Ohio State and the NFL: Ballin’ Buckeyes, Week Two

Written September 18th, 2013 by Patrick

All He Does… Is Run REALLY Fast

Week 2 of the NFL season began with a barnburner in New England and a few Buckeyes had a hand in both the Jets loss and Patriots win. Santonio Holmes improved off his week 1 numbers with 3 catches for 51 yards. Nate Ebner saw some time in the Pats defensive backfield as well on special teams. And Nick Mangold had a “moment”. Yup.

Week 2 former Bucks were led by Ted Ginn (Panthers) and followed close by Terrelle Pryor (Raiders) and Brian Hartline (Dolphins). Ginn hauled in 3 catches for 62 yards and his first touchdown of the season in the Panthers 24-23 loss.

Pryor led the Raiders to their first win of the season with 126 passing yards and another 50 yards on the ground.

Hartline had 5 catche4s for 68 yards as the Dolphins edged the Colts 24-20 and moved to 2-0.

On the defensive side of the ball, last year’s B1G defensive player of the year, John Simon, recorded his first tackle in his first action as a Raven as they defeated the Browns 14-6. James Laurinatis registered 5 tackles in the Rams loss to the Falcons. Donte Whitner recorded 5 tackles and 2 pass deflections in the 49ers 29-3 defeat on SNF.

Will Allen continued his good season in Dallas with 4 tackles and 1 pass deflection in the 17-16 loss to the Chiefs. Malcolm Jenkins sealed the win for the Saints over the Bucs with an INT late in the game and returned it 31 yards. Jenkins also recorded 2 tackles and 1 pass deflection.

The Packers AJ Hawk shone with 5 tackles and Ryan Pickett had 1 pass deflection in the 38-20 drubbing of the Redskins. Former Buckeyes raised their games on MNF as the Bengals Mike Nugent was 2-2 on FG’s and Cam Heyward recorded 2 pass deflections as the Steelers lost a close one to the Bengals, 20-10.

Last but not least, long snapper Jake McQuaide was perfect on all snaps in the 31-24 Rams loss to the Falcons.

Ohio State and the NFL: Ballin’ Buckeyes, Week One

Written September 11th, 2013 by Patrick

As the Buckeyes had finished up taking care of business on Saturday vs San Diego St, many former Bucks were getting ready for their week 1 opponents in the NFL. On Wednesdays of each week, we’ll take a look at how the former Buckeyes in the league are doing.

Sunday’s Buckeyes were no doubt led by two guys, Terrelle Pryor and Brian Hartline. Hartline returned home to burn his hometown team, the Browns with a 23-10 win. In the win, Hartline hauled in 9 catches for 114 yards and a TD. Hartline seemed to be go to guy when the Dolphins needed to move the chains.

As for Pryor, all he did was lead the league in rushing and almost lead his Raiders to an upset of the Colts. Pryor was19/29 passing for 217 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. His most impressive stat may have been his 112 yards on 13 carries, which led all NFL rushers for week 1.

Ted Ginn (Panthers) and Santonio Holmes (Jets) each recorded 1 catch in their teams win. Read More

Shots From The ‘Shoe: Buffalo

Written September 1st, 2013 by Patrick
And So It Begins

And So It Begins

We’re lucky to have several staffers who have either gameday assignments at Ohio Stadium or season tickets. After each home game, we’ll get you some quick thoughts “from the cheap seats”.

As I awoke around 3:30am Saturday morning, my excitement for what the day held overtook my desire and need to go back to sleep.  It would be three short hours until I’d begin my two hour journey south to Columbus.  As I arrived in Columbus with my family and friends and plotted our route from the Ackerman lots to our traditional stop at Conrads for our game day “beat Buffalo” buttons and then on to the Skull Session, I found myself with a sense of joy and giddiness knowing the 2013 Buckeye season was less than three hours away.

We took our seats at St John’s Arena and begin our annual bet of who’s going to speak before Urban at the Skull Session.  The guesses ranged from Jordan Hall to Corey Linsley to Christian Bryant.  We were all wrong as Garret Goebel grabbed the mike and began to get the crowd ready.   As he handed the mike to Urban after speaking, I thought to myself, will he tie in something regarding “the journey” of which he spoke of many times last year.  He didn’t disappoint ending by talking about “a new journey begins today”!

We made our way over to The Shoe, on to Buckeye Grove and back around to enter in the rotunda.  The crowd seemed excited and the music was booming from the loud speakers.  We made the long winding climb up to C-deck level and then what seemed to be the even longer climb to our row 36 seats in 10C.  We were shortly joined by many Buckeye fans and much to our joy, a row of Buffalo fans topped off by a gentleman who claimed to have played for Buffalo donning a Michigan hat.  As kickoff grew closer, fans chatted about great expectations and the excitement of seeing players like Dontre Wilson, Ezekiel Elliot, and Joey Bosa as well as the improved passing of Braxton Miller.  The Bulls fans joked of cheering for settle things such as getting the play off on time, completed passes, and holding Buckeye plays to under 7 yards an attempt.  Little did we know what was about to ensue.  As pregame festivities began, we were treated to a double script Ohio by The Best Damn Band In The Land. Read More

Penn State, Bill O’Brien Enter Year Two

Written August 28th, 2013 by Patrick

As we inch closer to the opening kickoff on Saturday, no team in the B1G is more intriguing or crucial to the success of the B1G than the Penn State Nittany Lions. Even though they are not eligible for the post season, a successful season would only strengthen the conference as a whole.

B1G Coach Of The Year

As Bill O’Brien enters into his second season, I sat down for a few minuets with statecollege.com writer, Ben Jones, and gathered a few of his thoughts heading into the 2013 season. Don’t forget to follow Ben on Twitter, @Ben_Jones88

1. Heading into the offseason, how much angst was there in Happy Valley waiting to see if Bill O’Brien would stay or not?

I think there was a fair amount of stress for fans the first few weeks after the offseason. Once O’Brien had his sitdown of sorts with the media to hash a lot of the rumor and speculation out I think that for the most part the fear left. Will he ever leave? Probably. But I think for now people expect him to stick around for the next few years.

2. In your opinion, is O’Brien the man to lead PSU through these sanctions and out the other side to relevancy again?

O’Brien is the kind of coach that I think Urban Meyer was. Unknown, and had a chance to prove himself and did and it was all “glory” from there. I’m not saying O’Brien is the next Urba Meyer but I think you can see qualities that he has that other elite coaches have. I think he stays through the sanctions and how Penn State comes out of them will depend on his future with the program. If he were to stay though I think that there is evidence to suggest he would do very well in Happy Valley.

3. Where does the QB battle stand heading into game week? Read More

We’re number TWO!?

Written August 13th, 2013 by Patrick

Number Two… For Now

As a new college football season approaches, most fans are full of anticipation of what the 2013 season will hold for their beloved team. Fans are full of anticipation, eager for August 31st to get here so we can put shoe to leather.

One of the rights of passage for college football fans is the ever popular preseason polls. Some publications release their polls early in the summer, only to leave fans drooling with anticipation for the “official AP and Coaches poll”. When the first Coaches poll was released a few weeks back, fans combed over, analyzed, and dissected every aspect of 1-25 and who “also received votes”.

Most Buckeye fans were very pleased with their preseason #2 ranking, right behind the 2011 and 2012 national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. We will take a look back over the past 14 seasons and see how much preseason rankings actually mean when it comes to winning a national championship. Read More

One Fan’s Opinion: Why The MAC Matters

Written July 23rd, 2013 by Patrick

Our friend Patrick rejoins us for a perspective on the B1G’s conference strength. Remember, if you think you’ve got what it takes to entertain and educate the masses, let us know!

When most national sports writers speak about schools dethroning the SEC’s run of seven straight national championships, the usual suspects are identified; Oregon, Stanford, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida State, and Notre Dame to name a few.

However, when those same writers talk about conferences that stand to unseat the SEC, the B1G usually isn’t at the top of the list.  Many feel the Pac 12 with Oregon and Stanford is the closest conference with a shot followed by the Big 12 with Oklahoma and a somewhat surging Texas Longhorns.

Most feel like when it comes to the B1G it’s back to the old school “big 2 and little 10(11, 13)”.  Ohio State and Michigan have noticeably separated themselves when it has come to recruiting in the B1G, which led Urban Meyer to call out the coaches and their level of recruiting.  When the B1G expanded to include Maryland, Nebraska, and Rutgers, most pundits chuckled at the thought of the B1G returning to football prominence.  The fact of the matter is, if the B1G is to return form, it is going to be the Indiana, Minnesota, and Purdue’s of the world who hold the key for success. Read More

One Fan’s Opinion: A Year Two Remember

Written July 19th, 2013 by Patrick

Buckeye fan Patrick jumps in with his pre-season look at what may be an epic year in Columbus.  Remember, if you’d like to give us your two cents, or even are interested in joining our merry band on a more regular basis, feel free to hit us up via gmail.

When Jim Tressel led the #13th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes onto the field August 24th, 2002, the expectation in his second year was not very high.

Coming off a less than impressive 7-5 campaign in his first season, albeit defeating Michigan, most Buckeye fans were just hoping for improvement. There was a new quarterback, a freshman running back, and an offensive line that had lost its anchor in LeCharles Bentley.

If you had told the most die hard fan that day, “hey, this team is going 14-0 and will win a national championship” they may have thought you’d stayed too long at the Varsity Club before the game.  What happened that year was magical and historical as we know.

We can only hope that year two of Urban Meyer can have the same result.  The only key difference is the expectations.  Most of the country in 2002 didn’t have the Buckeyes winning the Big Ten, let alone a national championship.  Ohio State was picked second in the Big Ten media poll behind Michigan and many felt this was just simply a rebuilding year for Tressel and the Bucks.

As for Urban and the 2013 Buckeyes, many have picked this team to unseat the SEC and win his 3rd National Championship.

There are many similarities when you look at what was for ’02 Bucks and ahead for the ’13 Bucks.  Read More