Silver Bullet Points is a Son of a Gun

Written June 19th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye
The gift that keeps on giving

Happy “Dad’s Day”, to all the fathers (intentional and accidental), grandfathers, and father figures out there…


  • Future Buckeyes cleaned house at yesterday’s Big-33 game, won 50-14 by Ohio’s all stars over their compatriots from Pennsylvania.  Standouts were Doran Grant, with a 101 yard pick six, Devin Smith with 3 catches for over a hundred yards and 2 TDs, and Cardale Jones’ stellar day at QB.
  • The star for Ohio was Akise Teague, future Bearcat, who won MVP awards. I think that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Mr. Teague in the future… you can count me among the ones disappointed he didn’t get a Buckeye offer.
  • At the Big 33, Ejuan Price confirmed that he had received his release from Ohio State, and was more than likely headed to Pitt. In spite of speculation that his decision was based on the current “scandal” in Columbus, his comments point to something many of us had thought all along-

“It had nothing to do with the allegations. I know what kind of people they are. Everybody makes mistakes, but that’s just not where my heart is. I don’t think that’s where I wanted to go in the first place. They’re still good people whether all of that stuff happened or not. Coach Tressel is still a good guy. They’re still all right with me.”

If anything, the linebacker from Richmond, Va., said, the troubles have served as motivation for not only him but also two of his fellow freshmen, defensive back Doran Grant and quarterback Braxton Miller.

“I talk to Doran all the time, and to Braxton, and our attitude is, ‘Let’s go in and do it, man. Let’s be a big three and go in there and help make it happen,’” Curtis Grant (no relation to Doran) said before arriving on campus this weekend. “I told Braxton he’s got to lead that offense, and that I am going to do my best to come in and try to get a starting spot, and try to lead the defense the best way I can.

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Recruiting Update: Coaching Turmoil in Florida

Written December 9th, 2010 by Jim

Thank you Urban?

The college football world is abuzz this month due to coaching fires, hires, re-retires and a whole lot more. Beyond the general intrigue of the carnival that is in full tilt-a-whirl mode at the moment, coaching changes can have serious implications in the recruiting world.

Specifically, Ohio State appears to have new life with several former Florida commits and leans, and with the Glenville situation still looking shaky at best, what better way to fill newly vacated spots than with elite out-of-staters?

Just to hammer the point home, is there any better proof that scholarships opened up in the 2011 class than the most recent Buckeye offer ($) to Georgia long snapper Bryce Haynes?

Nothing against Bryce, he is clearly the best at what he does and will make any college team very happy to have him (including the Buckeyes), but if Ohio State was still reserving spots for Glenville players, it is hard to imagine that offer going out based on scholarship limitations alone.

The bottom line is that Ohio State has some spots available and some new hope with several elite players. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

Written December 7th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye


It’s a bit quiet in Columbus… not a creature was stirring, as it were.

Buckeye 411

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Quick update on 2011 recruiting, new offers

Written November 23rd, 2010 by Jim

Sacking the quarterback, always a welcome activity in Columbus...

I just wanted to post a real quick recruiting update for the 2011 class before getting back to our regularly scheduled tsun week activities.

First, arguably the top Junior College defensive lineman in the country, Cornelius “Tank” Carradine, is a late entry into the field of potential members of the 2011 class. Carradine was initially a target for Ohio State in 2009, but for various reasons (presumably mostly academic), Carradine chose the Junior College route.

Now, after an outstanding season at Butler Community College in Kansas, Ohio State is one of his top school choices as he looks to move his game to the 1-A level. Apparently, JUCO recruits have to sign by December 15th, so the suspense won’t drag on for much longer in this one.

With the loss of several key members of the defensive line rotation after this season, adding a player like Carradine, who could crack the two deep right away and make an immediate impact, is highly desirable. Read More