tBBC Spotlight: DRIVEN Basketball Event

Written May 6th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

I have a lot of things to be thankful for in my life, wonderful wife; three great kids; an awesome new grandson; good job with stability; and my God given ability to put air in my lungs! I have also been blessed with Roy Hall coming into my life and making DRIVEN a part of it.

I am being a bit biased about the work that they do because I have had the opportunity to participate in the events they put on by officiating. Whether it be flag football, which is pretty low contact, or the current basketball tour it’s doing, much more contact than football(go figure), I enjoy seeing the effect that Roy and Antonio Smith are having on people.

I worked the first flag football game which ended up being on a cold, misty day that it effected attendance greatly. I still remember thinking that I hope and pray it won’t always be this way for these events. That’s the beauty of having two men who have great faith in their God to take care of those who need their help.

In just a short couple of years DRIVEN has grown tremendously and to the point that a little basketball game in Crooksville, Ohio a few weeks ago raised that incredible bar. The pre-game meal was huge and the gym was packed for a highly competitive game, that more importantly raised an astounding 23,000+ for the charities involved.

nickThat was the answer from prayers, get other charities involved, do what they can to benefit the community they’re playing the game in and really bring people in. One of the first basketball games was held at Marysville last year ad I got to work that game as well. On a day where there were some other things going on, people came in the evening and had a great time. But, nowhere near the time the fans who attended last Saturdays event did, as a great crowd attended the game and helped cheer on Antonio Smith’s team to victory. The theme for the game was “You’ve Come Too Far, To Give Up Now”. Read More

TTUN Week: Roy Hall Top 10 Dont’s and DRIVEN Update

Written November 24th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

Roy Hall has been gracious enough to write out his Top Ten dont’s  for the best week in college football. It’s Ohio State versus TTUN hate week and Roy tells it like it is around the players headed into this game. 

2006 – Big third down grab here and a TD later, Roy knows how big this game is. And what NOT to do this week!

The Rivalry

The Ohio State-M*chigan rivalry is the best rivalry ever! With that being said, there are certain things that you don’t do during M*chigan week. Associating with yellow in any way is unacceptable! So here is a guide, my top 10 things not to do during M*chigan week.


10) When the waitress asks you “Do you want lemon in your water?” the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! Alternative: Get extra ice

9) No matter how much your son or daughter may love SpongeBob, he needs to stay in the sea and off of your tv. Alternative: Watch Dora

8)Yellow deer crossing signs…Those deer need to stay in the woods this week! If they come in the street, they are from M*chigan and deserve to suffer the consequences. Alternative: Walk

7) Forbidden Fruits AND vegetables: Pineapples, bananas and corn! Yes, that means no corn in your Chipotle bowl! Alternative: Try black beans in your bowl

6) If its snowing during the game, like in 2002, AVOID ALL YELLOW SNOW! Alternative: Try a cherry icee

5) No scrambled eggs with cheese! If you eat eggs with a yolk you’re not a Buckeye! Alternative: Egg Whites

4) Do not, I repeat, DO NOT let your child ride the yellow school bus to school! Alternative: Drive them yourself

3) I’m sorry all you “Golden Arch” supporters but no McDonald’s! It’s a giant yellow “m!” Alternative: Wendy’s (The entire sign is scarlet, and they’re from Ohio) 

2) Again, I’m sorry, but if you’re a Hugh Jackman fan, take your posters down. He played “Wolverine” in X-MEN. Not to mention in the cartoon he wore a yellow outfit. That’s the ultimate No! Alternative: Become a Magneto fan for the day! 

1) Do not use the bathroom (#1) unless you are fully hydrated! What’s in you will eventually come out of you. If yellow comes out YOU ARE NOT A BUCKEYE! Drink tons of Fruit Punch Gatorade and you should be “clear.” Alternative: Only use the bathroom in the dark. That way you can’t see if you are one if them….


The DRIVEN Foundation is growing by leaps and bounds with regards to success and the number of events that take place during the calendar year. The crown jewel of the foundation is the upcoming #DRIVENFoodOutreach #100000PoundsOfHOPE on December 14th at Moler Elementary in Columbus. If you click on the hashtag link it will take you to the site where you can do your part and help feed the needy in and around Columbus. Just $20 feeds a family for two weeks!!! Read More

DRIVEN: #CancerIsSCUM Flag Football

Written October 6th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

If you needed a way to pass the time in a good way on Saturday, then being at Bloom Carroll high school would have done just the trick. The flag football game between the “Bulldogs”of Roy Hall(white) and the Buckeyes of Antonio Smith(Black) turned out to be just as exciting as the Buckeyes game last night.

During pre-game I surprised Jamal Luke with a pic.

Roy Hall "what are you gonna do with that football JLuke?" JLuke"gonna be 'ballin"

Roy Hall “what are you gonna do with that football JLuke?” JLuke”gonna be ‘ballin”

The event was just like any other event that Roy Hall and Antonio Smith sponsor through DRIVEN. It helps those who cannot help themselves. A great crowd turned out to support the event on a beautiful day. Much better than the 40 degrees of last October’s event! The event itself will touch many lives but some not as much as Jennifer Sawchuck and her family. One of her twin sons, Nick is only twelve years old and has been battling cancer and is a testament to the fight children have.

Jennifer with her sons, Nick in red on this side is battling cancer

Jennifer with her sons, Nick in red on this side is battling cancer

Read More

DRIVEN Basketball: Marysville High School Benefit

Written April 23rd, 2013 by WVaBuckeye


If there’s one thing I have learned officiating two of DRIVEN’s events, it’s that the former Buckeyes involved are just as competitive now as they were when they played. A few are just recently removed from their playing days for the Scarlet and Gray and the others? Well, they all hail from the National Championship Buckeyes and a couple stole the show Friday night at Marysville High School

The night began with a dinner of fellowship with the former Buckeyes and their guests. Some of the players brought family with them and some just brought themselves. After the eating and hobnobbing finished, the emcee for the evening, Pastor Steve Rouch began a question and answer session with each player asking them all about where they went to high school and how they became a Buckeye;what it meant to be a Buckeye; what was their favorite memory, and why DRIVEN.

One of my favorites during the dinner Nate Oliver, HUGE DRIVEN supporter and works with FCA

One of my favorites during the dinner Nate Oliver, HUGE DRIVEN supporter and works with FCA

Read More

DRIVEN Food Outreach: 100,000 Blessings

Written January 11th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

How many people does it take to pull off a miracle? It’s kind of a trick question, since ‘miracles’ usually imply divine intervention but the amazing truth is that many inspired and faithful people are looking to find ways to create daily miracles for those who live near the heart of Ohio. What follows the pictorial update is the original article helping get the word out about the DRIVEN event that took place on December 15th. As you will be able to see, many families were blessed by this event and these three wonderful people are the DRIV(ing)EN force behind it.

Former Buckeyes Roy Hall and Antonio Smith with DRIVEN do-all  Josselyn Timko.

“The DRIVEN Food Outreach has just as much impact on me as it does the families in attendance. Giving to others means so much to me! Giving breaks the back of greed!

Playing at Ohio State and in the NFL were some of the best days of my life, but I can honestly say that scoring touchdowns or playing “that team up north” is not even close to as important as it is to help others! Everyone reading this had someone, at some point, that helped them through a tough time. What if that person hadn’t been there? My goal is to make sure that people can ALWAYS count on the DRIVEN Foundation to BE THERE. We will impact the world, starting with Columbus, OHIO. Everybody can be great because ANYBODY can serve!” – Roy Hall Read More

DRIVEN Flag Football Game Benefits Spielman Fund

Written November 2nd, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

This past Saturday at Thomas Worthington High School in Columbus, The DRIVEN Foundation hosted it’s Flag Football game featuring former Buckeyes and benefiting the Stefanie Spielman Fund. Several former Buckeyes were participating as well as others representing The Columbus Christian Center Church who also sponsored the event.

The weather may have put a damper on the attendance, but it did not put a damper on the spirit of the event or those playing. The day started with Driven founder and President Roy Hall organizing everyone and getting them ready to play by leading them through warm-ups. He also took the time to have a pre-game get together in the locker-room with all of us to do a meet and greet and Pastor Davis Forbes led us in a wonderful prayer. Let’s take a look at who took the field.


Black v. Pink

BLACK. Pastors- David C. Forbes Jr.(Pastor at Columbus Christian Center Church) , Minister Rick Davis (CCC), Former Buckeyes- Roy Hall, Maurice Clarett, Antonio Smith, Stan Jackson, Gary Berry. Cory Waite (Columbus resident, plays baseball at BW), Jeremy Ford, Darren Hawkins(Frosh @ DeSales)

PINK. Former Buckeyes- Maurice Lee, Nate Oliver, Trevor Robinson, Matt Trombitas, Dimitrios Makridis. Dominic Jones(CCC, played at Minnesota). Members of CCC Church; Dexter Dodson, Dave Walker, Tarquin Carroll, Onesiaum Glass. Christian Yanok (Kicker for both teams and plays at North Albany) Read More

Walk-on to All-Big Ten days left

Written August 19th, 2010 by Jim

Antonio Smith was perhaps the biggest surprise on the great 2006 team. As a former walk-on, he earned everything he got, and he earned a lot.

Smith was a stand-out student, and he brought that work ethic to the grid iron.

Not only did he go from a walk-on to a starting corner back on defense as a senior, he earned 1st Team All-Big Ten honors after recording 71 tackles (3rd on the team), 10 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, and2 interceptions.

He busted his ass for four years to even get the chance to see the field, and he made the most of it when he got his chance.

On and off the football field, Antonio Smith is the perfect example of hard work and dedication paying off.

He has even bounced around in the NFL after graduating.

Oh yeah, and he is here today to remind us that there are 14 days left until Ohio State football.

That is two weeks, if you are counting.

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