be taking anyone by surprise this year.

On the flip side an All B1G season from Joe Bauserman is shocking the world…  Or a 1000 yd season from Jordan Hall.  How about 120+ tackles from Andrew Sweat?  These are guys that we have all heard about as we follow recruiting, and listen to all the hype about these guys as they work their way up the depth chart during spring practice, but are not household names across the college football landscape.

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When will it end???

Written June 9th, 2011 by Joe


Is there a good end in sight?

This is going to be short and sweet.  I want to voice what I think many of us buckeye fans are feeling at this point.  No need to rehash all the bad news….The question that I have and most of Ohio State fans have is when will it all end?

There has been a lot of mud that has been slung at the wall.  Some of it has stuck, other things have not. None of us want to hear anymore bad news.  Some may say we lost our Leader and our QB, how can it get any worse?  LOIC control would be the worse that could happen, and I think there is going to be more that needs to come out to get handed that.  Hopefully the investigation that is going on is a deep one, and if there are things to find they find them all at once.

The hope is this is the last of it.  I am sure there will be a couple more articles come out and do the whole rehash pieces that many journalists like to do, but I am ready for our punishment to come out in the August time period.  I look forward to celebrating Luke Fickell’s chance of one year to show what he can do starting Monday with his introduction press confrence, I’m looking forward to our new QB Braxton Miller, to following the recruiting and to celebrating the kids that want to be Buckeyes in the 2012 class.

There will be bumps in the road along the way for the next year, with transfers, some more articles, the media slamming us, but there is really not any other direction to go other than up at this point right?

Haters Gonna Hate. Why?

Written June 3rd, 2011 by Joe

I know that is a very loaded title, but I feel it best suits my current thoughts.

It is what it is...

I understand the Mark May’s and Desmond Howard’s of the world taking every chance they get to smear the Ohio State University and our transgressions-  they have been waiting for this day for so long.  We have been a top program for the last decade and America likes to see the giant fall.

If it was Michigan, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Auburn we would probably jump on that train as well;  unless you are of the opinion those that live in glass houses don’t throw stones.  Those are the haters that you brush off though, because they always do so out of spite and dislike and they never go away.  It hurts sometimes to be the brunt of jokes, but get back to doing what we should be and everything will be fine.

What is hard to fathom is how we handle our own.  How many ex-Buckeye players, media, or fans have you heard badmouth Coach Tressel and Terrelle Pryor, for example?  Or what about “snitching” or calling for the heads of your own president to be turned over on a silver platter?  I completely understand some constructive criticism,  but comments like “fake buckeye”, “I hate so and so”, “This player should be kicked off the team”, etc. coming from our own fans hurt.

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Look Ahead to 2011-2012 Men’s Basketball

Written May 19th, 2011 by Joe

One of our personal favorites, William Buford, is coming back for another run.

After Eric’s article on the look-back to last year and the exciting news of adding “the Dookies” to our schedule for next year, I thought why not take a real early look at next year and have a little fun with the article.  Hope you like it!

The biggest recruiting gets of the season were obviously the commitments from “Mr. Party in the USA” Jared “Sully” Sullinger and “Suave Smooth” William Buford to return for another year.  We have been hurt by guys leaving early in the past, but for the first time Since Thad’s first real class we don’t have anyone leaving for the league early!  Both will be primed and ready for big time seasons next year to follow up on their strong campaigns this past year.

Buford will be hungry after a below par showing in the Sweet 16 game against Kentucky.  There were times when I was wondering if DLight should have gone over and just stolen the ball from Will as he was struggling to hit anything.  Sully, on the other hand, will try and follow up his dominant Freshman season with a Naismith winning season.

Also returning are freshmen contributors from last season: “Backup singer” Aaron Craft and “Always Ready to Shoot” Deshaun Thomas.  Aaron will be the leader of the team.  In open gyms over the summer he has taken that role, and really started pushing his teammates to get better – look for it to show on the court next season.  Maybe we should call him “Gladiator” because he never stops.

I expect to see a little bit of a different game from Deshaun next year.  Hopefully I don’t sit in the stands and hear lil old ladies yelling, “pass the ball Deshaun!”, like I did last year.  I see him stepping into the starting spot at the 4 position where he will still look to light it up and score, but will take better shots, look to pass the ball a little more, take it in the post, and have a much improved game on the defensive end.

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Shots from the ‘Shoe: Spring Football Recap

Written April 26th, 2011 by Joe

We continue our overview of Buckeye spring practice with Joe’s look across the positions. As always HUGE thank you to Josh Winslow for his photos- be sure check out all of his Spring Game shots.

The Future? or The Present?

QB’s- IMHO the position should go to Braxton Miller for the first 5 games.  He finished off an up and down spring with a great showing in the spring game.  He can make all the throws, has escapability and the ability to get some first downs with his legs.  Obviously he is the youngest but him graduating HS early and coming in for the spring was a great decision.

Taylor Graham, Kenny Guiton, and Joe Bauserman all had their moments this spring.  Bauserman makes a great backup with the ability to save a game for us if the starter goes down.  Graham and Guiton will have their say come fall, but Graham lacks the ability to win with his legs, and Guiton doesn’t provide the greatest ability with his legs.

I really like what was said about Pryor and him stepping up and being a leader/coach for the 4 QB’s vying for the starting job.

RB’s- Talk about an embarrassment of riches with Hall, Berry, Smith, Hyde, and Herron.

The best thing about the news out of spring and the spring game was not the number of rushing attempts these guys got  or the talent they all have running the ball, but the number of receptions they received out of the backfield.  Hall and Berry split out provides the offense a lot of versatility.

Look for Berry to continue to be explosive in the return game as well.

FB’s- Zach Boren is one of the best all around fullbacks we have seen at Ohio State, and David Durham transition to the position adds a great player for the future.

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