Craft, Sullinger, Buford Named to Wooden Preseason List

Written October 3rd, 2011 by Joe Dexter


Watch out B1G, here come the Buckeyes.

You know there is a lot to look forward to when three out of the five starters from the 2011-12 basketball team are named as one of the top 50 players of the country.

Aaron Craft, Jared Sullinger,and William Buford were all announced as members of the Wooden Preseason List today. The list, which is compiled by the opinions of writers across the country, names the top 50 basketball players in the country heading into the season. Though it does not include incoming freshman or transfers, it does put some of the better players on the map to start the season.

It isn’t a surprise that Sully made the list (17 PPG, 10 RPG), but to see Buford (14 PPF, 3 APG) and Craft (7 PPG, 2 SPG) be recognized on the national level is a true testament to this coaching staff and what they’ve been able to do with the talent they have recruited.

Ohio State’s three are second on the list, as the North Carolina Tarheels sport four members of the Wooden Preseason list. The Tarheels selected are the only players on the list from the ACC. It’s the first time in the award’s history that a team has had that many players named. According to respected basketball writer Frank Burlison, Ohio State should of joined North Carolina as the first team to field four.

The U.S. Basketball Writers Association Hall of Fame member submitted forward Deshaun Thomas in his top 50. Thomas, who was a spark of the bench last season, should see an even larger role this year for the Buckeyes.

Also making the Wooden list from the Big Ten were Wisconsin guard Jordan Taylor, Michigan State forward Draymond Green, Northwestern Forward John Shurna, Minnesota forward Trevor Mbakwe, Michigan Guard Tim Hardaway Jr, and Purdue forward Robbie Hummell. The B1G had nine total selections, just one behind the oh so great Big East Conference.

The award not only honors excellence on the court but in the class room. Sullinger who was a finalist last season for the Wooden Award and was named a Wooden All-American is a prime example of the character the list looks to promote, according to Los Angeles Athletic Club President Steve Hathaway (From OSU Press Release).

“The decision made by the Sullinger family, who we enjoyed hosting last year at the Wooden Award, exemplifies Coach Wooden’s ideas of the importance of education. Coach Wooden would have been so pleased to see so many fine players return to college basketball this year. I expect a competitive year for the Award in 2012.”

Competitive is something that Ohio State fans will take at this point. This is just another reason why Buckeye fans should be excited about the upcoming season. At least we know the offense will score more than seven points.

Gameday Notables: Quotes and Thoughts From 10-7 loss

Written October 2nd, 2011 by Joe Dexter

It’s hard to share thoughts after a performance like that to open up the Big Ten season against Michigan State. Sometimes, you make a adjustments to stay in the ballgame. Sometimes you get outplayed by a better team. Then there are games like this where one side of the football gives you a chance to win, while the other does nearly everything possible to throw a ballgame.

They say that defense wins you championships. OSU fans are quickly learning you at least need a steady dose of moving the football to be successful. Here are some numbers and quotes to ponder after Saturdays 10-7 Loss.


Ohio State -

Tyler Moeller:

On how the defense performed on the field:

“I thought we played pretty well out there. We had some decent turnovers when we needed to. We did give up 10 points which was 10 too many.”

On losing their first game against Michigan State in the Dantonio Era:

“This is a hard one. Every loss is hard. We fought hard and came up short. The hardest ones are the close losses. The ones where you think you are going to get it done and fall short.”

On the lack of offense:

“I’m not on the offensive side of the ball so I don’t know what goes on with them. I do know they do a lot better job than I could at throwing the ball or being a quarterback. I support them. We are one team.”

On bouncing back for Saturday’s game against Nebraska:

“We will lick our wounds for 17 hours then get in the film room and see what we did wrong and what we can do better. We’ll come back and prepare for the next team.”

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Picks For The Weak: Week 5

Written September 29th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

Use Your Brain Weaklings!

Week five is here, and I hope you’re not steaming out of your ears as heavily as Dana Holgorsen was on the sidelines Saturday.Watch out Country Roads, Mountain Mama — Dana Boy has got road rage without a license. Harness your fear of driving on the same road as the skulletsen.The fact of the matter is that week four is is in the books and we are cruisin’ clear on the road to week five. Week four is in the rearview mirror. As Donnie Brasco would say — Forget about it!

Last week was one to forget for Jim here @tBBC. He was the only one out of the panel of tBBC staff,  our expert and the computer to finish under .500. It’s okay though, if there is one thing I can guarantee, it’s that Jim isn’t laughing on the sideline. He’s a boss, but there is no joking in weekly college picks. Just over-thinking, hesitation, and some really bad decisions.

Alabama, LSU, and Baylor gave the board a sweeping W, while Dabo and Clemson made everyone eat the rock. Shows what we know about ACC football.

The computer had it’s best week of the year, going 7-3. Our expert, Kyle Kensing of Saturday Blitz went 8-2. Leading the Buckeye Battle Cry charge was Joe L, rebounding after a few rough weeks to open the season. The big man went 9-1 thanks to those damn Clemson Tigers.  Here’s a look at the week four standings:

Mali 7-3 – Eric 5-5-Jim 4-6 – Experts 8-2 – Joe L – 9-1  Joe D 7-3 – Computer – 7-3

Eric finished for the first time this year at .500 or worse. He’s going to bulldoze through week 5 though, like a freight train — watch out weaklings! Here is a look at the season standings:

Mali 27-12 – Eric 26-13- Joe L. 26-13– Experts 22-7– Jim –24-15- Joe D 21-18 – Computer – 20-19

Week 5 Analysis:

This week we talk to Bill Connelly of Football Study Hall. Enjoy the talk of this week’s big games.

Picks For The Weak: Weak 5 With Bill Connelly by The Buckeye Battle Cry

Now, let’s get to the picks!

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tBBC Postgame Show: Colorado

Written September 26th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

Eric and JoeD are joined by Michael of Our Honor Defend to break down Ohio State’s 37-17 win over the Colorado Buffaloes in the final game of the non-conference season.

The gang breaks down the game by talking about all three aspects, the effective running game, and by talking about Braxton Miller’s first start as a Buckeye. Plus we talk about the mistakes of the Buffaloes and how Ohio State took advantage of them.

Sorry for the delay, but the advancement in communications that is Skype, bombed on us on Saturday. It even gave us trouble on Sunday. But there was no way it was going to stop us from getting our thoughts out there!

That and more right here on your late because of technology tBBC postgame show!

OSU Defense Stampedes Colorado in 37-17 Win

Written September 24th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

Things got back on track for the Ohio State at Ohio Stadium in week number 4 of the college football season. Solid field position, big plays, and breakdowns on Colorado special teams gave Ohio State the advantage all afternoon in a 37-17 victory in the final non-conference game of the season.

Things got started off right on the kickoff, as Jordan Hall started the opening drive right with a 45 yard return. After a holding penalty moved the Buckeyes back to the 40 to begin the game. Braxton miller got his first start as a Buckeye, and on his first drive went three and out after a botched snap on third down.

Colorado then got the ball for the first time at the 28. Tyler Hanson would go three and out on three pass plays. After a nearly blocked punt that went 20 yards, hit the foot of Bradley Robey and was recovered by Chris Fields, The Buckeye offense took over for the second time of the game with solid field position.

That’s when Jordan Hall and Braxton Miller started finding a rhythm on the field. Miller moved the chains on third down to the 30 yard line on a short run and followed that up with a ten yard run  option keeper to get the Buckeyes into the red zone. Jordan Hall would then get his legs moving  with a nice run to the sidelines and out of bounds to the ten yard line on a big block by Zach Boren. Hall would then have a nice cutback nine run yard, dodging the defensive front in the middle of the field for a gain of nine yards and to the goal line. Hall would then jump over the pile from the one yard line and score the first points of the game.

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Picks for the Weak: Week Four

Written September 22nd, 2011 by Joe Dexter

Dabo and his Tigers are HUNGRY....

It’s week four of the college football season, and you weaklings are gaining strength. No, it’s not from our expert prespective… Yeah, no. This week, us college football fans get our inspiration for top notch picks by pumping ice water in our veins!

We might be in Death Valley, but it’s our time to choose greatness! Are you going to be the next greatest tBBC College Challenge Champion? Are you going to put the ! in Yahoo!??? Week three is in the books, and another slate of games is in front of us. Are you going to eat rock like Dabo?? Or are you going to eat crow like Brady Hoke?

It’s time to step up your game like OSU Silver Bullet, Buffalobuckeye, The Silver Bullets, BWCGF3, and Culp’s Freaking Hill. tBBC is here to help you with your picks. We’re just not sure if we’re helping you jump up the standings or jump off the face of the earth.

Week 3 Review:

Everyone but yours truly finished .500 or better in week three, with the experts receiving a week off.  The staff swept the board with Southern Idaho State, Nebraska and LSU.  Only Joe L  had the cajones to pick Notre Dame  against Michigan State.  He  and Jime were also smart enough not to dip their picks into the Miami (OH) Butter.  Here’s a look at last week’s standings.

Mali 6-4 – Eric 6-4 -Jim 8-2 – Experts **BYE – Joe L – 7-3  Joe D 4-6 – Computer – 5-5

Oh Boy. As you can see, the picks get harder as we get closer to conference play…. Or maybe I’m just destined to finish worse than a machine. Here is a look at the current standings heading into week 4.

Mali 20-9 – Eric 21-8 -Jim 20-9 – Experts – 14-5* – Joe L – 17-12 Joe D 14-15 – Computer – 13-16

Week Four Analysis:

There are some big games this week, but there are also some ugly ones. Helping us break down some of the better ones is Kyle Kensing of Saturday Blitz. We talk expansion, Alabama/Arkansas, Oklahoma State/Texas A&M, Florida State/Clemson as well as scUM vs. SDSU.  Kyle also breaks down our Week 4 games in writing this week.

Picks For The Weak: Week 4 by The Buckeye Battle Cry

Now to the games!

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Picks For the Weak: Week 3

Written September 16th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

If Crick is after you, run..... And give him your lunch money.

Two weeks of Picks are in the books, and man — I guess there is feeling in college football. If there is anything that has been learned over our first two weeks of football is that there is an emotion attached to this game. Maybe that’s why the computer sucks so much at picking games so far this year.

It wasn’t just Toledo that gave the staff here at tBBC a scare. BYU almost derailed everyone’s hopes of a win when they nearly beat Texas over the weekend. And how about those Hoosiers? They came damn close to actually beating a BCS conference team. That would of been fun.

Poor Bloomington.

But like all walks of life, college football is dog eat dog. Natural Selection does not favor Indiana. All is right in the world when Indiana loses. And its clear that the Meeeeechhigan defense couldn’t stop a tree leaf from blowing in the wind. Darwin was on to something when he took voyage on the HMS Beagle. I’m pretty sure he knew back then that Michigan football would always suck. Sadly that’s a species that will never evolve.

Weekly Review: Read More

Three Suspended Buckeyes Reinstated

Written September 13th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

NCAA says decision is “independent” of the NCAA enforcement process. “The enforcement investigation into th… (cont) than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

It was confirmed by OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith that the three players suspended for accepting 200 dollars cash and attending a charity event without permission have been reinstated by the NCAA today and will be eligible to play against the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday.

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome Jordan Hall to the 2011 season.

Running back Jordan Hall, Corner Travis Howard and safety Corey “Pittsburgh” Brown were all suspended for two games for taking those improper benefits at the charity event that took place this February. It is yet to be determined if Hall will automatically be inserted as the starter against Miami. Rod Smith and Carlos Hyde shared carries in the first two games of the season, with Hyde getting the majority of the workload. Hall was the projected starter heading into the season.

Howard will start in the secondary most likely on Saturday, barring any belief from the coaching staff that he isn’t ready to go. Dominic Clarke, who filled in for Howard, will still see a bunch of time on the field. Brown will continue to back up Orhian Johnson and C.J. Barnett.

Rusty Miller of the AP was the first to announce the reinstatement. Bill Rabinowitz of The Dispatch has since confirmed.

Gene Smith told Miller and the Associated Press on Saturday that he didn’t believe these three suspensions would affect the decisions of the NCAA that loom over the head of the University. He also added that Ohio State would plan to appeal a bowl ban if it was handed down to them by those capable of doing so

From the AP:

“I don’t think a postseason ban is warranted,” Smith said. “I’ve always said, that’s the one thing we would appeal. Anything else, we can accept. But I can’t speculate what (the NCAA is) going to do.”

Coach Fickell receives a bit more of a heads up that his players are returning than he did when they were suspended. The coaching staff found out just 48 hours before the opening of the season that it would be without Hall, Howard and Brown. It seemed that all three would be back before OSU’s battle with Toledo, but just 24 hours before game time, the coaching staff was informed that all three would be suspended for a second game.

All three players must pay 200 dollars back to charity before they are eligible to play a down.

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