NCAA Controversies

Things that are illogical or worth significant discussion from the “No Clue At All”

Foundational Frustrations

Guest post from Westy about his disenchantment with college football, including the post season morass.

The Farce of The NCAA- Amateurism is a lie

Getting ready for a summer of chaos.

Media Coverage/Impact

ESPN and B1G/Ohio State: Grudge Match- The “Worldwide Leader” may have ulterior motives in their coverage of Columbus.

SBP Leads Their Target- Following up on the bias shown by the “four letter network”

Bowl and Post Season

Bowl Crap- Believe it or not, bowl games are not about “championships” and all about tourism.

Bowling for Dollars- Financial implications of the Bowl Series. And a follow up article.

Bowl Movement- What does “champion” even mean? What would be the best way to determine this? Would it matter?

Playoff Proposals

Mali’s Idea- Builds on the articles mentioned above

In 2011-12, we got a rematch that left some outside of the “Championship” game. Eric first looked at the issues involved, and then offered up a playoff solution that would be fair.


The Castaways- It would have been possible to play the 2011 National Championship game with players discarded by the teams involved.

Urban Meyer, the SEC, and Oversigning- What has been the new Ohio State coach’s history with this controversial practice?

Economics of “Big Time” Athletics

Silver Bullet Points looks at the larger issue between higher educational institutions and athletics, particularly when those insitutions are state tax/student fee funded. (scroll down)

Another SBP that examines the notion of “amateurism” from the perspective of a great article in The Atlantic”, including the myth of “student athletes” being nothing more than a workman’s comp dodge. (scroll down)