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Written October 28th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

This week, we’ve got our friend and the guy in charge of Bucky’s Fifth Quarter, Adam Hoge, joining us for a little give and take. This is his third visit to tBBC , and it worked well for Buckeye hoops, but not so much for pigskin… Be sure to check out our side of the conversation at B5Q!

1. Russell Wilson has had an obvious impact on the field for the Badgers this season.  Has he also had a significant impact to this team off the field?  What was the fan reaction to his arrival on the team?

Welcomed Addition

It’s truly remarkable how seamless the transition was for Russell Wilson. He had been in Madison for less than two months when he took the field in the opener against UNLV and he had the entire offense mastered. But what’s even more impressive is that his teammates voted him a captain in such a short time. Wilson is a great football player and is very smart, but his leadership skills are off the charts. You saw that come to life last weekend when he led the Badgers back in the fourth quarter at Michigan State.

As for the fan reaction, it was nuts, has been nuts and will continue to be nuts. The term floating around Madison is “Russell Mania” and that sums it all up. The recruitment of Wilson was the story of the summer in Wisconsin and it was probably the second-biggest college football story of the offseason behind the Ohio State drama.

2. Has the addition of Wilson substantially changed the “Power Run” offensive style Wisconsin has preferred since….well, the beginning of time?  How would you describe the offensive attack now? Read More

One Fan’s Opinion- Colorado

Written September 27th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Every now and again, we run across something at one of the great Buckeye message boards that deserve a longer look from Ohio State fans.  So, when our facebook and twitter pal JessiBuckeye (no relation) posted the following it made sense to ask her to give us permission to repost it at tBBC.  Enjoy, and thanks Jessi! First an introduction of sorts:

Enthusiasm personified

Hi! I’m Jessica, and I’ve been a Buckeye since the day I was born. There was never a time – even in my young childhood years, that I wasn’t rooting for my Buckeyes. I live in Orlando, Florida where I was born and raised, but came from McKinney, Texas. I am an Ohio State Alum, majoring in Early Childhood Education, but am now going back for Sports Broadcasting and Sports Journalism. I am a survivor of Anorexia, for which I spent 3 years in the hospital recovering from. I’m now more passionate about the Buckeyes then ever, because I can get on a personal level with the people involved. I love it.

Well, I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long time since I saw an Ohio State team rebound and dominate like this. Especially after a crushing loss to the Miami Hurricanes and no plays in the end zone. Especially just one week later.

The score was -to a Football Fan- an “acceptable” 37-17 Buckeye Victory. Looking at the score, it seems that this game to the unbeknownst eye was actually competitive at some point. But those Scarlet jerseys covered the field the entire game, in all the right places. Now, yes, the score does make the average fan do a double take. It seems like every play was huge, causing Ohio Stadium to erupt into a euphoric cheer. But it was still, despite the excitement – executed strategically and conservatively.

A lot of critics will jump on Fickell for being too conservative on the offense. Especially when it was 4th & 1 and he decided to punt. Some even blast the defense for allowing 17 points.

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Scarlet And Gray Q&A, Week Four

Written September 21st, 2011 by Chris

It would be easy to say Ohio State is better than what we saw on Saturday night in Miami. Dismissal of the 24-6 loss as an aberration would make us all sleep better at night.

The truth is there have been few with the courage to say this outright: the Buckeyes are going to struggle.

Is it time?

I am still struck by a conversation I had with another media member before the season about how Ohio State was going to fare on the football field.  He told me he saw four losses on the schedule, and if he looked hard enough he could see six.

Six losses?!?!?!

Crazy as it sounded then and still a little even now, the reality of where Ohio State football is and where people want it to be is vastly different.

The game’s lopsided result has spawned plenty of questions, and until the Buckeyes take to the field against Colorado, there will be few, if any, clear answers.

From the greatest football minds to the most arrogant arm chair coaches, the quick fix for what ails this football team seems to be elusive at this point.

A team with so many questions and so few answers would be bound to struggle. Here is a short list I have compiled, and my best attempt at answering them.

Who should be quarterback?

I devoted almost 1,000 words last week as to why Braxton Miller should be the starting quarterback, and even after seeing his lowlights from the game, Miller should still be the full time starter.

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Shock The World!

Written August 29th, 2011 by Joe

Courtesy Kevin Dearth

We have been hearing the fans, players, coaches, etc talking about “Shock The World“.  My question is: What would it take to really do that??

I don’t think a 9-3 or even 10-2 season really meets that criterion.  Everyone knows that we have talent, but we don’t have a lot of proven talent.  John Simon, Nate Williams, Mike Brewster, Devier Posey, Boom Herron, and Mike Adams aren’t going to be taking anyone by surprise this year.

On the flip side an All B1G season from Joe Bauserman is shocking the world…  Or a 1000 yd season from Jordan Hall.  How about 120+ tackles from Andrew Sweat?  These are guys that we have all heard about as we follow recruiting, and listen to all the hype about these guys as they work their way up the depth chart during spring practice, but are not household names across the college football landscape.

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Lessons from the Buckeyes

Written June 3rd, 2011 by Joe Dexter

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I think it’s safe to say that football fans across the country have never seen anything like this. When everything hit the fan on Monday, and Jim Tressel had turned in his resignation papers, a nation came together.

We mourned. We wanted to know why. Some of us might have even began doubting the characteristics we’ve grown to love from our former head coach. Others were cursing the Ohio State administration for allowing the Senator to fall on the sword.

All in all though, fans, former and current players, as well as fellow coaches around the country displayed something that may have never been witnessed in college or professional sports.

A garnering of how Jim Tressel affected many people, not only on the football field, but in life.

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