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Written August 26th, 2013 by Ken

Alas, poor Yorick..

Welcome to Monday Musings, glad that you decided to stop in. Grab your beverage of choice and let’s get to this. If it’s early enough in the day, coffee will suffice. If the sun is over the yardarm, I’ll trust you can handle it from there.

This week’s photo pays homage to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” references from last week. We’re often multi-dimensional here, even if it’s by accident.

The James/Wexner

I have a couple of items regarding the James/Wexner this week. The first one is an update on the new facility construction, with a good interview with Dr. David Schuller. The feature was prepared by Channel 4. Th folks doing the segment are justifiably proud of the investment in Ohio State, the medical community and the Columbus area. We all should be.

The next items is a heads up about an upcoming fundraiser in the Columbus area, “Steps for Sarcoma”, a 5K/1 mile event. This is the 4th year for the event, and through the 1st three years, $66,000 has been raised for research, $37,000 last year alone.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Orthopaedic Sarcoma Research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.  Sarcomas represent a family of rare cancers that originate in the connective tissues, which includes fat, muscle, bone, cartilage, nerve, fibrous tissue, and blood vessels.

As you can see, sarcoma is one of the nastier cancers around. And, as you can see by the fundraising momentum, the Columbus community has been stepping up and Paying It Forward. Well done, folks, thank you.


Things were kind of ‘doldrum-ish’ while we bided our time until game week. So, I’m sure influenced by some good basketball news from the women’s and men’s OSU programs, and some offbeat Twitter notification (see, I warned you guys about social media, but nooo), our staff at tBBC, or some of us, got into a lively and spirited email exchange about LeBron James; his time with the Cavs, the circumstances around his departure, the Miami Heat, etc., etc. Read More


Written August 17th, 2013 by Ken



Hopefully, it won’t be quite like this.

Here’s an event that I want to bring to your attention, The Ridiculous Extreme Suburban Excursion event RESE for short, is scheduled for Saturday morning, August 31st   at 10:00 am. It’s the equivalent of a Warrior Race / Mud Run.  If you’re in shape, or even think you’re in shape, this could be an interesting challenge for you. I’m neither, and live in Buffalo, not Columbus, so I come up empty all the way around. You may be more fortunate than I am.

As you’ve noticed, this is the morning of the Buckeyes’ opening game hosting the University of Buffalo. If you can’t make it to the game for whatever reason, don’t worry. After the event there will be tailgating with brats, burgers and beer for you Buckeyes. It’s important to get rehydrated and nourished.

The charity component, because you knew there’d be one, is that portion of proceeds go towards the Dresden Sister City Marathon exchange. The German’s send five runners in exchange for five runners from Columbus. These five runners take part in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Marathon which in turn helps raise fund for the hospital and associated child welfare programs.

The number to call to register is (614) 336-2582. Here are links to flier and poster regarding the event.

This is also listed on the Ohio State ‘Your Plan for Health’ website.

Full disclosure: my nephew is organizing this, so you loyal readers out there; please do the right thing and take the opportunity to participate to support the Dresden Sister City Exchange.

Monday Musings – Rabbit Hole Edition

Written August 12th, 2013 by Ken


Welcome to Monday Musings, I’m glad that you decided to stop in for a bit. Grab a beverage and let’s go through the Looking Glass.

The James/Wexner

We have a couple things from James/Wexner today. As always, follow the links to get the full detail.

First, OSU’s Wexner Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in the country to implant an MRI-safe spinal cord stimulator. Actually, this is a pretty big deal. The spinal cord stimulator (SCS) is an implant that provides quality of life relief for some people with chronic pain by blocking impulses to the pain receptors. Patients with previous versions of the SCS could not have the MRI diagnostic performed due to electrical/magnetic interference. This gets past that restriction.

As long as we’re on the spine today, Ohio State researchers show possibility to restore immune function in spinal injured mice. Yeah, I know we’re only talking “possibility” and “mice” at this point, but the research has to start somewhere.

People with spinal cord injury often are immune compromised, which makes them more susceptible to infections. Why these people become immune-suppressed is not known, but the Ohio State study found that a disorder called autonomic dysreflexia can cause immune suppression.

The occurrence of spinal cord injury and a compromised immunity is a really bad combination, so this is encouraging research, even at its early stages. And, like many early research projects, this foray into neurology and immunology could reap some unforeseen benefits. Read More

Passing Along Some Silver Bullet Points

Written May 15th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s not summer yet, no matter how many days of 90+ degree weather that we have in Los Angeles… but the summer blockbuster season is upon us. With that in mind, let’s revisit an SBP favorite for this week’s soundtrack.

Buckeye 411

It’s Disney? Rats…

The beauty of it is, kids are kids and people are people, and if they first and foremost feel that you care about them and that you really are there to serve them, it’s easy. I’ve had the chance to hone those skills for many, many, many years, and to me it’s second nature to want to see what I can do for someone.

This also sounds familiar,

That marketing and television and all of the funds that are involved in major college athletics have certainly taken a little bit of control, not just for the institution, but I think it’s affected the experience for the youngsters. It’s not necessarily what I believe in, and I worry a little bit that there’s so much time invested into that singular passion, that — are we giving them the experiences that they are going to need through the rest of their lives?

Akron students… I hope you know how fortunate you are.

Buckeye Hoops

DRIVEN Basketball: Marysville High School Benefit

Written April 23rd, 2013 by WVaBuckeye


If there’s one thing I have learned officiating two of DRIVEN’s events, it’s that the former Buckeyes involved are just as competitive now as they were when they played. A few are just recently removed from their playing days for the Scarlet and Gray and the others? Well, they all hail from the National Championship Buckeyes and a couple stole the show Friday night at Marysville High School

The night began with a dinner of fellowship with the former Buckeyes and their guests. Some of the players brought family with them and some just brought themselves. After the eating and hobnobbing finished, the emcee for the evening, Pastor Steve Rouch began a question and answer session with each player asking them all about where they went to high school and how they became a Buckeye;what it meant to be a Buckeye; what was their favorite memory, and why DRIVEN.

One of my favorites during the dinner Nate Oliver, HUGE DRIVEN supporter and works with FCA

One of my favorites during the dinner Nate Oliver, HUGE DRIVEN supporter and works with FCA

Read More

Stephanie’s Champions Awards Luncheon – 2013

Written April 4th, 2013 by Ken




[Ed Note: As you probably know, this is a topic that is high on my list of 'near-and-dear' concerns.  This is also representative of the character of the people that are associated with Ohio State University and its facilities, in this case, 'The James'. The people recognized, below, are Champions and heroes.]


COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC–James) has announced the recipients of the 14th Annual Stefanie’s Champions awards who will be honored at the Stefanie’s Champions awards luncheon on April 10, 12:00pm, in the Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom of The Ohio Union. The Event chairperson is Chris Spielman and the Honorary Chairs are Urban Meyer and Shelley Meyer.

The 2013 Champion of Hope Award will also be presented to Shannon Peterson, of Upper Arlington, OH.

This is only the second time that the newly introduced Champion of Hope has been awarded. The Champion of Hope honors those who selflessly give their time, energy and commitment to help the cancer community while furthering the mission of the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research at the OSUCCC – James (

Event tickets and reservations are available by going to or by calling The OSUCCC – James Development Office, 614-293-3752.

Read More

DRIVEN Food Outreach; 100,000 Blessings

Written December 13th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

I have blown up twitter in the past weeks helping promote the DRIVEN Food Outreach that is taking place this Saturday in Columbus. The one part that really tugs at my heart is the fact that my stomach growls after missing just one meal and I can only imagine how those who miss meals for days at a time feel.  I have considered making a pledge to not eating for a couple days so that I could really feel what hungry people feel.

Saturday, December 15th @ NOON Livingston Elementary School 825 E. Livingston Ave. Columbus, OH 43205

As a child I experienced times where my single mother just couldn’t afford to put a nice meal on the table. Goulash and ketchup sandwiches were regulars at times and were welcome meals on days there just wasn’t anything else to eat. All of what I went through as a child pales in comparison to some of the issues the needy around Columbus are faced with. There are families that go days without eating anything. This is your opportunity to help where help is needed. Let the next time your stomach growls remind you that there are people who go days without eating, and you helped do something about it!

Roy Hall and Antonio Smith really started DRIVEN for one purpose – God told them to do it. They are a perpetual outreach in a community that needs their help. They are celebrating the 4th Annual DRIVEN Food Outreach that has directly impacted over 2,500 Columbus families, distributed over 200,000 pounds of food, and brought HOPE to people needing it. They intend to hand out 100,000 pounds this Saturday.
Read More

Urban Meyer: Homecoming 2012

Written October 5th, 2012 by Janelle

Coach Meyer’s speech from Friday’s student event… sorry for the vertical viewpoint.


“… for the great state of Ohio”.  Oh, and thanks for the website shoutout, Coach.

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