Ohio State Denies Appy State Another Big Ten Upset

Written December 21st, 2013 by Charles

Ashley Adams used her size to score a team high 12 points.

Ashley Adams used her size to score a team high 12 points.

After getting bouncing back from a disappointing upset at the hands of Cincinnati with a dominating win over UT Martin, the Ohio State women’s basketball team looked to get on a winning streak as they played host to Appalachian State.  While the Mountaineers entered this game with a 2-7 record, Buckeye fans everywhere should know that you can’t take Appalachian State lightly (yes, every article about Appy State must have that video included somehow).

The warning about not taking Appalachian State lightly seemed to be very prudent as the Mountaineers scored the first five points of the game on their way to getting out to an early 7-1 lead.  Faced with that surprising deficit, Ohio State finally woke up and used an 10 to 2 run to take an 11-9 lead approximately six minutes into the action.  The Buckeyes weren’t able to sustain that momentum though and a combination of poor shooting and turnovers led to an eight and a half minute scoreless streak.  Fortunately the OSU defense continued to play tough and while Appalachian State was able to use OSU’s struggles to retake the lead, they were only able to go up 17-11 at the midpoint in the half before going on an eight and a half minute scoreless streak of their own; there was actually a four minute stretch where neither team scored.  Once the Buckeyes figured out how to score again, they managed to trim the Mountaineer lead to one point, 17-16, with three and half minutes remaining in the half.    OSU couldn’t retake the lead though and the two teams concluded the first half with Appalachian State leading 21-18.

Like they did in the first half, Appalachian State scored the first five points of the second half to go up 26-18 and cause OSU fans to worry that they were about to be the next Big Ten team to fall victim to the Mountaineers.  Fortunately the OSU team had other plans and the defense clamped down, once again causing a scoreless streak for the Mountaineers that lasted over eight minutes.  In the meantime the Buckeye offense showed some signs of life, scoring 16 points to put OSU up 32-26 with eight and half minutes remaining.  A jumper by Appy State leading scorer on the season Maryah Sydnor ended the scoreless streak for the Mountaineers but the Buckeyes weren’t impressed as they then went on a 14 to 2 run to take control of the game with a 48-32 lead with three and a half minutes remaining on the clock.  OSU would coast the rest of the way to a 52-38 win.

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The Week That Were: 9.8.12

Written September 10th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

This week’s soundtrack is colorful, but has a bit of a different taste to it: trust me, it makes total sense in the grand scheme of things.  Enjoy… language warning.

There’s no denying it… one group of conference-mates had an incredibly difficult Saturday.

Positioned for excellence, and featured in a number of nationally significant matchups, the on the field results just did not help dissuade the critics who argue that they have lost their prestige, and are rightfully scorned by college fans across the country. Once seen as powerful contenders for titles, it seems as if the results on Saturday have shown that the game may have passed them by.

Yup, it was a terrible day for the Big 12 expats.  Who did you think I was talking about?

Texas A&M, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska all dropped matches on Saturday, with two of these being significant “upsets” in terms of rankings and so forth.  The Aggies, after a week full of bravado regarding their new allegiance to the “we can spell three letter words” conference, saw the early lead against Florida disappear in the waning moments of the game, and couldn’t count on Kyle Field to help carry the day. You’ve got to wonder if the different understanding of the word “cheerleader” might have had something to do with it. Ah well, you know they’ll just say that they won later… it’s the SEC way.

Mustard? Really?

Missouri also opened SEC play by welcoming Georgia to play between the… uh… rocks in Columbia. The Bulldawgs emerged victorious, but you’re right in realizing that Mizzou is excited to be in a new home. There were too many Longhorns in the last one, and the B1G never returned their phone calls, so you can’t blame them for being OK with a loss in their prestigious opener.  So excited about the new opportunities were they, that they broke out their new school clothes… or someone else’s old school clothes from when they were in the Arena League. As goofy as they looked, though, they didn’t win our “awkward haberdashery of the week award”… more later.

Ah, CoLOLorado… See, here’s how it works.  You schedule a FCS opponent in the pre-season, you get them at home, you beat them and build up your alumni/student confidence in your program = profit.  But, the Buffs are constricted by no man’s social norms, and instead chose to allow the mighty Hornets of Sacramento State to kick a field goal with time expiring and upset the Buffs in Boulder.  I’m sure the fans will have to find some way to console their grief.

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Silver Bullet Points Is Done Camping

Written August 22nd, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Much More Successful Than This

As we get closer to Kickoff Week, here’s some quick notes from Ohio State and beyond. Don’t forget to sign up for this year’s “Pick-em” contest!

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Report- It’s no surprise to anyone who’s played or followed college football that this time of year is when people start getting dinged up. The body, no matter how well tuned, is not built for two a days and the amount of stress that those can bring- especially with the philosophy of “Make practice so hard that the games are easy”. As such, the Buckeye Walking Wounded are a significant number, but there are no serious injuries. John Simon missed today’s practice, but only as precautionary measures.  Kyle Dodson, Ryan Shazier, and Michael Bennett were all limited today as well, while Zach Domicone continues to heal from his knee scope.
  • That Being Said- Jordan Hall was running today, and said the boot comes off tomorrow. Jacoby Boren is back at practice, and is the second string center at this point.
  • Snappy- As a former longsnapper, we loves us some Bryce Haynes here at tBBC. So, reports that his already fast delivery has improved the punt timing by around .2 of a second was yet another reason to consume a celebratory cupcake here in the office. To be fair, though… not much of an excuse was needed.
  • Weighty Matters- Adolphus Washington has moved inside to tackle, and is having a great camp- Hankins talks about how his presence will definitely improve the pass rush this season.
  • Star Light? The team is still trying to find who will fill the “Star” role in nickle defense- Christian Bryant may move down, although Corey Brown is also getting a look.
  • Stripes Stripped- Walkon linebacker Joe Burger lost his today, as did QB Cardale Jones.
  • Candles- Happy Belated Birthday to Archie Griffin. Read More

The Week That Were: 11.05.11

Written November 7th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

The Week That Were looks at the hyperbolic and the unexpected. Once again, I was wandering around the wilderness on gameday, which explains why Stevie makes a repeat appearance as our soundtrack for “The Review Of The Century”:

NOTE- Scroll down for our comments regarding Penn State coverage.

Knowing Your Target Demographic

Well, let’s get right to it… the game that many saw as a pick-em at kickoff, between the top two teams in the country, was the “highlight” of an interesting week.  Sorry for those of you playing the “oversigning” drinking game- in the hours and hours of lead up and coverage, not a single mention of the biggest issue behind the scenes for this matchup. At least you could be the Designated Driver, right?

As for the game itself- it was a classic matchup of two solid defenses. Or, it was a clash between two teams that could not offensively amount to much of anything. It all depends on your perspective, I reckon.

That’s not to say that there weren’t moments to enjoy, though. I’m someone who normally appreciates defensive struggles but also hates soccer,  and I can admit the players that Alabama and LSU didn’t run off during the offseason put on the field showed the “SEC Speed” that we continue to hear so much about during home game bowl season. To keep Trent Richardson in check when he’d been running through offenses like he was a fancy car or something… that’s significant. These teams both were firing on all cylinders on the defensive side of the ball, even if they couldn’t outscore a baseball game.

Only one thing frustrated me, to be honest- Les Miles absolutely should have faked the third down field goal and gone for the touchdown.  Lester… man, you’re getting soft. Saban, on the other hand, was in championship form- I can see why people want to play for him… he’s so cuddly! Read More

The elite program in The Big Ten

Written July 20th, 2009 by Jeff

This is a stat I have been admiring for a long time, and it just keeps growing….

Despite what some will say about our beloved Buckeyes, there is one factor which still makes us the best team in the NCAA.

We do NOT lose to teams we should beat. Period. There is no Appalachian State in our loss column.

Take a look at our last four seasons. Ohio State is 43-8. That number 43 stands out loud and clear….but even more impressive is the 8. Take a look at those 8 losses, look at who defeated us, and you’ll see what I mean.

2005 – lost to Texas. Texas went on to win the National Championship
2005 – lost to Penn State. Penn State went to the BCS and beat Florida State
2006 – lost to Florida. Florida won the National Championship
2007 – lost to Illinois. Illinois went to the BCS, in the Rose Bowl
2007 – lost to LSU. LSU won the National Championship
2008 – lost to USC. USC went to the BCS and beat Penn State in the Rose Bowl
2008 – lost to Penn State. PSU went to the BCS, in the Rose Bowl
2008 – lost to Texas. Texas was a BCS team that year, winning the Fiesta Bowl

All 8 losses were to BCS-Bowl teams that year, and three of them won it all.

So yes, we’ve lost some high-profile games. But ask yourselves this, fans of lesser schools….have YOU lost to a team you should have defeated in the last 4 seasons?

Ohio State hasn’t. That’s what makes us elite.

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