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2011 NCAA Tournament Special with Mali and Jay

Eric, Mali and Jay get together to break down the NCAA Tournament in all of its gory details! Favorite teams, Final Four predictions, legitimate upset teams, and teams likely to drop out early are all discussed. To go along with it, Eric makes some bold predictions, including a claim for a possible 16 over 1 this year (he does point out that it’s not actually in his bracket!). All this and more in the latest Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour!

Episode 11 with Michael at OHD

This week, Eric is joined by Michael, one of the new writers at the Our Honor Defend blog (www.ourhonordefend.com). The two spend a large chunk of time discussing Ohio State Basketball, including how the rest of the season is going to shape up, and whether or not they believe Sullinger will stay or go (you may be surprised by the answer). They also look ahead to next basketball season, and take a peek at the upcoming football season including yet another discussion of the possible Quarterbacking situation. All this and more on this week’s Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour!

Episode 10: 2011 Recruiting Around the Horn

Malibuckeye, Jim@tBBC and Joe@tBBC join me to discuss the recently signed 2011 recruiting class. We focus on the surprises of the class, along with who they believe will step up and see the field early in their careers. The crew also discusses the 2012 recruiting class, looking at who we are most excited about along with who we believe are locks to become Buckeyes. Lastly, we discuss the Chris Carter situation, and why we feel like the coaching staff is making the right decision. All this and more on this week’s Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour!

Episode 9: OSU Silver Bullet

Dave and Drew of the OSU Silver Bullet Blog join me for the next installment of the radio hour! We talk about the National Letter of Intent Day, particularly who we’re excited to see and what we think of the class as a whole, as well as talking about this year’s basketball team. All this and more on this week’s Radio Hour!

Episode 8: Marcus Hartman

In the newest edition of the Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour, Marcus Hartman of Buckeye Sports Bulletin joins Eric@tBBC in discussing the future of the OSU football team, the upcoming football recruiting class and some of his thoughts on the OSU Women’s Basketball team. All this and more on the latest Radio Hour!

Episode 7: Jake McQuaid and Mark Titus

Yes, you read that right! The new edition of the Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour includes Ohio State Football Longsnapper Jake McQuaid who joins me to discuss being a part of the Ohio State Football family, his thoughts on the Sugar Bowl, and his plans for the future. I’m also joined by Mark Titus, former walk-on for the Ohio State Basketball team and current blogger at Club Trillion. Titus and I discuss his thoughts on the current OSU Men’s basketball team, how they compare with the 2006-2007 version, along with several other topics. Enjoy the show!

Around the Horn with Mali, Jeff and Jay

Today’s episode of tBBC Radio Hour is another change in style as Eric hosts MaliBuckeye and Jay of thebuckeyebattlecry.com and Jeff of FoxSportsOhio.com in our own version of ESPN’s “Around the Horn”. All four discuss college football and basketball, hitting topics like: Tat-gate, bowl games, officiating, how long will Thad remain at Ohio State, if Sullinger will stay or go, and more! Enjoy the show, and Go Bucks!

Rant Hammer: Tattoo-gate

Eric at the BBC flies solo on this week’s special tBBC Radio Hour! Eric drops the Rant Hammer on the subject, hitting his thoughts on the violations, the punishments, and his thoughts on who’s got it right, and who’s got it wrong. Surprise, he thinks just about everyone’s got it wrong. All this, and some incoherent screaming in ESPN’s direction, in today’s podcast! Please note, this Podcast is explicit in nature, and not appropriate for all audiences. Listener discretion is very much advised.

Episode 6: Malibuckeye and Jay

This week, Malibuckeye joins me to discuss the coaching changes in the college football world – most notably Urban Meyer’s decision to step aside. We also discuss the upcoming bowl games, including a sneak peak at a couple of our picks in those games. Jay appears on the show as well to talk about the Basketball team and how good they really are. We also consider the quality of the teams in the Big Ten, and how long Ohio State will remain undefeated. All this and more in this week’s episode of the Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour!

Episode 5: M*ch*g*n Week with Jim and Rob Harley

As the title suggests, it’s M*ch*g*n Week here at the Radio Hour! Jim joins me again to talk about the Iowa game, along with discussing what we might expect to see during The Game. And, making his Radio Hour debut, Rob Harley chats with me about Iowa, that school up north, and what this week means to him. All that and more in this week’s BBC Radio Hour!

Episode 4: Malibuckeye and Vico

We present another episode of the Radio Hour! This week’s show includes Malibuckeye from thebuckeyebattlecry.com and special guest Vico from Our Honor Defend! Mali and I discuss the brass tacks of the Penn State game, along with the general state of things in College Football. Vico hits Penn State and Iowa, along with that great win over Florida in Shooty Hoops. And, of course, the great Donny Evege. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Episode 3: Jim and Jeff

The Radio Hour returns for another episode! This week’s show welcomes Jim from thebuckeyebattlecry.com and Jeff of Fox Sports Ohio and founder of The Buckeye Battle Cry. We take a closer look at the Penn State game, along with our thoughts on Michigan – particularly their defense. We also discuss the BCS Busters and November football in general. And, of course, as usual we include everything else that comes to mind too! Come join us for all the fun!

Episode 2: Special Basketball Preview with Jay and Joe

The Radio Hour presents a special preview of the Ohio State Basketball season! Eric at the BBC talks with Jay and Joe, both of the BBC about the new incoming freshman players. They also discuss the Schott seating arrangements as well as who they believe will lead the team and what the starting lineups might look like.

Episode 1: Malibuckeye

Eric and Malibuckeye sit down for the first ever BBC Radio Hour. They discuss the Buckeyes crushing win over the Golden Gophers and pour over their feelings about the BCS standings. They also talk Notre Dame and how long Brian Kelly is set to last, and follow it all up with a friendly chat on Michigan’s Shenanigans. All this and more in the first of many Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hours!

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