NCAA Investigations

It’s been an interesting time for college sports; one that may end up shaking the foundations of amateurism and athletics to the core.  This isn’t all of our coverage, just some of the articles that we felt most strongly about.

Compare and Contrast: NCAA Investigations/Sanctions across institutions- One of our most read and linked articles; updated as events develop

Ohio State Investigation/Sanctions

Initial Post re: Tat 5- Back when things were “simple”

Foundational Thoughts- Setting the tone for tBBC’s coverage

Juniors To Return- Part of the “promise” made to Coach Tressel

What Did Jim Tressel Know? and Jim Tressel Suspended following university investigation

Tressel Suspended: What To Believe? Some foundational soul searching for Buckeye Fans

Jim Tressel Is Not Bruce Pearl- Initial reaction to the folks calling for Tress’ head

Jim Tressel Resigns- A Memorial Day to forget

Sports Illustrated’s Article- Lots of holes in the story, but here’s our initial coverage

Allegations- Eric takes a look at all the things alleged to have happened in various medial outlets, and points out the inconsistencies. Raffles, and so forth.

Terrelle’s Cars, and his Eventual Exodus from Ohio State

Ohio State responds to the NCAA; we respond to the response

New Allegations Emerge regarding booster Bobby DiGeronimo

Judgement Day- Sanctions for Ohio State include 2012 Bowl Ban

Other Schools

Is Anyone Clean? Anyone at all??

Is the NCAA at fault? Westy and Jason seem to think so

TV Money is the problem

LSU Sanctions Teach Important Lesson- No one knew that LSU was even under the microscope until they were sanctioned… why?

Oregon: Duck and Coverup?- A look into the Yahoo! Sports investigation of Will Lyles

Oregon Emails Released- Doesn’t look good for the Ducks

Oregon, Others Connected To Recruiting Violations- Introduction to “street agents”, what many believe will be the major challenge for the NCAA moving forward.

Hurricanes Damaged- A look at the Yahoo! Sports investigation into what may end up being the biggest scandal in college sports history.

Issues at Texas? I’m sure there’s nothing to see here…

Data/Graphics/Tables: Who doesn’t like pictures?

Table of NCAA Allegations at Ohio State, Southern Cal, North Carolina, Tennessee, Boise State, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and LSU.

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Table of Allegations, proven and refuted:

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