As both Freddie Mercury and Roger Waters said many times, the show must go on.  While Buckeye Nation can’t really move on from the current situation with the football program just yet, certainly the individual players on the team must attend to business as usual.  And when you’re a Big Ten football player, business as usual probably means spending some time in the gym.

I would say BBOC, but we already know who that is

For anyone who is into strength and fitness, finding the best workout program can feel like trying to find the Holy Grail, except you’re not being harassed by the French.  Instead, you have to deal with the aggravation of all those online tips and trade secrets while you’re shelling out your monthly gym membership fees and trying to figure out how that other guy or girl got to look the way they do.  No doubt the competitive juices are what fuel a lot of weight lifting and muscle training in our culture, and clearly the BMOC mentality can come in handy for the strength and conditioning coaches at Division I programs, but fortunately the personnel at a place like Ohio State also have a bit more insider knowledge than the rest of us about what works and what doesn’t. Read More

The Buckeye Battle Cry will be counting down the Top 25 players of the past decade all spring/summer.  Every Monday and Thursday, Jim will be announcing a new player.  Our #1 player will be presented on Monday, August 30th.  Three days later, the 2010 season officially begins.  To view the previous entries in our Top 25, click here.

Anthony Gonzalez (2005-2006)

Anthony Gonzalez started off the six game (and counting) winning streak against Michigan with a bang in 2004.

Anthony Gonzales was overshadowed during his time as a Buckeye by fellow wide receivers Ted Ginn Jr. and Santonio Holmes. Ginn and Holmes certainly received a majority of the attention from both defenses and the media during Gonzalez’s two years as a starter for the Buckeyes.


Despite a lack of glamour and fame, Gonzalez excelled in his role as the third receiver (or slot receiver) in the wide open offensive attack led by Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith.

Gonzales was the quintessential slot receiver for the Buckeyes, fearlessly going across the middle again and again. Gonzalez consistently displayed his superb focus, determination, and quickness as he quietly racked up 87 career receptions and 1,286 career reception yards, both good for 19th best in Ohio State history. Gonzalez’s 13 career touchdown receptions are also the 11th most in Ohio State history.

Gonzalez certainly made an impact in the record books, even if it wasn’t overwhelming. His largest impact, however, was his performance on the field and he will certainly be remembered most for the clutch receptions and outstanding athleticism he displayed so frequently throughout his career.

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Buckeyes In The Fantasy World

Written August 26th, 2009 by Dave

If you’re like most football fans you probably play some form of fantasy football.  It gives me the ability to have a rooting interest in any NFL game I watch.  I also like to have hometown players on my team but since I live in Cleveland that’s not such a good idea.  So if you’re an Ohio State fan and are playing fantasy you may like to have a Buckeye on your team.  Here’s a quick look at OSU players in the NFL and what their fantasy prospects might be.


Troy Smith – Baltimore Last year his tonsils gave the job to Joe Flacco and he’s not getting it back anytime soon.  If Flacco struggles or gets injured jump on the waiver wire and snag him.  Other than that he’s not worth drafting


Antonio Pittman – St Louis Rams He’s number two behind Steven Jackson and won’t get many carries while Jackson is around.  If you draft Jackson in the first round he’s worth picking up as a handcuff but other than that probably not draft worthy.

Chris Wells – Arizona Cardinals This is an interesting one.  I had high hopes for his rookie season when I saw he was picked by Arizona, but since then I’ve become more skeptical.  He missed OTAs to actually finish his spring classes  and then suffered an injury early in camp.  Meanwhile Tim Hightower has been putting on quite a preseason performance.  What does this mean?  I don’t know – could go either way.  I would definitely draft him but I wouldn’t count on starting him until we see where the season is going.  Still I predict quite a future in the NFL for Beanie.


Joey Galloway – New England Patriots Injured last year, now in New England behind Moss and Welker.  Could see some production if he’s healthy, and remember it is Brady throwing the ball

Ted Ginn Jr – Miami Dolphins Lots of upside here.  Year three is when lots of receivers blossom in the NFL.  I’d draft him as my number 3 receiver.  He hasn’t shown he can do it yet but this may be the year.

Anthony Gonzalez – Indianapolis Colts His third year in the league.  Marvin Harrison is gone.  This guy has sleeper written all over him.  I predict 1200 yards and 10+ TDS.  Don’t jump too soon – he’ll probably slip into the 4th round but he will be a first round worthy pick this year.

Santonio Holmes – Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl winning catch will make him go earlier in the draft than he probably should.  Still he’s a good receiver playing for a championship team.  Hines Ward is getting older and Holmes will take over main receiving duties eventually.  Is this the year?  Maybe but don’t overreach for him.

Michael Jenkins – Atlanta Falcons Defenses will be keyed on Michael Turner running the ball and the Falcons two main aerial threats – Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez.  This should leave lots of one on one situations for Jenkins.  He’s developed into a deep threat and could put up some numbers this year.

Brian Robiskie – Cleveland Browns Last year I went against my better judgment and drafted a Brown.  That Brown was Braylon Edwards.  I learned my lesson.  That being said Robiskie has great hands and runs good routes.  Someone has to catch the ball in Cleveland.  I wouldn’t be against having him as a backup but I’d be wary of anyone wearing brown and orange this year.


Mike Nugent – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Don’t ever draft a kicker before the last round.  And Nugent may not even have the starting job in TB.  Stay away.

Bobby Carpenter is going to eat your lunch

Written July 25th, 2009 by Jeff
As soon as the ball is snapped, Im kicking HIS ass!

"As soon as the ball is snapped, I'm kicking HIS ass!"

Is was just a few short years ago that a trio of linebackers roamed the middle of our defense, and they were vicious. A.J. Hawk, Anthony Schlegel, and today’s hero, Bobby Carpenter.

These three were easily the best batch of men to play LB at the same time for Ohio State (although we’re pretty sure that Chris Spielman could have scared the piss out of any two of them at once), but what made them special was the way they bonded together off the field as well.

As a matter of fact, Bobby Carpenter may have won the 2005 Michigan game for the Buckeyes without playing a single down that counts.

Carpenter broke his leg on the first play that Michigan tried from the line of scrimmage…and the play was called back due to a flag. A tearful Carpenter would later return to the sidelines on crutches, unable to play in his final Michigan game of his life.

Midway through the 4th quarter with Ohio State trailing by 9 points, the rally cry around the bench began….the team wanted to win this one for Bobby. Troy Smith, Santonio Holmes, Ted Ginn Jr, Anthony Gonzalez, and the rest of the offense joined in the call for their defensive ally, and the Buckeyes played like their lives depended on a victory. They marched down the field for a quick TD to cut the deficit to two points, then held firm on defense as Michigan could not hold onto the ball very long.

The offense retook the field with under 4 minutes to play and with Carpenter right there on the edge of the field screaming, and they marched nearly the entire length of the field……without ever seeing a third down play. Antonio Pittman took it in from a yard out for the game winner with 25 seconds left as Ohio State won their 4th game in 5 years against their hated rival.

Carpenter would never play another game in scarlet and gray. But the legend of what he brought to the field lives on.

42 days until kickoff!


P.S.  Before any diehards get upset, we were going to highlight Paul Warfield at #42, but very few quality pictures exist of him in a Buckeyes #42 jersey.  TONS of Browns and Fins pics, but no OSU.  We did not overlook PW.

Another new video!!!

Written November 3rd, 2006 by Jeff

Here it is…..


Domination, 4-for-4, and some cool stats

Written October 28th, 2006 by Jeff

First of all, we completely dominated today’s game. That much is obvious.

Had you told me that Ginn and Gonzalez would only have three catches each and we’d turn it over three times (twice in our own territory), I would have NEVER guessed a 44-0 final score.

Ohio State and Michigan have now played four common opponents, and Ohio State clearly has won those four games more impressively than Michigan did.

Against Minnesota, Ohio State won 44-0, Michigan won 28-14. Both teams racked up around 500 yards, but Michigan allowed 150 yards MORE on defense than the Buckeyes did. Also, that “vaunted” UM rush D??? Minny ran for 108 against UM, and ran for 47 against the Buckeyes.

Finally, some very cool stats that have me beaming tonight;

- Ohio State has scored 88 consecutive points.
- That’s OVER three TOUCHDOWNS more than they have allowed all season.
- Ohio State has allowed one TD in their last 13 quarters, and that was in garbage time against MSU.
- Ohio State has now played 36 quarters of football this season. They have failed to score in only four of them.
- The Bucks have won their first 9 games by 17 points or more, the first time that has happened since 1973. They have NEVER done it in their first 10 games (hat tip – MotSaG)

Complete and total domination

Written October 1st, 2006 by Jeff

Seriously, THAT was the #13 team in the NCAA? They looked like they were foundering on every drive except two (it seems like our boys give up 2 good drives a game…out of 11-14, I’ll take it!).

While a lot of Buckeye blogs are hyping up Gonzo’s catch-and-run-and-run-the-wrong-way -and-run-and-how-the-hell-did-he-score, I’ve got to say the most amazing play of the night was Robiskie’s TD. Did you see how tight that was??? Could ANY other QB in the NCAA make that throw?

I’ll have more tomorrow, but I’ve just gotta say….that was the game that will scare the hell out of every other team in the show.

Mark it down…we’re already 11-0. I just can’t see how any of the next 6 teams has a prayer at us.

Iowa’s biggest weakness

Written September 28th, 2006 by Jeff

Jim Tressel and company does not need me to tell them what Iowa’s weaknesses are. They already know. But since I did the research, I’d better spread the knowledge, because who knows….maybe one of my readers has no idea what that weakness might be.

It’s their run defense. Iowa is not capable of slowing down a running game, and Ohio State will exploit that weakness ALL day. So expect to see a LOT of Antonio Pittman. We will be using the run to set up the pass on Saturday night. As soon as Iowa starts to panic and draw their defense in to stop Pittman, Smith will go over their heads. Count on it.

Now, that’s the type of prognostication that you can read on any troll-filled message board, which NEVER supplies any type of proof. It’s just written as fact, and no background on WHY it’s true is ever needed.

Not in MY House, Buckeye fans……here’s how I know that Iowa’s run defense is their biggest weakness.

Last week, Illinois rushed for 121 yards against Iowa. Prior to that, the Illini rushed for only 97 yards against lowly Syracuse and a mere 66 yards against up-and-coming Rutgers.

The week before that, Iowa State pounded out 171 yards on the ground against the Hawkeyes. That was the Cyclones’ best rushing game of the season, after compiling 137 yards against UNLV, but only managing 21 yards on the ground against Texas.

I wouldn’t dare say that Iowa State or Illinois have anything NEAR a decent rushing attack….and they both had better games on the ground against Iowa than they did against teams like UNLV, Syracuse and Rutgers. ISU showed that when they face a good defense, they can’t run (21 yards against Texas???), but ran like wildfire all over the Hawkeyes.

There it is….that’s your key. They have a young, small defensive line. Pound on it early and often. Wear them down as HARD as you can. Force Ferentz to bring 8 men into the box to stop Pittman and the Wells’ boys. Then let GinnZoBiskie go to town.

By the way, I just put a copyright on the term “GinnZoBiskie”. Any descriptions or accounts without the expressed written consent on the BBC is strictly prohibited.